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Cupcake Courier [Jackie]

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#1Jackie Stelmach 

Default on Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:09 pm

It was a hot and sunny day in Magnolia, and Jackie Montavon was not dressed for the weather. Wearing a black cloak over her normal outfit, Jackie stood out like a sore thumb from the crowd, and was sweating like a pig on the inside. Jackie had accepted a quest from a local baker, trying to earn some money, but she did not anticipate this much difficulty finding the bakery in the first place. Unwilling to ask for any directions, Jackie spent a good half an hour looking for the bakery, before finally following a plump child into the bakery. Despite the fact she looked like a creep, seemingly pursuing a child around the city, she much rather preferred this option over actually speaking to anybody.

Once Jackie had entered the bakery, she found little respite from the heat, as the ovens in the bakery kept the building hot and stuffy all the same. Slightly upset, Jackie showed the quest poster to one of the cashiers, and he led Jackie to the back, where Olly the Baker was baking away many batches of cupcakes at a time. The cashier murmured something to Olly quietly, and the baker turned towards Jackie. The baker finally stopped to acknowledge Jackie and started speaking, with sweat pouring down his face from the heat, saying "Oh good, the help is here. I don't have time, muffin, so just take those ten boxes over there and deliver them to the addresses labeled on top of it You better not mess any of them up, otherwise it's coming out of YOUR pay".

Jackie nodded, and grabbed two boxes to start off with. The adventurer had little clue as to where the streets were, and she huffed and puffed along under the hot sun, too stubborn to ask for directions. After walking aimlessly around for a bit, Jackie found one of the streets that she was looking for, and found a quiant two story house at the address. Jackie walked up and delivered two strong knocks to the large wooden door, and waited. A small older woman answered the door and looked joyful upon seeing the box of cupcakes, and she took the delivery from Jackie and rushed back into her home to devour the batch of cupcakes alongside her family.

It was just after Christmas, but the area around Magnolia was like summer the entire year, which was the reason why Jackie was sweating the entire time. Jackie found her next delivery spot much more easily, only having been two blocks away from the last delivery location. A plump man opened the door and tried to flirt with Jackie, until his wife came by and hit her husband with a rolling pin. The couple apologized and sent Jackie on her way back to the bakery.

Having memorized the streets a bit more, Jackie was able to find the bakery without stalking a fat child this time, and unceromoniously picked up the next two deliveries. Every delivery after that got a little bit faster, as Jackie started recalling the locations of the streets she encountered previously. Delivery after delivery went by a bit quicker, until her last delivery, where she had to go a bit rougher part of town. A couple of shady figures were situated outside the house she were to deliver, two young men and a young woman were smoking. Hoping to avoid confrontation, Jackie quickly walked past them, until one of them directly got in her way.

"Hey gloomy tunes, the old crab that lives here is out for something, you gotta delivery for him?" said the hoodlum that directly got in front of Jackie. Ignoring him, Jackie jumped onto the railing and casually walked to the front of the main entrance, knocking on the rusted wood of the door several times, wanting to finish this last delivery as quick as possible. The hoodlum turned towards Jackie and started blabbing again, "What'd I tell ya, are you deaf or something? Listen, tell you what, I live in the guy's basement, I can take it in for you".

Jackie sighed and handed him the box of cupcakes, before leaving. At this point, all she wanted was to collect her pay and take a nice cool bath, and get out of her sweaty, clammy clothes. Hoping to get back to the bakery before it closed, Jackie rushed across the streets of Magnolia, and got there in the nick of time. Jackie attempted to enter the kitchen, but was stopped by one of the cashiers, who gave Jackie her pay in a rush, casually mentioning that Olly was too busy to meet with Jackie personally. "Business as usual", Jackie thought, as she counted her pay to make sure she wasn't being stiffed, as she left the bakery and walked home, facing the cool evening breeze.

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