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Conman Coward Quest

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on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:19 am

Zenith Gancelot
The warm sunlight entered my room and woke me up from unconsciousness. I then head to the bathroom and start the day as usual. During breakfast, i just remembered that it is my first day being a mage, and i already accept a quest from Batra the bartender. I rushed back to my room to see what kind of quest that i accepted in a notebook. I read the details saying a con artist scammed someone and i must retrieve the money back from him. "ikazo!", id shout will full of energy.

I walked down the street, heading to the place where the con artist always hangs out. When i reached the place, i found the con artist there with some of his friends. As i approach him, my cloak would hide a part of my appearance, hiding my real age. When i am standing in front of him id say, "excuse me mister, but i will take some of your time."."well,
what is it? can't you see im busy here?!"
, he'd replied with anger. "well,
as you can see, you are convicted  on scamming someone in the crocus bar the other day. And i am here to retrieve back the money".
the con man would smirk, "huh, well sure,
ill give it to you. Only if you are willing to show the face behind that hair."
I had just realized that i was hiding the left side of my face, as this is nothing but something everyday i do, and i hid it for a reason... "if you favor your life, then you won't ask for something like that, let us make a change. I'd give you an advice that will change your destiny if you would return the money you scammed." ,"hmm,
such bravery, but destiny? huh how can someone like you see something like that?"
, id smirk,"as you can see, i am a wizard.", the con man would start to behave uneasily, and he took something from his pocket. And it is money! He then hand it out to me. It seems like he is afraid of me.hue hue hue, he fell for it. Never underestimate a brain of a young man. I'd take the money from his hand and smiled at him, "i hope you will find a perfect life and thanks for this!", id say while showing the money he gave to me. I'd run to the bar to return the money and finish my first quest! oh how excited i am! But then id stop and catch my breath, ughhh how hungry i am! i saw a food shop nearby and headed there. When i get there, i ordered a VANILLA MILKSHAKE. when my order arrived, id take a sip. oh, how delicious this is! my day couldn't get any better! When i finished my milkshake, i pay fr it and continue my journey to batra's bar.

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on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:28 am

Zenith Gancelot
When i arrived at the bar, i was so happy to see batra's face. I approach him and slam the money on the bar's desk, wham! "hey kid,
what do you have there? oh the money, nice. How did you do it kid?"
, "ok first,
stop calling me kid, ok?"
, id reply with such annoyance. Batra would take the money from me and asked me again, "no, srsly how can a kid like you retrieve money from that con artist?", "well, it is easy for me, since i use my brain rather than using violence.". batra would sigh and murmur something like whatever kid, then he would examine the money. "is something wrong?", i would say as batra is not always like that. "umm, kid, this is fake money.", when he say fake money, id become shocked and pulverized "that bustard! i know something was wrong when i recieve the money easily, even tho I have magic, he still have an army of thugs!, id take the mone back from batra and run to the street again to find the con man.

When i arrived at the place he usually hangs out, i found nobody there, but i saw them running to the city exit. Id chase them with all my might, and id think, heh, i have the advantage,
as i am smaller and i have a lot of stamina than that old man!
, as i am running, id start to catch him up, id tackle him and he would fall along with me, id lock him on the ground. but there is a lot of his ally around me, i dont stand a chance if i dont do anything with his allies, the con man would kick me and release himself. He would grab his bat and start laughing. "heh, you think you can take us down?! you don't stand a chance kid, you better give up.", my anger would start to rise and it seems like i can't control it anymore, "then, come fight me! or r u afraid?!", one by one of his ally would come to me and start to launch an attack to me, some with their fist, and some with weapons like a pipe or etc. But that doesn't scare me as i sheath my sword and strike them one by one. When the last of them fall to the ground, the con man is the only one left, but he doesn't show any fear, he charged towards me but during that time, id reveal my left eye and a wave of magic power would surge from it, petrifying him on the spot, id cover my left eye back and walk towards him, "the money?", id say to him while showing a demonic face, he'd shiver in fear and gave me the money he scammed. "and now...". ( u don't want to know what happened to him )

The sun is setting and i am really tired, when i reach Batra's bar, id gave him the money and id say, the con man is at the back of the bar, probably in a coma, but i guess he will be fine.". "well, here is your reward kid, thx for your service!". "ohohoho, it was nothing really,". "hmm , whatever suits you kid, night."
"goodnight!", id left the bar and head home. jeez, being a wizard is tiring.

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