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[Foot Travel] Sieghart to Oak

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There was a large crater where the Cell Games concluded at. One that was roughly ten meters deep and had a twenty meter radius. One of the victors of the fight who gave it his all laid in the middle motionless. It looked as if he was dead, but in reality he was just passed out. Someone was nudging him while calling out his name. A furry paw patted his face while repeating his name. It was his companion Kiryu. He was sitting on Roman's chest trying to get him up.

“Roman, Roman, ROMAN.” The furry paw became a clenched fist and belted him in the mouth.

Roman sat up suddenly gasping for air. Kiryu made startled Cat noises as he was flung off the chest of Roman. He blinked a few times before using one arm to prop himself up. While the other hand rubbed his head from the throbbing pain.

“What happ...Cell!” Then he suddenly jumped up with his fists clenched as it all came flooding back. He was landing blows on the back of Cell before everything suddenly went white. No his attacks all landed and he put Cell in a shitty situation. Others threw in attacks to wrap everything up. Roman could feel the weakness in his body as he had not fully recovered. He lost himself in the fight and now he was just coming too. He was tense looking around and sniffing the air. There was nothing but residual scents. Nothing actually present at the moment. Kiryu got back to his feet and dusted himself off.

“Dude, its over. We did it.”

Roman relaxed his body and looked down at Kiryu. He said nothing and let out a sigh of reilef. He knew if Cell was still standing after that defeat was assured. But that wasn't the case. He sat back down for a moment to let his body rest. He looked over at Kiyru and saw that the laser did not penetrate all the way through. “Well we did it. We saved the world like we said we would.” Roman smiled while looking into the sky.

“Maybe we aren't so bad after all.” Kiryu responded

The slow outro began to play signaling the end of this chapter of Roman's life. A japanese woman began to sang her song. It was a low tone that picked up slowly. It was a typical ending to any arc in a anime. Roman stood up and looked down at his clothing. He was pretty much in only his underwear. His top half of his suit was gone leaving a tanned, muscular, chest. While his pants were now shorts but still ripped to all Hell. Kiryu was pretty much only in pants and shoes. He had the helmet on still with the sword strapped to his back. Roman chuckled, “Keep that as long we are together. Looks good on you.”

“I didn't plan to ask asshole.” Kiryu responded following a laugh. Roman didn't say anything because he knew that was as close as he was gonna get to a thank you. He stood up and dusted himself off, and looked to the horizon. Roman spoke softly with a grin on his face. “We got a long road home.” He was basking in their victory for a moment. But it did not stop there. They still had much to train.

“Ya, gonna be a long walk back. Fuck I am sore.” Kiryu responded

The two limped off into the distance back towards oak.

Cell Game Arc End

WC 600/400


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