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Restless Souls: Vodoo Magic [Snowflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:35 pm


Chelvaric was laying in his bed with Elisa in between him and Snow. He looked at her and saw her cute face as her eyes were closed and she was breathing steadily making her chest go up and down at a normal tempo. Her hair was a bit falling in front of her face so he stroked it away, trying to tidy it behind her ear. He softly kissed her forehead and went back to looking at her sleeping. Last night they had spent so much time watching the stars and reading books that they ended up falling asleep in bed together. Nothing had happened but he had never slept so well, especially when he had his arm wrapped around her. He gave a pet to Elisa and then his Leafeon slowly pushed herself against Snowflake.

He slowly rolled himself out of bed and sneaked to the kitchen. He opened his fridge and took out some eggs and placed them on the table. He then took out a pan and opened the magical fire, after melting some butter he would put the eggs into the pan. They would have to cook a bit so he turned around and prepared some toast and at the same time he was making freshly pressed orange juice. After the eggs were done, which he seasoned with some pepper and salt, he took out the toast and placed them on a plate with the eggs next to it and the orange juice he placed neatly in the corner. He then put some different spreads on the tray and took the plate and tray to his bedroom. He placed it next to her on the bed and kissed her check whispering in her ear, “Wake up Snowy, time to get up and have a nice breakfast.


#2Hikari Snow 

on Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:30 am

Snowflake did not remember when she fell asleep the night before after they did star gazing together, but somehow, it had been one of the most amazing sleep that she’s ever had in a while; no nightmares waking her up in the middle of the night. She wondered if it was because she had spent a night together with Chelvaric – they say that it’s always better to sleep with ones you love. The snow haired female woke to a gentle touch on her cheek as her dark eyelashes fluttered open and was immediately greeted by the delicious fragrance of eggs and toast assailing into her nostrils. ”Did you cook breakfast? It smells so good.” She said, rubbing her eyes, still half-asleep but she was eager to try out his meal already.

She’d take the tray from his hands and placed it on the bedside table of his bedroom and walked over to the bathroom to clean herself while she awaited for his answer. Once she was confirmed herself that her breath didn’t stink, she wiped herself with a clean towel and tiptoed to give a quick kiss on his cheek. Despite how they’ve only been dating for a short while, she felt as if they were already a married couple, staying over each other’s’ places and spending the night together, though they haven’t taken anything far than that. She wondered if they should share an apartment together since both of them are comfortable enough to be living together already.

Snowflake sat by the edge of the bed and looked over at her lover while taking a bite out of the toast. ”Have you eaten? How was your sleep?” She was never one to ask too many questions to another person but somehow, with Chelvaric, there was always something to talk about and things that she wanted to know about him.


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:57 am

Chelvaric looked as she got up and started to ask him if he had cooked the breakfast. “Yes, I cooked as soon as I got up so that you can just relax and slowly wake up”, he said to her with a smile and waited on her while she went to the bathroom. He went to get a plate so he could put it over the food so it didn’t get cold till she got back from cleaning herself up.

She kissed him on the cheek and he wrapped his arm around her pulling close before she took some food to eat. She suddenly asked him a couple more questions which he still had to get used too as normally she was more of a quiet person but since they got together they were really talkative with each other and they could just talk away for hours which was weird for two persons who otherwise are quiet and not really talkative.

Oh I haven’t eaten yet but I am not really hungry so you eat first silly, do you need anything else?”, he asked her back so that he was sure she had everything she wanted before he answered her other question. “I slept like a baby, it’s been a while since I got such a great deep sleep”, he said to her with content as he had a smug on his face and nuzzled closer to her.


#4Hikari Snow 

on Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:37 am

Snowflake chewed onto her toast, followed by a ‘mmm’ sound escaping her lips, conveying how delicious the breakfast that Chelvaric had prepared for her was. He mentioned that he hasn’t eaten yet so she suggested that he should already do so, since she was planning to take a stroll around the town. ”No, I’m fine.” The female answered, shaking her head before she took a sip from a glass of orange juice. Knowing that Chelvaric had prepared breakfast for her, she felt like she should be doing the task instead, assuming that it would be every man’s dream to have their lover waking them up with a kiss and freshly cooked meal. She made a note to herself to do the same for him next time, to fulfil the role of a girlfriend.

”That’s good. I slept really well too.”

