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Flier Funky [Akai]

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Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:14 pm

Akai stood outside the Magnolia Baths, he really hated bath houses. He wasn't scared of them, he hated being hot, you were sticky and sweaty, it was overall just a gross experience. But Akai was here to complete a favor he said he would do for the Old wizard who had brought him to Lamia Scale, he had promised to help out his friends. And one of those friends happened to be Bella, the owner of the bath house.

Walking inside he was greeted by a pacing Bella, "Ohh, you're finally here, thank the lord! I was worried you wouldn't come!" At first Akai was stricken by her beauty, especially someone who knew the Old wizard well. Back in her office she removed a pile of 30+ fliers that all said, Magnolia Baths! Come today and relax!, "I need you to pass these out,
it is really important that you do so, business has been slow lately and I'm running out of momney for my uhh...skin lotion, and the baths too, ov course."
"Any particular places you want the flier?" Akai asked. "Actually yes, I put a list on the top of the pile, for the rest of them, throw from a rooftop for all I care." Akai shook his head and took the pile, "I'll be back in a bit for my reward." Bella shook her head and waved her hand and Akai stepped out of the steaming bath house and took refreshing breaths of the air.

First up on the list was the South Gate Park, there was a bulletin board she wanted it. Beginning to run Akai would occasionally throw a handful of flier in front of a walking family. Arriving at the park he noticed the bulletin board next to a rose bush, grabbing a tack he hung up a flier right in the middle.

The next flier was to be placed at the Fairytail guild hall, Ahh, Fairytail not a bad idea for a flier placement. Breaking into another sprint Akai headed towards Fairytail, slipping up onto the build stares unnoticed he tacked a few onto the doors of the guild, there they should be pretty visible. Then he opened the door and threw a handful of em' into the guild hall. The third stop happened to be Olly's bakery, he'd met the crazy chef once before delivering cupcakes, so he knew exactly where it was.

Stopping at fast pace he was soon in front of Olly's store, pulling out a strip of tape he taped a flier on the glass window, Olly probably wouldn't notice because he was too busy. Deciding for a quick stop, Akai got a small creme filled doughnut. Taking a break from running before he threw the rest of the fliers around he stopped an ate the doughnut, Olly made a great doughnut. Finishing the donut he placed the wrapper in the trash, Standing back up Akai broke into another run.

Akai deciding the Mag drug shop would be a good place to put another flier, wizards and people go there a lot for most magical needs. Pasting one to the side of the building he sprinted away before Khalash saw him. The next place he dropped some would be the train station. Taking ten, he pasted to them ten different poles. Beginning to run out of fliers Akai had to think about some other creative places that would be visible. After drawing a blank he decided that a good place would probably be a rooftop, just like Bella suggested.

Akai began to wonder through Magnolia, looking for a good rooftop, probably not a typical think people do in magnolia. After lots of wondering he decided on top of the Cathedral would be a good place. After carefully climbing the Cathedral (and sneakily of course. ) He threw all the fliers off of it some floated it down directly, some got caught in the wind and flew around magnolia, he thought that, his idea had turned out to be a pretty good idea for a way to advertise.

Arriving back at Bella's Bath house empty handed, she greeted him happily, "Oh,
thank you so much, customers have already shown up!"
Akai doubted that it was because of him he didn't try to stop the flatter though, he didn't want to anger Bella, she seemed like the wrong person to anger. "If you want, I can have a special herbal bath made for you, it will replenish your magic energy." Akai was about to refuse the offer, because he really hated being hot he found it extremely uncomfortable. But an herbal bath kinda sounded like bathing in tea, Akai liked tea, so maybe it wouldn't be half-bad, " y'know,
I don't think a bath would hurt right now, It is nice to occasionally relax, and an herbal bath would do just that."
Bella smiled, "I'll have it prepared right now, thank you so much for delivering those fliers, my business will be soaring once again very soon." Bella waved her hand and one of the people went to go start a bath, "Ohh, and here is your reward." Bella produced a bag of jewels from behind her and plopped in Akai's hands. "Thank you, I was glad to help a friend of the Old wizard." Bella smiled, "Well I thank you very much for helping me." The worker came out from the door to signal the bath was ready, "It's ready, enjoy you earned it.
Akai smiled and walked into the room.

The bath was warm and smelled amazing, Akai slipped down into the water, this was the best bath he had ever had, and the most comfortable he had ever been when he was hot.


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