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Flier Funky [Solo Mission]

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Arisa would yawn as she started to walk towards the bathing house where she was going to do something for Bella once more. Supposedly she wasn't getting any people at her spa these days, making Arisa wonder why. It was a great place to relax in her opinion. Was it because of what happened with the peeper? No, couldn't be as Bella would make sure there was no word of it. Soon enough she was in front of the bathing house, with that she would then reach out her hand. ''Well, hopefully this works. If it doesn't...sadly I'll have to claim bankrupt.'' Bella spoke as her eyebrows curved into a disappointment look and frown. ''Don't worry. I'm sure You'll have more people after this.'' Arisa would speak and bowed her head. Soon she turned around and went off to hand in the fliers around the town. She remembered the last time she helped Bella, but it was with a peeper.

Arisa was unsure, but as she would get closer to the area, it was evening in which case she would go in and set things up. She would have whenever it was supposed to be anyways. Yawning softly she would go into place so she could ‘ambush’ this peeper. Who the hell was this peeper anyways? Was it some kind of creeper? Some person that was just curious? Or some pervert that had no life? Some people were huge weirdo’s that would jack themselves off to watching ladies in a bathhouse, but do you see any females fondling themselves by watching guys?! No. You don’t. She didn’t understand the logic in having to peep at some bath house with ladies to get off. People could simply go to some bar or some shit, drink, find a girl and get laid or even just a simple fondle. ‘Wait…’ she thought for a second. Her mind would then rethink of when they went to a bar, her and Maars. Was she over thinking this now? Her eyes would be half way shut as a part of her felt exhausted already, but why? Her heart felt slow as she was thinking of nothing out of no where. It was as if something stupidfy her. Within seconds though she would collect her thoughts again, wondering when this peeper was supposed to appear. ‘Nnn… so slow.’ She thought as she would then hear some muffling.

‘What the?’ she thought as her eyes darted towards some corner area. ‘’Ugh, what’s with the lack of women today?! I wasted my time coming here to see none.’’ A guy’s voice spoke making Arisa rather ill-feeling towards it. Was that the peeper? Gross. She’d stand and look around as it felt like it came from this area. Her eyes wandered, moved things till she heard a large plant pot out of the bunch move. ‘’Gotcha.’’ She spoke, turned and walked towards it to stand in front. ‘’Explain yourself!’’ she yelled and pointed her finger at him. He popped out and would move forward to punch him. She’d tilt back and lifted her legs up to kick him in between his legs with her own legs. With that she would then move back all the way, palm on the ground and then lifted up her leg that was in-between his leg to tip-toe into his back to make the front part of his body slam into the floor. Due to balancing she would plop on her butt, but good news was that he was face planting the ground. ‘’Nnn…I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you.’’ He grumbled. ‘’Seems you got him then.’’ She spoke. Arisa turned her head to see Bella. ‘’Hah…I did.’’ She spoke back to the woman softly. ‘’Here ya go. I’ll take care of this brat.’’ Bella spoke with a disgusted face. Arisa got up to get the reward. With that Arisa would enjoy her own day in the spa before continuing on her day.

That is what she remembered anyways. It was in perfect detail for her memory as usually, it was shit. Slowly she would look around and wave papers from her hands. ''Come to the Magnolia Bathhouse! The waters are wonderous to where it'd make you feel up to cloud nine!'' she would speak softly. Slowly she walked towards the South Gate park to look around. She'd then see that there was a bulletin board in which case, she then hung up some of the fliers on it. ''I'm sure this will help. At least better than not doing this... I hope. I think...'' she would speak to herself as she would then turn around. Slowly walking towards the Fairy Tail's guild hall, she would find something to hang the fliers up. Arisa didn't want to put them up too close to it as she didn't want to get in trouble. With that she would find some wall to put them on, close enough to the hall itself. Her eyes wandered and then remembered that the olly bakery was neck to go. With that she would turn away from the Fairy Guild Hall and went towards the Bakery. She has never stopped there before so maybe she'll look around a bit when she isn't helping someone.

As she walked to the Bakery she would run into someone. 'Uph.' would escape her full lips. ''Oops, sorry my dear.'' a male voice would speak. Her eyes looked up as she slowly stood. His eyes were golden like hers, but his eyes had a demonic look to it. Her golden eyes would then look at his long snow white hair that went down to his ass. She tried to not blush and just nodded. ''I-it's alright.'' she would say and then slowly bent down to grab them, but before she did, he grabbed them. ''Sorry that I dropped these from your hands.'' he spoke in a dark tone, handing them all to her besides one. ''A spa huh? Seems nice. I'll take some of these if you don't mind.'' he spoke and smirked at her. ''U-urm thanks.'' she would say as he would leave with most of them. Who was he? Her head shook as she was running out of time. Arisa would go to the Bakery and posted some up over there, left some in the store where people could easily grab and look at them and went to the bathhouse. ''I'm back.'' she would say, looking around for Bella. ''I see. You have one left.'' she'd say with a sweet smile. ''Yes. If you don't mind. I would like to keep this one.'' Arisa would speak. With that she would nod and then let Arisa go into a special bath which she then dozed off into nothingness.



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