Once she finished eating her breakfast, she placed them inside the sink and washed the dishes while her partner ate. She wasn’t that ungrateful to leave the dirty dishes behind and she felt the need to do some work as well, seeing how her lover had gotten up early to prepare a meal for her. ”I was thinking of taking a walk near the area. How does it sound?” She figured that Chelvaric would agree to her offer and thus, began dressing up in her casual clothes with some sandals. The morning was still pretty warm, so she didn’t feel like thick clothes were required.

The white haired woman swallowed a lungful of the cold morning air and looked around to enjoy the view of the surroundings. It wasn’t until then she was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice behind her, ”Psst.” Surprised, Snowflake turned around only to see two young spirits floating above.


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:07 am

Chelvaric listened to Snowflake as she was enjoying the food since was making sounds that she really was liking the meal. He was happy that he had done a good job for her and was ready to make some extra eggs or get more toast for her but it seemed she was already quite full and didn’t need anything anymore.

When she said he should eat too he nodded and went into to the kitchen to make his own sandwich and egg to eat. when he came back Snow was done eating and started to do the dishes while she said she slept good too.

You know that you’re always welcome to sleep here, Snow. Maybe we should just rent one apartment next time since it would save some jewels for the both of us and I really enjoy living with you”, he said to her and started eating the juice egg with toast. It tasted amazing and he was savoring the taste of the food.

When Snow was done with the Dishes she was ready to go running. “Let’s smell up the fresh air of the morning then, it will do us good”, he said to her and he put some pants on and combed his hair before he followed Snow into the streets. When they arrived on the outside he was doing some little stretching of his body so that he wouldn’t injure himself and then looked at Snow when he suddenly saw Two girl ghosts above them.

Hi I am Belle”. the left girl said and then the right girl spoke, “and I am Xander”, they suddenly started to talk into unison,“We were happy, we were good till the bad, bad, bad townsfolk hunted us, now you will scare them with our dolls so they can feel the pain they brought to us. Find it, find it in our home and twist turn and squash the dolls”. They rhymed together and then disappeared.


#6Hikari Snow 

on Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:43 pm

When Chelvaric was done eating, Snowflake would wash his dishes along with hers as well, in gratitude for making breakfast for her. Regarding his suggestion of living together, the female spend a moment thinking about her answer. ”I was thinking the same thing earlier,” she began, turning towards her beau with a small smile on her face. ”You could just move into my apartment, it’s quite large for two. That way we wouldn’t have buy a new one as well and you could sell yours for a bit of money – if you want, that is.” She’d say and wiped her hands on a towel laying nearby to dry them.

– Meanwhile –

The two spirits that emerged out of nowhere began to introduce themselves as Belle and Xander. Based on their appearance, it was quite apparent that they were young, much younger than herself. She figured that they probably wanted something from them, and so, she listened to whatever they wanted to say. The girls sang a short rhyme, about how they were treated badly by the townsfolk in Orchidia and now they want revenge to those who had wronged them with the voodoo dolls that they had created. After displaying quite a performance, the spirits disappeared without saying anything else, leaving her rather bewildered. ”That was very creepy.” She looked over to Chelvaric who seemed to be confused by the entire scene – similar to her situation.

It seems that there was now a new task for the Blue Pegasus mages to complete, in place of the spirits of the Halloween: to scare everyone that had treated Belle and Xander wrongly.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:47 pm

Chelvaric didn’t really know how to react to the fact that two ghosts just had been telling them to terrorize the village. Although it felt more like they wanted to spook the townsfolk more than really hurt them or anything like that and in a sense, the townsfolk were at a fault for being so mean to them. So for some reason he was quite okay with it, people shouldn’t be so mean to each other just because they use magic they don’t understand doesn’t mean their bad people. It’s not like they are vampires or anything. “That was quite the experience, let’s get to the house and get this over with I guess. I don’t think it’s going to be that hard of a request though. But let’s not hurt anyone while we do it, maybe just make them dance or something”, he said to her and started to walk.

After a while, they would arrive at the house of the siblings which was a bit hidden in the forest so they had to search for a while before they actually found it. It was more a small hut then a house though, made from branches and a roof made of hay. It seemed like one of those houses people lived in a long time ago. Before they went in Chelvaric reminded that Snow said he could sell his apartment and he didn’t really answer on that. “I don’t really have an apartment, by the way, I do have a cabin in the woods that I am building but we could keep that. When were like sick of the city and need some time alone we can retreat to there to just enjoy each other without any interferences”, he said to her while he pushed open the door.


