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Decorative Party [Quest: Xandra]

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#1Xandra Queen 

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:15 am

'cause tonight's the night
the world begins again
The glimmer of the sun radiated it's warmth for thousands of miles as the citizens of the lively town of Magnolia, returned it with their own smiles. The melody of the piano that mingled with the stringing of the guitar, swam alongside the hasty and joyous chatter that waltzed with the wind. Festivity and excitement arose, lingering in the air as the female couldn't help but stand in the middle of the streets and gawk at the sight before her. She had woken up, expecting the same cheerfulness looming in the atmosphere but this had exceeded her expectations. Xandra could tell that the day that was to pass by had held a high degree of importance for it to be able to separate the usual bypassers from their daily tasks and join them together so harmoniously. Her lilac gaze drifted from side to side, watching people climb on ladders and hang ornaments to adorn the street lights. Smiles and laughter bombarded her vision as curiosity began to delve deeper through her. Her stone face held nothing but the usual blank expression, but inside, she could feel happiness climb higher. The sight was so marvelous; anyone who witnessed it would have felt a level of thrill and excitement.

Her gaze shifted to the tall man that stood at the center of the crowd, with people gathered all around him. A smile adorned his middle aged face as he seemed to be replying politely to the inquiring citizens that had enthrall clinging to their faces. The man seemed to be guiding them as he raised his hands, pointing at the street lamps followed by the enthusiastic nods of middle-aged ladies and young boys. Curiosity is said to have killed the cat, good thing the female was far from being a feline. Her feet moved on their own accord, heading towards the tall man that stood meters away. Her long, hesitant strides were drowned within the ongoing commotion of the hustling footsteps followed by laughter of children. The preparation for what seemed to be an ongoing festival had also seemed to be brimming with fun. Occasionally disrupting her straight path to move to the side in order to avoid collision with people carrying food and drink and playing children. Her eyes wandered once again, landing on some familiar faces. To her right, she saw Olly, the cake shop owner doing his usual work of decorating cupcakes and cakes but instead of doing it on the kitchen counter, he was doing it on the wooden table that was cloaked in a dazzling white cloth. Next to him stood another familiar face, Dan, the cashier who appeared to be helping Olly out along with several other men and women.

It must have truly been a special day considering how much effort was being put into making it a splendid event for all. Alas she reached her destination, standing behind a young lad who seemed to be conversing with the man, 'Mr.Midas, where do I put these?" The boy asked with a handful of vivid and colorful flowers. Midas, which seemed to be the man's name, smiled and pointed at a table, telling the boy to decorate the empty table to the right, and so the boy rushed off. Her gaze followed the boy until the man looked at her with a smile, "Ahh Miss, are you here to help out?" Her attention immediately shifted to Midas as she hesitated for a second. Surely there would be no problem in helping out, so she lightly nodded her head. Midas appeared to be filled with joy, "Well, it's my little girl's birthday today so everyone is helping out in order to give her a grand party. Of course you'll be paid for your hard work." So it was some child's birthday? Xandra had never before seen such a splendid party before. All the town's people gathering together for a smile event was rather amusing. She was handed a handful of decorations and told to begin. And so she began.

Carrying the decorations, she followed the voices yelling 'here' and came to a stop before citizens climbing the ladders next to the street light. It seemed to be a little difficult for the women clad in dresses that they requested the female to assist them. Her black jeans and blue shirt posed as a comfortable attire to help out as she climbed the ladder and began handing the decor according to instructions of the older and experienced who stood below her. Men carries giant pieces of wood, building what seemed to be a boat made to move on land. The blonde female had heard of those before as she was excited to be seeing one being built before her eyes. She was anticipating the end result of the float that was meant for everyone's enjoyment. From the top, she could see at a bunch of young girls at a distance, gracefully practicing the performance that they were to put up later that night. Xandra was truly looking forward to the wonderful and enlightening night that was to come.

She was dragged out by the hand, by the people to help here and there. To help with carrying something heavy and to help with reaching out to hang something on top. Her tall and somewhat built physique seemed to be coming in use quite a lot. Tables were being lifted and arranged in a straight long along the streets. Her gaze suddenly shifted to her right hand which was suddenly grabbed by a smiling young lady who then guided her to the kitchen where the food was being prepared. The aroma of food surrounded her nose as she walked forward, following the actions of the young lady and picking up a few dishes before exiting the area only to return back to the streets. Lining up the food neatly, she repeated the task alongside other people who laughed and smiled, cracked jokes or found someone's clumsiness amusing. Soon, the tables were filled with delicious delicacies. Time had flown past and the morning sun set into the afternoon sky. The light breeze brought forth chill and people rushed to their homes to get ready in their prettiest dresses and neatest tuxedos. A party was about to begin.  
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#2Xandra Queen 

on Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:30 am

'cause tonight's the night
the world begins again
The magnanimous lights that surrounded the streets of Magnolia so generously illuminated the vicinity in place of the tired sun that was slowly setting into slumber. Idle chatter and brimming excitement clung to the air as people pooled in, dressed in their finest outfits, laughing and cheering as the main event was yet to happen. Food and desserts lined up on the table along the parallel paths that gave place to the citizens to sway and dance, to run and stroll and most importantly, to have fun. Decorations adorned the street lamps and the clothed tables as the entire sight radiated beauty. The miasma of the sky had become truly impotent as it edged with insecurity when it looked down at the work of men and women who came together to make this a wonderful evening for all. The blonde female felt a sense of calm and joy seep through her as her lilac gaze grazed across the landscape; this was something that she had done too. She was never good at conversing with people and it brought her joy that she was quite helpful without having to step out of her comfort zone. Feeling a presence behind her, Xandra turned to see a familiar tall man who had a smile adorned on his face. Medias, the man who brought everyone together for a smile and small occasion, glanced at her before proceeding to thank her for her hard work. Her jiggled through his pockets before taking out a small pouch that appeared to have held her reward.

Bowing as a sign of gratitude, she accepted her reward as the man told her to enjoy the party before proceeding to welcome and engage in conversation with the guests that were arriving. She bend her neck in order to take a glance at her dirty attire that was most definitely not suited for a party. In fact, it would have been best if she didn't participate at all. Although the place had brought her joy, a unsettling feeling tugged at her heart. The number of people were increasing. They moved to one another, talking and gossiping. She was perhaps the only one who was out of place. She didn't mind although she couldn't deny that she too wanted to have fun. With a sigh, she proceeded to exit the crowd until she found herself colliding into another familiar stranger. It was a brunette young woman whose face lightened up at the sight of the mage. "Oh! There you are!", Without any further explanation the unknown woman grabbed her hand and proceeded to guide the female through the crowd and into a small house.

Xandra, as confused as she could possibly be, tugged at the woman's hand lightly only to receive no reaction whatsoever. As they entered through the wooden door which was pushed at by the brunette who had then introduced herself as Layla. It was unknown what the female wanted from the mage but was soon made clear as her eyes fell upon the hoard of young girls that ran around the house, helping each other with the styling of their hair and the fixing of their pretty dresses. "You weren't thinking of attending the party wearing that outfit, were you?" Layla spoke with distaste before a smile crawled onto her lips. The blonde female didn't really really get the chance to declare that she, in fact, wasn't thinking of attending the party at all. Her hand was once again grabbed as she was dragged across the room and behind a divider where more young girls appeared, grabbing her shirt and removing it. To say that she was shocked was an understatement. The female couldn't tell if that was normal among girls or not. Standing there with her torso barely clad, she quickly grabbed the cloth which appeared to be the dress within the hands of another young maiden. Nodding slightly as she clutched the dress, she hoped the girls would understand her discomfort and leave, and indeed they did.

With a sigh of relief, the female proceeded to strip down her clothes and wear the short dress that was meant to be worn by her only. It was rather cute, with the upper half being a white cloth laced over with a patterned see through cloth which also formed a collar around her neck. The sleeveless dress exposed her slender and slightly muscular arms as the burgundy skirt displayed her long legs. Through the hem of the skirt, the hidden tattoo that proved her to be a Rune Knight peeked through. Stepping out, she was immediately greeted by girls who sat her on a chair and combed through her long hair, only to haul it up into a messy bun as strands of her wild blonde hair escaped and hung. Gliding some makeup over her face and adorning her feet in heels, they proceeded to take her outside to the party. Time flew, dancing and singing as the guest of honor, a young girl made her appearance. Chanting the infamous birthday song, people smiled and laughed as did the female with her claps. Her face, of course showed nothing but slight softness.

The cake baked by the one and only Olly, was cut and served as others dug through the food and so did she. Xandra made sure to never be behind anyone when it came to food. Piling her plate up with the delicacies, she ate as she moved, slightly uncomfortably as her feet began to sting. But nonetheless, she made sure to finish the plate of food before wanting more but it was unknown to her that the dancing had begun. A familiar face of a blond who happened to be the smith's assistant came into view as he took her to the street to dance where she, much against her will had to flow and sway alongside different people who were strangers to her. It was true that she was having fun but there was also a feeling of discomfort that embraced her so when she thought that she had had enough for the night, she walked away from the crowd. Although she left halfway through, she knew that it was an unusual day for her that she would never forget. What she was forgetting, however, happened to be her clothes and her money which she then ran to get, remembering to change and leave the wonderful dress behind.
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