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Till The Dirt [Diana]

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Default on Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:32 pm

Farmer Jim really needed to hire a permanent assistant to help him with his daily problems instead of putting up requests like this. That would help him more, in Diana’s honest opinion. This time around, he needed help to till the soil after cabbage season was over. She was not an expert at doing anything at the farm, but she was going to take the job as physical training and she was sure that Farmer Jim would give her instructions on how to do it if she told him that she had no clue how to do it. Plus, the reason that he had given for him to request help in the job sheet was because he was fat and incapable of doing farm work alone. She would probably tell him that he should get an assistant who was willing to work with him for however long he needed one. She assumed...probably forever. Unless he decided to do some exercise and lose some weight.

Instead of going straight to Farmer Jim, Diana decided to get some food for energy. She knew it was going to require quite an amount of energy. Farm work in general did. She headed to the marketplace where there were breakfast shops. They served all sorts of breakfast food, so she randomly selected one of them - because almost all of them served good food - and took a window seat for two. She did not come with anyone, so the seat opposite to hers would be empty, of course. Diana then ordered chicken paratha and coffee. Staring out through the large window at the busy marketplace, Diana waited patiently for her food to arrive. She could smell all sorts of food in the shop, making her stomach grumble.

As if her tummy’s request was heard, her paratha arrived shortly after, together with a warm cup of coffee. She added her desired amount of sugar and creamer before stirring the contents with a teaspoon. Once that was done, she would leave the coffee to cool down a bit as she began to eat her paratha like a proper lady. You would have thought it was impossible, but Diana found a way not to dirty her hands too much and only ate small portions at a time to avoid getting the curry all over her face and clothes. A few waiters noticed how gracefully she was eating which sort of surprised them, but they only watched silently. After she was done eating, Diana pressed a folded piece of tissue paper to areas around her mouth and started to sip from her cup of coffee. Finishing the entire cup in about five minutes, she called for the waiter to pay, leaving a tip as well. The waiter thanked her as she got up to leave the shop.

Now that she had eaten, Diana started to take a carriage to the farmlands. She did not feel like walking the distance after eating. Plus, she wanted to save all her energy for the job.

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Default on Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:38 pm

Reaching the farmlands, she hopped off the carriage, full of energy. She paid the carriage driver and headed to where Farmer Jim was. The scenery here was exceptional. If she was ever tired or stressed, she could come here and just sit somewhere and stare at the hills and everything. Smiling at the pleasance of her current surroundings, Diana arrived at the little plot of land where she remembered seeing cabbages literally everywhere. She was just about to ask where all the cabbages went, but then she remembered reading in the job sheet that cabbage season was over. Farmer Jim noticed her immediately. Either he remembered her from the previous request or it was because of her pink hair. It seemed to be the former since he waved and greeted her, mentioning her name.

“Oh, you remember me! I’m here to help you with tilling the soil.”

The way that she said it worried herself if Farmer Jim could tell she did not know a single thing about tilling the dirt and decided to refuse her help. But luckily for her, Farmer Jim was a nice man and decided to accept her help even though he did not even know if she knew what she was about to do or not. Diana then added that she was not very familiar with the work she was going to do but with clear instructions, she could do it without a problem. Farmer Jim was completely fine with that and was willing to teach her how to do some farm work. This gave her a lot more confidence and motivation. As they began, she noticed that there was no point in trying to avoid getting dirt on her clothes, so she just made a mental note to give the clothes for laundry as soon as she got back and showered.

Farmer Jim was outside with her the whole time since he had to give her instructions and was checking if she was doing things properly. Apparently the other reason (which made more sense) for Farmer Jim to call for help was because his tractor broke down. Diana would have bought him a new tractor if she was not trying to save up for something. Diana had been looking at the wizard markets and something in the companion market interested her greatly. It was not exactly a ‘thing’, it was a little animal that could help her in more ways than one. What was the best thing about it? It was pink! Now all she had to do was hope that no one got it before she did. Although there could possibly be many of the same specie. In that case, she just hoped that they were not all bought before she could get her hands on one.

“I think it’s done!” Diana announced, wiping away sweat on her forehead under her fringe with the back of her hand. Farmer Jim brought back his attention to Diana’s work and checked if she did it right. With an impressed look, he gave her a thumbs up and brought out his rewards for her. Diana grinned and received it, then said goodbye.

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