#8Hikari Snow 

on Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:06 am

The journey towards the building of the two girls that had appeared before them minutes ago did not take them long. After all, Orchidia Town was not that large compared to Crocus or Magnolia and it was easy to get through the streets since it wasn’t that crowded. The building was a rather secluded one, almost separated from the rest of the houses that lined up neatly by the side of the roads and from one look, she could see that the building was abandoned as she wondered what actually happened to the family living inside it, though, that was none of her business. Since she was aware that there was no one living inside the house, she pushed the doors open without bothering to knock. The door creaked and inside, there was nothing but things draped over with white cloth, such as tables and couches.

Dust collected everywhere and there were spider webs lingering by the corner of the house, which she hated. Being a clean freak, if she ended up living in this building, she would have cleaned every speck of area inside the house. The doors inside the building were slightly open and randomly, she’d peek through the gap only to see an empty bedroom. Toys were settled by the corner of the room and there was a large king-sized bedroom in the centre. The sight of dolls and toys confirmed her that it was indeed the room of the girls that they had encountered earlier and began searching for the voodoo dolls that they mentioned. Her attention was suddenly caught by a picture frame located on the bedside table and curious, she lifted it up. They’re twins, she thought to herself before placing it back in its original position and continued searching.

Snowflake walked over to the side of the bed and it was then she saw a wooden box. Curious, she opened it and there, she would see two voodoo dolls inside and lifted them up to show Chelvaric that she had found them. ”Here, I think these are the ones.”


#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:59 am

Chelvaric looked at Snow as she pushed the doors open without even knocking. He did know that no one was living there but he wasn’t sure if it was really true that no one was there so he would still have tried to knock on the door to be sure that no one was home but he was following Snowflake so he just kept quiet. The house looked very old as everything was covered in a small layer of dust and here and there, cobwebs were hanging in the corners.

He could hear the small mouse paws walking over the floors above them, it was definitely a heavenly place for a mouse with all the holes in the walls and floors they had lots of places to keep hidden and to raise there young so that they could grow in strong adult mousses before they would go out into the wide world alone. He should note this location to come hunting later tonight he would be able to catch a feast here.

They walked further and he looked into each room till he suddenly heard Snow’s voice from a distant room and he hurried to her location. It seemed that she finally had found the dolls and had a box opened in front of her with a two of the dolls inside. He took them out and wondered how they would work.

"we probably need to tie some hair around these before they work. Let’s go to the town and start on it."

He said to snow and he walked outside to the town. The best place should be central plaza as a lot of people would be walking around. He looked at all the people and picked a fish saleswoman out of the crowd. He walked close to the position of the woman and slowly stole a comb that was laying near her chair. The woman didn’t notice it since she was so busy with selling fish. He wrapped the hair around the doll tightly so it wouldn’t get loose. He then started to dance and move with the doll and the woman started to do the same. She was screaming that she couldn’t control herself and the whole crowd around her was laughing loud.

that was quite fun, it’s your turn Snow!


#10Hikari Snow 

on Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:03 pm

Once they retrieved the dolls, Chelvaric suggested that they should travel to the city centre to test it out on the people. Snowflake followed her partner to the city with the dolls held in her hand. She wasn’t sure how the voodoo magic worked but earlier, Chelvaric suggested that if they had a property of the victim, it should have an effect on the person. Her partner was the first person to test it as he stole a comb from a woman from one of the vendor shops and wrapped the strands of hair around the doll. With one of the dolls in his hand, he began moving around the arms and legs, forcing the woman to dance out of the blue. It looked very ridiculous that she couldn’t help but stifle a laugh to herself at the sight of the woman jumping up from her chair and randomly dancing with her arms wide.

The woman received awkward stares and laughs from nearby customers and even some shopkeepers as she screamed, begging someone to stop her body. It seemed that Chelvaric was having fun with the dolls until he told her to try it as well. The female looked around the area, searching for her target until her eyes landed on a child who appeared to be bullying another kid. She could see him shoving the other kid backwards and compared to his side, the child was smaller than the bully. There was a small toy peeping out from his pocket and she figured that she could use it to cast the voodoo magic on him. Without any hesitation, the female walked up to the boy, pretending to accidently bump into him and stole his toy with a swift movement of her hand.

”Hey, what’re you doing to the child? Go mess with someone of your own size.”

The white haired female scolded and stood behind the victim with a hand gently resting over his shoulder. The bully angrily looked at him but did not say another word and walked away. Then, she’d take out the toy that she had stolen from the kid and used the doll’s hands to smack it against its own face. She watched the boy punching himself with his own hands and then cried afterwards. Her face was grim and emotionless, though she was satisfied of what she had done to the bully since she felt like he deserved it and walked away nonchalantly as if nothing happened.



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