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Decorative Party [Mission/Solo]

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn and Hans took yet another mission. LeeAnn leaned back and looked at the flyer as she sat outside with a bottle of booze. She took a gulp and looked at Hans. “Say whats this mission about again” she said. The redhead put down the green transparent bottle and rested her head on her hand. Hans read it outloud. It was to help a father with his daughter’s birthday party. It made LeeAnn look down remembering her own father. The father that protected her years ago and even now still. She missed him as well. Hans knew that look in her eyes. His hand reached out nad touched her concerningly. LeeAnn looked at him with a tear in her single eye as the other one was still covered by the eyepatch. “It will all be okay LeeAnn. Don’t you worry, I’m here” he smiled. She smiled gently at him and nodded. “Forever to you as well” she smiled. Hans stood up and hugged her. “You’re not alone. I will never leave you and always be at your side even when death comes” he said with a smile. LeeAnn hugged him tightly trying to fight the urge to cry. It was unlike her to be so unsteady, but she was one to seal away her emotions. He knew that all too well. She sniffled he wiped her tears. “What do you say we go figure out where this party is being held and help out” he smiled. That flashy smile was something she never gotten tired of.

She gave a weak smile. “Alright, lets go” she smiled finally. They both walked to a huge block decorating their whole street for a party. This was bigger than the both of them had imagined. The redhead looked around. “Wow theres a lot of decorations. Which do you suppose is our client, Hans” she said. There were many people around on ladders reaching the higher places as others were mages helping with the decorations. It as lively. A nice change in pace. Something a lot more happier than what she was really used it. Leeann felt odd and out of place since she was not even helpiing out. She looked at Hans who was already helping as he floated to the top of the buildings doing something odd. A man approached her. He was tall and fair and looked to be a good man of his word. For a moment, she visioned her own father, but had to look twice. She rubbed her eyed and taken a double look. Nope was not her father. The man gave a wide grin and smiled. “Here young lady, glad you could help with my little girl’s birthday” he smiled. He haned her a roll of streamers nad a few banners to help. LeeAnn looked at him with a wide eyed innocent look. “You know I am here for the job right” she said. The client smiled. “Of course, come one young lady lets get this party on a roll” he said. His voice was cheery and happy. It made her smile and start decorating. She climbed up on a ladder and start to pin and tape the streamers and hang the banners. It was a lot of climbing up and down, but it was worth it. Hans was almost done with his portion. The Kitsune popped behind. “Are you done yet” he asked. She was such in a trance where it made her jump and nearly fall off the ladder. Hans caught her in time. “Gotcha” he said. LeeAnn looked up giving him a dirty look. “What? I caught ya. Doesn;t that matter” she said. The redhead did not speak a word as Hans placed her gently on the ground. He finished her work as she just stood there watching her fiance do her job. Invisible steam came out of her nostrils hating him trying to steal her job. She accepted this challenge. She grabbed more streamers and started to hang them up faster than had originally. Hans was finally done. “See Lee I’m finaly…. Done” he said. His eyes saw that some stacks of blue and white streamers were missing then saw here angrily pin streamers really fast. Speedy fast in his case. Hans flew to her. “Sweetheart careful” he said. Hans watched her. “Lee… LeeAnn talk to me” he said. Then he figured it out. “Oh you’re mad at me aren’t you” he said. She glared at him as if she was about to kill him with that deadly look. “I assume yes” he said outloud. The neko stayed quiet. “Lee… I did not mean to scare you. Was that it” he asked. LeeAnn did not reply. “Nope. Oh did I take your job” he asked. LeeAnn nodded pouting at him. The kitsune lowered himself to the ground meeting eyes with his fiance. “Look, Im sorry LeeAnn. I did not mean to take your job. Come one talk to me please” he said. LeeAnn sighed. “Fine you dumb furball: she smiled. Hans glomped her nad held her tightly as they both laughed.

