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Cupcake Courier [Solo]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Default on Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:39 am

A faint smile appeared on Alek's face as he looked at the ceiling. He just woke up and was lying on his bed. Tarkus lay beside him, and the creature was still asleep, much to Alek's shock. Not waking up before Alek was very unlike Tarkus, it was almost strange to him. Deciding on not disturb Tarkus when he was sleeping, Alek just went straight to the bathroom and took a bath. He then dressed up in and a black full-length jacket, black pants, and a white shirt. He then walked up to his bed and picked Tarkus who had woken up by that point. The little creature was happy that he got his full sleep and spread his hands in the air. It also made Alek happy, to see his companion being happy and joyous.

It was seven in the morning, and he and Tarkus were walking down the stairs of the Bed & Breakfast they were staying at the moment. He had decided to do a job again. He was going to walk to the request board and take a job he could tolerate. Tarkus was jumping down the stairs enthusiastically with Alek being careful walking downstairs. Soon, they exited the Bed and Breakfast and started on their way to the request board. Tarkus took a seat on Alek's shoulders. A smile appeared on the young man's face, he and his companion were getting closer day by day. He always wanted to have pets, he had a dog before, but unfortunately, his dog died. It was a tragic occurrence, but by now he had got over it. He also had a new pet now, of course, Tarkus.

Alek and Tarkus soon reached the location of the request board. It wasn't crowded, much to Alek's pleasure. Tarkus was still on his shoulders. Aleksandr walked closer to the board and started looking for requests that interested him and took some time. He wasn't busy today, at all and had enough free time. He wanted to do jobs that consumed time because of that reason. He did not have much to do today, as mentioned before, and he wanted to do something today. One caught his eye in which he would have to deliver cupcakes. It immediately interested him, and he took it. The reason being that one, he liked sweets, and two; it would take some time to deliver cupcakes. It was a win-win situation for him, so he took it. He took the paper from the board and walked out of the relatively small crowd. By this point, Tarkus had climbed onto his head.

Aleksandr began reading it thoroughly as he wanted to grasp every point of it. After reading it two times more and wasting his time, he completely understood what he had to do. Tarkus was on his head while he was reading the paper, but would eventually climb down to his right shoulder. Now, it was time to walk to Olly's Bakery. He got off the bench and started walking to the bakery, with Tarkus still on his shoulders.

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#2Aleksandr Sokolov 

Default on Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:12 am

Aleksandr and Tarkus soon arrived at Olly's Bakery, where they entered it through the back door and started asking for where the hell Olly was. Aleksandr said to some bakers "Where's Olly?" and showed them the piece of paper. They examined him up and down once and then said: "Okay, we'll lead you to him." and they started walking. Aleksandr followed them with Tarkus on his shoulders. They lead him to Olly and then took their leave. He approached Olly with the request paper in his hands and said "Hey, I took your request. I'll be delivering the cupcakes for you." the man smiled while he was baking and started to tell him about where he would deliver the cupcakes "Okay, so your first stop is going to be around The Fairy Tail guildhall, you have to deliver threE cupcake orders there. The house numbers are M36, M32 and E47."

Aleksandr nodded and looked at Olly, once again. The baker had to tell him other places as well. Finally, Olly spoke up once more "The second stop is at Kardia Cathedral. There are some apartments there, you have to deliver cupcakes there. The floor numbers are uh, twelve, five and six. House number for the twelfth floor is 410. For the sixth floor, it's 205 and at last, it is 170." Then Olly added: "Your third stop is around Magnolia Baths. You have to deliver 4 boxes there, house numbers are 4, 5, 6 and 7." Aleksandr nodded once more and said "Okay, I understand. Tarkus was still on his shoulders. Tarkus sitting on his shoulder wasn't much of a bother to him. Olly asked him "You ready to go?"

Aleksandr replied, "Yes, I'm ready." and Olly said, "Well the boxes are right there." He pointed at the corner and added: "How many boxes can you take at once?" and Aleksandr said, "I can take 4, I'll go to the baths first." And Olly nodded, he said, "I'll let you take my bicycle."

Aleksandr took 4 boxes, put them on the carrier of his bicycle, and set off with Tarkus still on his shoulder. He pedaled it very carefully, so the cupcakes don't get ruined. He soon arrived at Magnolia Baths and started delivering the boxes of cupcakes. Surprisingly enough, every family had ordered just one box. So it was one box per house. He was finished in around 30 minutes delivering the cupcakes. He sat on the bicycle once more with Tarkus on his shoulders and set off for Olly's Bakery once more, he had to deliver more boxes of cupcakes.

He departed from the bakery once more, with 3 boxes and his destination being Kardia Cathedral. He started delivering the boxes of cupcakes with a smile on his face. He was soon finished with delivering in the places around Kardia Cathedral. He went back to the Bakery once more because he had to deliver more cupcakes. He rode his bicycle to The Fairy Tail Guildhall's vicinity and started delivering boxes of the cupcakes to the houses he had been instructed to deliver to. Tarkus remained on his shoulder all this time. When he was finished delivering the cupcakes, he went back to the factory and got his reward from a cashier. Due to the fact that Olly was too busy icing cakes and baking. He went back to the B & B and soon fell asleep after jumping on his bed, Tarkus fell asleep as well.

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