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Travel to Magnolia[Train Travel]

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#1Amon Irving 

Default on Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:15 am

This stop on his wonderful journey was a fast one as he was already on his way to leaving town. Amon had completed a single job here in Orchida. He as now on his way past his intial destination and on his way towards Magnolia, home of the Fairy Tail guild. This mission served 2 purpose, one was to have a nice time in the beautiful town and the other was to hopefully find other people to join him in becoming a Rune Knight and then he and them could climb the ranks together and become a powerful unit.

Amon had arrived at the train station of Orchida and went up to the ticket booth window. There he would wave to the man behind the glass and say "One tickt to Magnolia please." He would then slide the money through the small opening in the glass and the man would in turn give him a ticket and say "Have a nice trip sir." Amon would then smile as he walked aay from the window and would have a seat on a nearby bench as he waited for the train to arrive. After about 5 minutes he heard the train conductor yell out "All aboard!"

WC: 204/200

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