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Cupcake Courier

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Default on Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:58 am

After smelling the delicious aroma, Tori was mesmerized by the memory of Olly's Bakery and she felt she had choice but to visit once again to sample one of the treats that contributed to the bliss in the air. Arriving to find that there wasn't much of a crowd compared to her last visit, Tori stepped in line to order something sweet. When it arrived her turn, she got a blueberry cupcake, which she ended up eating before she took three steps away from the counter. She was in heaven and wanted, no..needed more. Before she got back into line, she heard a voice from the back asking about a delivery. The man speaking mentioned needing a delivery to be run out, but having no one to do it. Tori mentioned to one of the cashiers that she would be glad to help, which earned her a smile in return. "Hey Olly, you got someone out here willing to run that delivery for you!" she shouted, getting the man's attention. A medium sized man emerged, his apron covered in flour and his cheeks smeared with both icing and batter. It was clear this man was in charge of baking, but to Tori's surprise, it was Olly himself. "Oh, you'll run my delivery for me!? That's wonderful! I've baked so much today that I'm starting to run out of room in the kitchen and I have about ten orders that need to be delivered." he explained, to which Tori nodded in acknowledgement to his request. "All I need is a list of what goes where, and I'll be more than happy to take care of it for you...for a price." Tori said jokingly, implying that she would be overjoyed to have some cupcakes on the house, but wasn't going to outright ask out of manners. "If you do this for me, not only will I pay you handsomely, but I'll give you a dozen cupcakes free of charge." he said without hesitation.

Tori could swear there were sparkles in her eyes when he mentioned free sweets, heck she could have had a heart attack on the spot. But that would have to wait. Now this was a whole new job, nay, mission. Tori was handed a list of orders, each one detailing the order itself and the address it was supposed to be delivered to. Luckily, none of the addresses were a great distance away. "By the way, I didn't get your name, miss..." he trailed off, expecting Tori to finish his sentence with her name. After the blonde did so, he continued. "My bakery has a spotless reputation for being gentle with the confections. If you drop any cupcakes or make them anything less than when they came out of the oven, you get nothing." he claimed, taking a serious tone all of a sudden. "Not saying you will or anything, just had to put the disclaimer on the job is all. You understand." he removed the serious tone in his voice but still spoke sternly. "Oh, I would never do anything to harm a sweet morsel like these. I'd stake my own well being on it." she proclaimed. Looking at the order form, it seemed three of the ten orders were to go to the same street. Neighbors talk apparently. Tori took three boxes and was on her way. The street in question was close enough to the shop that a few corner turns were all that was needed. Stopping by each house individually, Tori delivered their orders one by one.

Having emptied herself of cupcakes, she ran back to the shop to pick up more orders. She saw on the delivery list that four more orders were close by too, but in the opposite direction. Taking off carefully, Tori headed in that direction. While the addresses weremnt as close to the first set, it wasn't more than a ten minute walk. Walking down a few blocks and taking a few extra turns, Tori found herself in a rather nice neighborhood. She stopped at each house on the manifest and delivered each order as she did before. The ice mage then ran back to the bakery and picked up the final three orders to be delivered and looked at the list to see where they would soon call home. One order was to go to Bella at the Magnolia bathhouse, another was to go to the old man who ran the magic shop, whose name Tori could not think of, and the last one was going to the Fairy Tail guild master herself, Cecelia. It seemed no one was immune to the charms that Olly's pastries could provide. Lucky for Tori, the three were a straight shot from each other and from the bakery. Tori could deliver to all three locations without going very far out of her way for any of them. Setting off right away, Tori took the streets of Magnolia to the bathhouse. "Ah, Tori was it? How can I help you today?" she asked upon seeing the ice mage enter the building. "I'm here for Olly to deliver your order of cupcakes." Tori said with enthusiasm, setting one of the boxes on the counter. "Oh my, thank you so much. Give Olly my best." she told Tori as she made her way out the door.

Making her way to the magic shop, she walked in unaffected by the odor that some of his less than desirable items gave off. "Ah, my cupcakes have arrived. Thank you very much, now if you'll excuse me." He said, taking his box to the back room with his book. No doubt he wanted to enjoy his pastries in peace. Leaving the shop and closing the door behind her, Tori made her way to the guild hall for her final delivery. Making her way into the building, Tori realized she had no idea where the guild master's quarters were. Figuring it was best to leave them at the bar, she told the bartender that they were for Cecelia, to which the bartender replied by taking them to her himself. Tori thanked him and made his way back to the bakery. One of the cashiers greeted her and thanked her on Olly's behalf, explaining that he was icing a cake and couldn't get to her himself. Tori left the bakery with a well deserved pay and a box of assorted cupcakes that Olly made for her while she was gone. She was going to enjoy these.


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