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Restless Souls : Blonde Ambition [Odin]

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on Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:16 pm

It was nice to see that the whole reanimation thing that was going around Fiore was discriminating by location or profession, although Odin had yet to see a male spirit so it might have been a sexist thing, whatever it was, that was sweeping the land. Either way, the olive haired mage didn't really care, as it was allowing him to meet the most ordinary of people in the most strangest of circumstances. For example, Melissa had just been a woman who had happened to have a boyfriend who was cheating on her, it was hardly a new thing in a world like Fiore, as it was part of human nature to be attracted to people. Adultery was a natural, despite it still being a terrible and cruel point of their nature. Melissa had just been lucky enough to die before finding out, allowing her soul to request Odin's help to move on, while also getting the chance to ruin the reputation of her ex boyfriend. Annabelle had been slightly more interesting, but only in the circumstances of her death, as she had been brutally murdered by a strange, demonic spirit, ironically the only male spectre that Odin had actually seen, despite not being sure if it even had a gender. That spirit had tried to flee the moment it had laid eyes upon Lucifer, but it had been reduced to ash without a chance. Beyond that, Annabelle had been a normal girl who'd died many decades ago, and she wore strange clothes.

It seemed Sarah was going to make it three for three, as she had only just died herself a few weeks ago, and she had returned to the world of the living for quite possibly the most ridiculous reason of the three of them, and the weirdest thing Odin had heard of to date: an item appreciation contest which she had entered. Going from her description, both of herself and the contest, she had been something of collector of weaponry from all over the place, and she had managed to find some interesting items during her life, from legendary great swords imbued with magical properties to a simple spear that was once owned by a man who later became a legend. It was indeed quite a collection, but she could no longer participate in the contest, and so needed someone else to go in her place and show off her rare finds, no doubt winning first place. She then requested that Odin donate all of her weapons to a museum after his win, but to donate them under her name, so that she was at least remembered for something. Considering he was in the market for a weapon, it greatly annoyed the dark mage to agree, as he had taken the mission with the express desire to steal one of the weapons for his own use. But, considering it was a part of Sarah's final wish, to steal a weapon would be to incur the haunting wrath of a ghost, something Odin just didn't have time for.



on Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:42 pm

There were 3 different phases to the contest itself, consisting of different types of weapons in each phase, all to be judged by a panel of 'experts', which mostly was comprised of the town blacksmith, the curator of the nearby museum, and an easily excitable weapon collector that was clearly the one who had organised the entire event. The first stage was to show off the largest sword that you owned, and to make sure it was in good condition and pretty. Sarah claimed to have just the thing, as Odin rummaged through her collection to find something that fit the mark. Tucked away, right in the bottom of the pile of weapons she had hidden in the basement of her house, was a glorious golden bastard sword, which had apparently once been wielded by a legendary Holy Knight who had been credited with six hundred and sixty six confirmed kills on demons, with that very blade. It was a massive blade, no doubt because the knight who had wielded it had been a giant, standing well over ten feet tall, with the blade itself being roughly the height of Odin himself, who had to drag it to the contest location, as well as occasionally propping it up on his shoulders to go uphill, which the entire journey was.

The judges approached him last, giving him time to catch his breath before he wowed them with completely falsified knowledge of the weapon itself, along with a mix of what Sarah had mentioned to him earlier, "This, gentleman, is the great blade once wielded by the legendary Anduin Lothar: the kingsguard who once dispatched 666 of hell's spawn, using this very blade. Demon blood still lurks within this impressive blade, constantly feeding it power as it hungers for more." The judges were silent, and gave Odin the win for the first phase of the contest, beginning the second phase of the contest: which required the contestants to show the judges panel their most historically valuable item that wasn't a weapon.

This was, on paper, much more difficult than just picking the biggest weapon that he could see and using that one, but Odin was sure he could find something with the help of Sarah, who already knew what to provide him with. A nail, something called Helena's Nail, which seemed to hold some kind of historical value. It would have to do, as the judges went straight to Odin first, eager to see what the provider of Anduin's blade could give them next. Clearing his throat, he began, "Helena's Nail is one of four nails once used on JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. This is one of the nails that pinned the messiah to the true cross, and his scent still permeates the wood."

At that point, the judges decided not to bother with the other entries, and gave the win to Odin, as it was best of three, and he had already won two. Receiving two more pumpkin pops, Sarah passed onto the next world, after Odin donated her entire collection to the museum of course.



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