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Accidental Demise [Selindra]

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Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:48 am

Among those who had come to know of Selindra, there were those who were largely ignorant and did not know anything of her time while she was a member of the Rune Knights. It was a case of often when they found out to find this to be a very valuable and rewarding bonus, though often enough times there were those who failed to capitalize on it or otherwise did not see value. If anything, there were those who would msistakenly and foolishly believe that this was a sort of bad thing, when it reality there were many who would be very much interested in having someone who may have been able to provide them with some insight as to how the Rune Knights operate, how they go about their missions and perhaps more importantly, the obvious tells that they have, the practices that were known to be very rigid and uniform which were often times very easy for those with experience in the Rune Knights could detect and exploit.

When Selindra had gotten this contract, it did not come as too huge of a surprise, much in part because it came following a conversation in which she had disclosed her past workings with the Rune Knights, and no doubt that after a bit of research on her own, it would have been easy enough to tell just who it was that Selindra was in the past and how this could end up being of benefit for seemingly anyone really. When the man had contacted her, he had a very clear demand that was to be enforced at all times. That he move forward but always remain out of sight of Selindra, lest the suspicisions of which he believed could either be determined or not, but if theyw ere together it would be all the more difficult, if not impossible to adequately say for certain. It was clear that he believed himself to be pursued by someone, though just who it was or what the reasoning behind it were unknown, but the fact that Selindra had been specifically reached out to for this job had her believing that it must have been that the job was relating to do so at least somewhat so with someone from within the Rune Knights. But if it were a case that he had been able to deduce that it were someone from the Rune Knights, it would not be an experienced knight as that was something that they woul have been taught to avoid, so it must have been someone at a lower rank, such as that of a page. It would make far more sense and be far more plausible that a page be the one to pursue and stalk someone through a place like Hargeon, as it would enable them with enough room and time to uncover whatever sort of evidence it might have been that the Ruen Knights might have been after. Given that it was in Hargeon, smuggling was a valid potential.

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She followed behind the man for a good while, after only a short time in which she was able to tell that there was in fact someone who had been pursuing him. It was a young boy, largely inexpereicnced and by the look of it, perhaps no older than fifteen or sixteen years old, barely old enough to even be considered worthy of age for the rank of page within the Rune Knights. It was more likely that he were nothing more than a simple local boy that had been hired to do the bidding of an actual rune knight, as that was a very common practice, even for as much as the Rune Knights would have preferred to not admit. When she was serving in the Rune Knights, she had often done it, making sure as to ensure that they would only choose children who would not talk, no matter what would happen, and that was often ensured by taking a family member or sibling hostage, threatening to kill them if anything were to happen or if they were to get caught. While it was a very extreme measure, it was one to ensure that there was no way in that someone would be able to break down and give up information that otherwise could have threatened their operation, and for someone who was hunting mages, that was the last thing that anyone could have afforded to have allow to happen.

Whoever had taken the liberty of hiring this boy though, had made a terrible error, not only bringing someone who was not familiar with the area, as was evident by simply watching the boy move about the area, acting more as a tourist than anything else, and obviously worried just given the nature of the task given to him and his age, it was very easy for Selindra to deduce the means in which of getting rid of someone such as this, though it would be a worth while venture to see just who it was that had hired him and for whatever reason that had been. It was no secret that this was very likely something that was relating to smuggling, and could have even to some degree have been a result of sone of the jobs in which she herself had contributed towards, though it was a bit more likelyt hat it was not so much that but rather just related to the nature of smuggling in Hargeon as a whole. It made sense, but it would hardly be a case of really trying to believe that someone of this nature would have been involved with smuggling, as most people Selindra came to realize was that they were all involved in something or another. However, whatever the motivations behind why this child was following the man were largely irrelevant as the reality was that he would be killed, the boy that is, in a manner that would be fitting, one that would ultimately help to convince those on the fence about the dangers of agreeing to work with the Rune Knights.

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Default on Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:49 am

She had followed the Rune Knight’s little page for the greater part of the hour, watching everything in which he had been doing, all of the actions that he was carrying out and it all the more confirmed that he was not someone who would actually be a member of the Rune Knights. Hell, not even a person of Hargeon for that matter, as Selindra watched as the boy every so often entered into an area that was largely abandoned, only to have found that there was a dead end when they arrived. It was in this that she came up with how she was going to go about taking care of this little boy. If he were so naïve and unfamiliar with the area, it was going to be in that respect that his life was going to ultimately end. She relished in the idea of the whole thing, but in order to ensure that she was going to carry this out effectively, she had to make a move and be the one to engage, and the best way to ensure that this was going to happen without any sort of incident or issue, she was going to have to strike the boy when he least expected it and there was no better place for her to do that than within one of the alleyways.

She was at least half a block ahead of the boy at this point, and given that the boy had been so focused on watching over what the man was doing, it would not be difficult to believe that someone who had been secretly stalking the boy would be able to sneak through and manage to use the crowd as nothing more than a generic but effective cover as a means of evading notice and at the same time managing to get into position. As she expected and deducted based upon the boy’s route, he ended up in the exact alleyway in which she was hiding in wait. He carefully looked over the corner to ensure that the man was not aware of his presence – he was – but when that appeared that at least, he would otherwise compose himself before he furthered along in hopes of hunting and stalking more. But unbeknownst to her, the figure who approached him from behind who had taken out her blade and subsequently began to ruthlessly impale the boy in the back, such to the point where no major organs would be pierced save for one of his lungs, at which point then his death would be an all but guarantee, exactly what she was wanting. With his last breathe, he moved into the street, causing an uproar of panic as he fell lifelessly to the ground, blood pouring out of his wounds while another wound she had done, a severed tongue, appeared within his mouth, acting as a sort of mouth gag. It was clear through all of these acts, if anyone were to dare try to emulate what the boy did in being an aid to the Rune Knights, they would suffer the same fate as he did.

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