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Morning Jog [Chel]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:48 pm

It was early morning. The crack of dawn. The rooster cawed and it was at least five in the morning. Outside was still dark, there was frost on the grass in a thin layer. Footsteps could be heard and huffing with a set of paws leading the heavy footsteps. Leon had been waking up early every morning since he, his fiance named Fay, and Abraxas arrived in Baska. The Umbreon's neon yellow rings glowed in the dark. The Neko's night vision helped him see clear as day in the dark. Clearly, she was faster than he was. The creature paused waiting for her master to catch up then bounded into a sprint again slowing her pace down. Of course, Leon kept a steady pace. Wearing his black underarmor pant and tight blue shirt along with his running shoes, running was comfortable for a long distance.

He had been training extremely hard since he found out he was really the missing daughter of the Nakamura family. Coming down with a case of amnesia and in a completely different body, he had to figure out who he really was. Now that he was actually LeeAnn Nakamura, things could slowly get back to normal, once he figured out how to get back to his original appearance as a girl. Though, that was going to work itself out. His pace had decreased to a stop. Huffing and puffing, Leon plopped down under a oak tree with the Umbreon walked calmly towards her master. "You...are really...fast. Let's...take..a break" he huffed. The Umbreon calmly sat by his side staying alert incase if any one was to show up. Abraxas, the Umbreon, was very well trained and behaved for a creature of her kind. Leon petted behind her ears to have her relax a little while he took a break.

#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:08 am

Chelvaric rolled around his bed as he was having a dream about a bracelet hidden deep inside Baskas forest. It was surrounded by thorns and trees that seemed to move. When the image was zoomed in the bracelet was more visible but a darkness surrounded it. He woke up from his dream in cold sweat. He stared at the ceiling for a bit before he slowly crawled out of bed so that he didn’t wake snow up from her slumber. He was dressed in an easy fitting tunic with a coat over it which were both green in color just that the coat had a bit darker green than the outfit.

He wanted to go outside of the apartment to get some fresh air and to forget the worries of his dream. The night was still dark and he couldn’t see too great in this darkness. He missed his perfect night sight, but the darkness was also more fighting for him, plants needed the light of the sun to flourish and grow.

That’s when he heard a yelp of his little Leafeon Elisa, she came running from between some bushes that were growing around the in for decoration. Her body mostly yellow here and their green tints. Her leaves were hanging down as it was night and they never looked alive during that time. He petted her and started walking in the direction of the Town Square.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:25 am

Leon panted catching his breath. The oak tree him and Abraxas were under was located near the Town Square. The neko laid back trying to let the rest of him catch up. Slowly, he started to feel normal again. Abraxas stood next to him staying on high alert. The Umbreon's neon yellow rings glowed provding a light for him. Leon laid his head back against the rough tree bark of the old oak. Closing his only showing eye, he could remember talking to a man with pink hair here. That being his older brother, Hikaru. That was after the tournament that was held. If only him or Rowan were here, that could bring things a lot easier to bring back his memory faster. Kon was his only hope.

He knew his cousin was here in Baska and his fiance from what he heard from sightings and other people. It was clear that someone was here to help him. The case of amnesia was starting to lifft slowly to the memory of LeeAnn Nakamura. Soon, he could transform to his original self and become the fiesty redhead he previously was known as and Fay could become Hans again. The gift of this Umbreon from his father was perfect. His old companion missed his father more and became his own pet. As feeling sorry for Leon, this service companion was the gift he really needed. She has been a huge support and played a role in his life that could not be replaced. Abra stood up hearing a chirp of another hoping it was a companion. Abraxas bounded and leaped quickly after the sound. "Abraxas wait! Not again" he sighed, now chasing after her. The Umbreon stopped infront of an elf and his Leafeon. Leon ran after his companion and then facepalmed. At least, she was easy to spot with the glowing rings on her pelt. "I am so sorry. Abraxas has a habit of running off when she is not suppose to when she spots another companion" he mentioned.

