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Sirius Concerns | Solo

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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste had just been hired by Sirius Phantasm to go on a mission for him, apparently one of his Masons was an open door to anyone who stepped foot through his door; meaning he blabbed to whoever approached him. Guess you could say he was gossip central, and of course being a Phantasm she could see why he would need her help to figure out who this gossip-queen was. Honestly Celeste was excited for this mission it seemed less violent than most of the ones she had taken on, it'd really help clear her mind. Recently the woman was beginning to heave what Erebus said; how the guild will take it's toll on her sweetness and she too will become corrupted. Celeste wanted to believe she would be unaffected but she had to admit, the thought of death more so tired her than made her sick. She still didn't enjoy death but it wasn't revolting to her it was more so a tiring subject for her, and a constant war in her head as she battled against herself why it was wrong and why it was justified for death to happen.

Either way this was an opportunity for Celeste to take a break and think back on her actions and reevaluate herself to make sure she wasn't losing touch of herself. Once again she made her way to her favorite frozen-treat parlor, ordering a simple Strawberry-milkshake, aka her favorite frozen drink. She loved the sweet taste that danced along her buds she couldn't wait too just get a sip in her mouth and swish it around as she warmed the cold particles in her drink.

Her mind began to wonder how she first kissed Erebus, she was surprised that she made the first move; it was no unlike her character to act out and kiss someone out of the blue, but it was the rush of emotions that made her do it. She just couldn't help herself she was beginning to also open up to Erebus more and more, it was like each touch her body craved him more, each time he talked the more she needed to hear his voice through her ears. At the same time each touch and each word drove her crazy as her mind couldn't think straight and she wanted to just jump him right then and there and give him her sweet ticket of innocence. However he was being quite the gentleman as he refused to rush her in fear of her not wanting it back, if only he knew how much she wanted it as well.

As Celeste walked into the castle, she couldn't help but look in awe of the Phantasm Castle it was so amazing, so beautiful and gigantic, even though she had previously visited the castle was just so magnificent that she couldn't help but stare in the detail put into the building.. She had little time to explore such monumental buildings, so she made sure to enjoy each moment that she got when visiting such a site; since being from a small village in the desert so of course she was in awe, almost completely distracted. Which she should probably head to Sirius and get her uniform for the mission; which she did so as she went to now go change in the Castle's stall rooms in her privacy.

As she returned she had begun doing short work such as cleaning around the castle, nothing she hadn't done before, it was like cleaning up her apartment only a bigger piece of area to sweep the dust and mop the dirt. Celeste was quick to sweep up the trash left on the floors, which next she would mop with maids and butlers nearby. She made short talk with them, getting hints on who might be the gossip-queen of the Castle. Which luckily she found out his name was James and he was scheduled to make repairs on the castle walls this afternoon, when the masons were scheduled to work, so until then she was free to do as please, which she spent her time cleaning with the other staff of the castle.

Afternoon came and Celeste quickly made her way outside to help repair the castle walls, as she picked up sledge hammers and other tools to begin her work on the walls. She made sure to listen to the other Masons working alongside her. She quickly heard her culprit talking about Sirius, she assumed this was James or also known as the gossip queen.

"What're you talking about over here?" Celeste asked.

"Oh just the Phantasm family, just how dramatic they can be and the stuff that they do that's ridiculous." James replied.

Celeste nodded, with a smirk. She made small talk with the man and in hours she finished the mason-work and returned to Sirius reporting James to him, and collecting her reward.

Word Count: 800+/800

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