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Dahlia - Thousand Souls

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on Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:37 pm



Quest: Thousand Souls

Rank: A

Type: Bad


  • From Under the Ground completed
  • Red Hades Cult completed
  • Rise and Shine completed
  • Living Burial completed
  • Night of the Living Dead completed
  • Skeleton Key completed
  • Let Sleeping Corpses Lie completed

Adarian the Heretic: Adarian moves around Dahlia in secret with his cult while keeping themselves busy with the taboo magic of Necromancery. Due to the large amount of graveyards in and around Dahlia, it is the perfect location for them to experiment with their magic here. The cult is one of the reasons that there are many undead roaming around the town.

Summary: Savyn is luckily gone and defeated, the Red Hades Cult has managed to summon the guards in service of the founding Dahlian noble family. They decided it would be best to leave the rest of the ancestors in their graves and not touch them to prevent situations such as Savyn again. Adarian is pleased with the results, but to ensure his victory he wants more than that. This time he has heard about that in the Aldenwald a deserted battlefield lies littered with corpses. Adarian needs someone to find it while he prepares the battle with the cult, but beware because banshees are said to roam the area.

4x Banshees: Creatures, usually 2 meters tall at their maximum height, once thought mythical, they fly through the night sky with black wings and razor sharp talons. Similar to harpies, but much more frightening, and called the 'messengers of death' for their piercing screams, which are said to only be unleashed in the penultimate moments before a death occurs, usually at the banshee's own claws, as it rips and tears its foes apart with ease.

Banshee's Moves:

  • Banshee's Scream [1-35]: There are three Banshees in the topic, when they scream everyone in the topic receives 1x S-rank damage automatically and it ignores armor. This move can't be stopped with a defensive spell.
  • Banshee's Soul Stealer [36-60]: A banshee rushes at his target regardless of the distance and moves through them causing 1x S-rank damage. This move can only be stopped with a Defensive-type spell, but it will only lower damage as the Banshee will still go through it.
  • Banshee's Omen [61-100]: A banshee screams and creates an area of effect around them of 5 diameters which causes harm to anyone within. They will remain static will using the move.


  • The last poster must roll 3 dice which will cause the Banshees to appear and which action the Banshees will do.
  • When the second move is used by the Banshee it will always go for the user with the most mana in the topic.
  • Banshee's can't be hurt by physical damage, only by magical damage.
  • The last poster must keep rolling to determine what the Banshees are doing next until all Banshees are defeated.
  • In case multiple Banshees are screaming, of course, multiple 1x S-rank instant damage will be applied to everyone in the topic.

Objective: Find the battlefield, defeat the Banshees, and report back to Adarian.

Extra Rewards:

  • +100 Mana


  • Create a topic in the Aldenwald.
  • Adarian will have contacted you to meet him on the outskirts of the Aldenwald forest, and he will be waiting when you arrive, peering into the darkness as if trying to locate something. After you make your presence known, he will tell you what it is he required of you this time.
  • Many years ago, there was a great battle between the church and another cult not far from Dahlia. It has been stricken from all records and most haven't even heard of it, but Adarian believes that it does exist, and it is littered with the corpses of fighters from both the cult and the church. The Aldenwald was created to hide this battle from the eyes of the people, as no one would be able to go into the forest and find their way out, but that is exactly what Adarian wishes for you to do.
  • He will warn you that banshees are said to roam the area: flying creatures not unlike harpies who can deafen you will their screeches, and that a banshees scream always signifies death from someone. They'll be hard to hit, as they will stay in the air, but they will swoop down to attack with their clawed hands, which will be the best moment to strike.
  • Enter the forest and begin your search for the battlefield, having absolutely no idea where to go. During your search, you will encounter three banshees feeding on corpses. The moment they see you, they will try to attack. Once you kill two of them the third will fly back towards where the others are. Follow it to find the battlefield, as well as six more harpies, including the one that few away.
  • All four banshees will circle you in the air, occasionally swooping down to try and rip you to shreds. Use the dice accordingly to determine the battle, failure to admit the defeat, or take a hit when obviously being hit, will result into being locked out of the quest for 3 months. Kill the banshees, and make your way out of the forest with the location of the battlefield.
  • Adarian will again be surprised to still see you, even going so far as to calling you one of the most resourceful people he knows. He will ask the location, and if any banshees remain in the area. Your answer will greatly satisfy him, and he will reward you before entering the forest with a group of his cultists.

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