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Potion Parcel [Selindra]

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Selindra wondered if at some point she was going to be finally done with these jobs, with these redundant missions which did not seem to ever really end, the only thing which at least appeared to be absolute being that there were always more and more jewels in which she was acquiring. There was never a shortage of something which had to have been bought, but at the same time, it was a matter of when was it getting to a point where the jewels just did not outweigh the pain and repetetiveness that seemed to have been with all of these tasks. There was rarely ever if any any sort of unique circumstances, the tiems in which there at least appeared to be something different or otherwise making her excited to be engaged in a job otherwise eliminated by the point she had begun it. Whatever excitement there may have been before, that excitement took a nose dive, just becoming something in which she was looking forward to as opposed to just something that she had to do, which was essentially what every contract she had taken had come to turn out to be.

She had been tasked with sending some sort of parcel to a man within the Castle in Oak Town, one in which she had ventured to on several a past occasion, though often enough times, she wasn’t very impressed or otherwise thought much of it beyond the fact that there were a greater deal of it that she had seen other than the greater degree of the exteriors, having been tasked with finding a spy who was located there in the past. Otherwise though, there were not that many things in which the woman had seen for herself, though to some degree, she was interested and curious as to what it was that there may have been there. Once she had come to the main gates of the castle, the guards reacted poorly to her arrival, seeming to not trust her, which was something that she couldn’t help but understand though at the same time, there was a great degree of anger and irritation towards that of Selindra that at this point, that neither her arrival here had not been informed of or otherwise dealt with beforehand. Or even just the fact that she, having done a numerous amount of contracts within Oak Town, that she was regarded as an unknown was an insulting thing which had her almost inclined to cause great death and destruction to these guards, but that would utterly contradict what she was contracted to do, so in spite of this, she obligated herself to simply identify herself, being forced to go through the arbitrary motions in which were required for her to gain access.

Once inside the castle, it wasn’t a very long period until she was searching for the man to whom she was ordered to give the potion to, and though it took a little while for her to be able to adequately find just what it was that she was looking for or where even the man may have been located, it was slightly annoying, though after a short while she did find that she had been approached and met with the man who was there to give her the reward. She expected that it was going to be a very quick trade, of her giving the man the parcel that he had requested that she were to deliver it to her, and that in exchange she would get her reward. However, as it turned out, the man took her on a small tour on the castle, though in most respects, it was not anything that was any different than from what she had seen of castles in the past. It was nice, though the look of a castle was very much the same, parts of it seeming to be even just identical to things that she had seen of the past. After a short while and after having seen either both of things that she had seen in the past but also that of what was new, she finally gave the man the parcel and received her reward, having completed the task cast for her.

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