“Since both of you have finished with the decorations. Thanks for the help. I do have a few other things for you to do. If you could place the food from the shops right along the streets” he asked. LeeAnn smiled and nodded. “Of course sire” she said, formally. HAns chuckled. “You’re chipper” he commented. LeeAnn did not say anything. They started to make their way towards one of the shops nearby. LeeAn touched the metal door handle and pulled it open. The bell rang off as the clerk in front looked up from cleaning he counter with a dirty rag. “Oh you must be here for the food. Its right over there on the table. Oh where are my manenrs, my name is Jack, Jack Beanstalk” he smiled. He shook LeeAnn’s hand and Hans’s as well, he seemed really friendly. LeeAnn bowed. “Thank you. I’m LeeAnn Nakamura and this is my fiance, Hans. Were helping out today” she replied. The man was emitted energy that was over excitement and joy. “Wow you’re a Rune Knight and a Seated Knight at that. Its an honor. Ms. Nakamura!!” she smiled. The man that was named Jack was honored to meet a Rune Knight. LeeAnn smiled and laughed. “Well I am glad to meet you too M. Beanstalk. Nice shop you’ve got here. Why not you help us bring out this food and get this party started for the little girl” she said. The carried a large cake outside that took all three of them and placed it on the table. It was pink and white with bows and ribbons as decorations. Next was the bean dip, bean casserole and all sorts of bean dishes that smelled good to everyone’s noses or whoever had a nose of course. LeeAnn was carefule enough to spread the food out to make it look tasty. Alaska was happily with them jumping around and playing with the children in the background. She yipped and yapped with joy as the small children were chasing her. Strangely this place was relieving from her thoughts of Hikaru and her team. It was a shot that numbed all of its effects. LeeAnn was tired of feeling constant pain. This was a good relief from it. In the bak of her mind, she knew this would end as well. A surge of energy was placed into her body that made her keep going. Every fight was important even a personal one. This pain can be fought. She was tired of feeling sorry for herself. Everyone ounce of strength, she would still keep fighting and urging herself to focus on decorating. Alaska joyfully yipping and playing with children. Hans goofing off around her and being the typical idiot. She was so focused on the past that she forget to remember the present was called a present for a reason. It was a gift. A gift that had to enjoy because that’s what her father would wanted her to remember. She was born a hard worker but sometimes that can also be a curse in so many ways. Working yourself to death and becoming extremely tired all of the sudden. Her father and Hans have tried to make her learn to relax but she always felt guilty sitting out on the sidelines. “Dad you were right. This is what I need. Good people around me and those I love having fun. Maybe I should try to reunite the team” she thought to herself. “I need a new goal...maybe to become a legend. The next rank. An A-Rank mage!!! That's it I will become powerful! I will become the next Hikaru in the Nakamura family. A legend in.the family like dad and Hikaru. I.will make them all proud” she thought. She smiled with determination and ambition. The first Hans has seen her in a long time. She was a fighter but something just clicked in her brain. She had to work hard even if was decorating a party. It was money and jewel to get her better gear and a better life and most of all to make.her family proud. The Nakamura name had a tarnished name she felt like because of her. She was going to show all of them!! All of them. She set some plates of food in a nice arranged row happily. “Are you having fun” asked a stranger. LeeAnn’s eyes beamed. “Yes! This is awesome! I am actually having a blast” she smiled. The man chuckled. “That's what I like to hear. Keep up the hard work” he smiled. LeeAnn was enjoying herself today. It was rather fun. All of is really took stuff off her mind. LeeAnn and Hans went inside another shop and grabbed some more food. This time it was a pastry shop with yummy cake pops, cupcakes and so much more. Best of all they had cookie dough, cookie dough that you could eat. Han’s mouth watered just at the sight. LeeAnn had to hold him by the collar to keep him from eating it all. “Hans leave that for.the others please...this is for a little girl’s birthday not yours” she sighed. The kitsune stopped and pouted. “Fine if you insist!! I will just stay here and not move” he poutingly said. This was a taste of her own medicine for doing this to him earlier. The kitsune did not.move as LeeAnn shrugged and began to lift the boxes and plates of food without him. He peeked leaving one eyes open to see if she was coming. The fox puffed his cheeks like a chipmunk’s cheeks. She was busy spreading plates across Inc the table and carefully setting the food with care. The platelet was of unicorns, rainbows and other cute girly things. Clearly this was a party for a little girl. LeeAnn began to move things around and try to make everything look organized. She kept repeating to herself. “I am going to show all of them! I am going to show all of them” she thought. It was a way to keep her motivated. Lee And stood up with a smile on her face. Hans marched out with an angry face. “You are so mean. Why wont you come and try to 1st me to talk to you” he whined. LeeAnn continued to do what she was doing then looked up at her lover. “Well sir” she began sarcastically,”I know I we write and this stuff bothers you so. Your welcome! By the way here's a taste.” she said giving Hans a little bit of The edible cookie dough. LeeAnn finished her work as she was done organizing the plates. The redhead smiled and clapped her hands together. The father came over and looked at the work they had done. “This looks great. Come one you two heres your reward and part with us” he smiled LeeAnn and HAns spent the rest of the days there getting wasted, Hans at least, and LeeAnn relieving her mind and now figuring out what she really wanted in life. To be the next legend!

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