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Baska to Orchidia [Train Travel]

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on Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:13 am

Nastasya Crowe
With the pace that she was keeping now, she was gonna miss the train. It wasn't her doing, but Victoire was already getting tired from all this and they weren't even half way there, she wondered for a short few seconds if there was something wrong with her companion as they normally used to travel entire distances such as Dahlia to Oak; that hadn't been a short one either, had taken days. She was not even close to being tired, travelling at night had their fortunate things and well if she could get a good place in the train, she would be able to sleep and not be bothered by the light or other people and she was willing to pay for that. Even though she had to be careful with her money after losing her manor she had barely anything left since everything was there but well, who knew what to do about it. She simply decided to do it anyway, she needed to be in Crocus and she needed to be there happy and healthy or so in a way.

She took a last sprint as she saw the ticket booth closing or something, for the first trains were sold out? But she wiggled her hands underneath the board to not close it, "You are gonna sell me a place where we can sit and enjoy the darkness." she said and she blinked, gave a sweet smile yet showed her pointy teeth and the woman said down, nodded and looked in her register. It wasn't even her Grimoire nature doing it, being a vampire had it's positive things as well.

When she got the ticket, she and Victoire needed to hurry to actually catch the train and find her seat, which was a little box big enough for the two of them though but had curtains, unfortunately no lock, but Victoire would stay up while Nas rolled herself up in the comfortable seat. She had placed the ticket, clearly visible next to Victoire so if someone would come to check, they would know they paid. She needed to catch her sleep during the day.


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