#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:42 am

Chelvaric was enjoying his morning walk although a bit annoyed that he wasn’t surrounded by trees or grass but that was fine for now he would soon leave for the forest anyway. He looked around and wondered why humans were always so needing to put themselves away inside houses and not enjoy the beauty of mother nature her warm embrace or her fierce backlash both had there own beauty. His thought train was interrupted when a black with yellow rings creature that had a very similar shape as his Elisa suddenly jumped in front of them after which a Neko planted into the dirt.

Chelvaric was quite surprised to see a Neko still running around. Maybe this one wasn’t tied to his old god? Otherwise he would have lost his Neko features like Chelvaric had. Elisa quickly jumped between his legs and hid behind him to look at the strange creature that had appeared. The Neko stood up and apologized for the creature called Abraxas. Chelvaric smiled softly as he remembered how his first days were with his old pet who had a bit of the same temper. Elisa was different since she was his soul animal they got along like they were the same person.

Don’t worry, I know how troublesome some companions can be, but I am sure you both are good Comrades of each other.’, he said and he bended over to pet the companion called Abraxas. “I am Chelvaric Walderkat, nice to meet you.”, he said and he put his hand out in greeting while taking the man in. he seemed to have a quite trained and toned body. He must be a warrior or something that requires a lot of physical work at least. “Sorry for the rude question but who do you worship?”, he asked the man as he knew it had to be one of the false gods since otherwise he would have lost his features a while ago. He needed to find out more about this Neko and where he came from.

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:28 pm

Note: Since with this FC change, I will remainn to place as a male for the rest of this topic to keep it moving vividly and where it started!

Abraxas tilted her head curiously, trying to see who it was that this creature is exactly. The Umbreon was a serious companion that did her job as a service animal helping Leon with his PTSD. Though, she was a very curious with a motherly side. It was rare to see her playful. She was more reserved and observant. Seemed to be beaten out of her at such a young age or something. He really did not know that well. The dark creature's yellow rings glowed as so did her red eyes. The owner of the Leafon did not mind at all.

He seemed really relaxed about it despite the sudden approach to him. Leon was a little bit relieved. Since that attack with him and his now known cousin, Kon, he had been a bit protective of his beloved best furry friend.
"Thanks, she usually is well behaved. Just a little curious. The name is Leon,
Leon Nakamura and this curious ball of nature is Abraxas. Its a honor to meet you Chel"
he smiled. He held out his hand in a polite manner to get more antiquated. It seemed to be a relief in his eyes that this was more of a relaxed meeting with someone new.

A sudden question out the man's mouth that caught him by surprise. It was about who he worshipped. Leon thought about it. Believing some false god was not his cup of tea and from what he could remember, religion left a bad taste in his mouth. Like now, a metaltic bad after taste like when you tasted a horrible beer or when you tasted blood. "Honestly, I dont follow religion. To me the churches are just some cult, why not do something better like take in our nature or something. For me, I am a man of fact. I wont believe in something that brings a false sense of hope. But that's just my opinion. If it had to be a true answer, I would say science and nature" he replied. It was an odd question to ask someone so soon, but hey, this guy was nice. "Why you ask, just out of curiousity" he replied.

#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:52 pm

Chelvaric nodded to them as they introduced themselves. He liked the guys' name it had some kind of finesse to it that he hadn’t heard in a long time. “The honor is all mine Nakamura”, he replied when he was being so courteous. It had been a while since he met someone that had manners in a conversation. It seemed the black and yellow creature was named abraxas, a weird name but well everyone had there own customs so it could be a totally normal name from where the person was from. When he answered Chelvaric, he wasn’t really pleased with the answer. It seemed he had been misled for a long time or someone had hurt him when he was doing his religion as he had lost all hope in it. He wouldn’t get any answers out of the man that he was searching for.

I was a Neko myself not too long ago, I had received that gift from the god of nekos, but it seems that something has happened to him and I lost my powers to stay as a neko. Luckily some dryad goddess took me in and here I am an elf. I am just searching for other neko’s who may know something about what happened to our maker”, he said to him trying to find the words he needed to explain to this unbeliever about what he was talking. It seemed maybe a bit confusing to listen too but it was still hard for him to talk about it. But he actualy had to go and said buy to the guy before he walked away


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