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A Bad Omen Pt: 1

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Default on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:05 pm

Roman walked into the guild house after a couple of days of traveling. He was hoping to pick up a job or something to collect some extra jewel. He could use the extra cash for other things he had a eye on. Passed some weapon shops on the way to the guild house after he unpacked this morning. The guild house was rather lively and folks were keeping to themselves. Small cliques were scattered all around as chatter filled the air. Roman was not a outcast here, he was not a anomaly that would cause folks to stare. He was at home, he had some kind of warm feeling that he could not explain. All he knew is it felt good every time he came to the guild house after being away for a while. He passed by the counter and tapped on the desk where a clerk was sitting. A purple haired chick looked up from the book she was reading for a moment. When she realized who it was she went back to reading before speaking. A teenager, most likely 16 from the looks of her attire. She was working here as a part time job giving out jobs to mages. “Welcome home Roman, what can I do ya for.”
Her voice seemed devoid of any emotion. Hopefully this was a phase she was just going through. A dark outlook on the world, but then again this was the Phantom lord guild house.

“Good manners as always I see.” Roman replied before leaning over the counter for a moment. He let out a sigh and put his hand out with the palm facing up. “What can I do around oak to pick up some cash? Not to mention anyone of value show up yet? Been looking to make a team.”

She put the book down and snapped her fingers. Her magic was archive magic, a special magic that let her have open access to the information of the world around her. Blue screens popped up everywhere and she began to scan the data waves. Roman stood up, turned and leaned his back on the counter awaiting for her to say something. Beeps, boops, and all kinds of fun sounds came from her hitting various buttons.

#2Bianca Fleur 

Default on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:38 am

Bianca usually spent sundays in the guild, either reading and studying people while having a drink, or looking for people to befriend, although she was a bit shy. However this sunday, she sat in the main hall at one of the tables closest to the entrance with a cup of coffee and some cookies. There was barely anyone in the guildhall right now who wasn’t speaking like everyone else was deaf. Bianca was part of the minority, sticking to just observing the rest. She had gotten used to the ruckus in here, although she would usually avoid noisy environments. This was her guild and the only place she could call her ‘home’, the only place she would even care to protect. Bianca was dressed very simply, in a plain white cotton dress that went down to her knees. Her hair was draped to one side. No one would think of her as the daughter of (dead) nobles with the way she behaved and dressed now. Well it had been some time before she had those stupid trainings. The thought made her chuckle before lifting her mug to take a sip of the warm coffee. ‘Winter is coming,’ she thought as she shuddered slightly.

The cool breeze came through the entrance as Roman entered the guild. Bianca didn’t bother to look at first. She was having the butter cookies she made herself, until a name she knew was said by the girl at the reception counter, and a familiar voice replied to her. At this moment she looked up from her cookies and noticed that it was none other than the blonde man she had shared her carriage with. What a coincidence. They were in the same guild. Wiping the cookie crumbs from around her lips, Bianca drank some more coffee to make sure she was awake, which she was. The purple-haired girl, who she forgot the name of, would then begin to use her archive magic to search for something. She heard Roman say something about someone of value to make a team, or so she heard. Bianca lowered her head, trying to make sure that Roman didn’t notice her. It was kind of hard since she had pointed ears and pink hair...


Default on Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:21 am

The purple haired, girl behind the countered started to pull up various jobs around the city. Her fingers glided across the keyboard like it was nothing. She took them and isolated the data into one area. She would then proceed to spin the screen around so Roman could see them. “They aren't high paying jobs, or the hunting ones like you usually like. Just some casual things around the city.” Before Roman turned to look at the jobs he noticed someone among the people. A certain female who he rode here in the carriage with. 'Interesting.' he thought to himself. His sense of smell picked up on her before she could bow her head down. It was as if she was trying to dodge Roman or something. “Hold that thought Siri.” He would only make his way over to the female who was trying to hide herself. Shame was she could not hide from the nose of a dragon. He calmly walked over to her and sat down in front of the female while looking at her. He raised a eyebrow in surprise. “Who would have thought that we were in the same guild. You have a darkness about you, I knew there was something off about you.”

“Roman! Get yer ass back here!” Siri yelled trying to get him to come back. She wanted to finish giving him his job so she could go back to slacking. She would only let out a sigh as she pulled out a piece of paper. She proceeded to write a job down on a paper so she could go back to what she was doing. “Ass hole.” She pulled the book back up and kicked back in the chair. Roman did not pay the girl any mind because this was returning the rudeness she displayed earlier. Was it petty? Sure it was but that was his style. He focused back on the elf that sat in front of him eating cookies. Roman would only snatch one up and begin to eat it. It was chocolate chip, and soft to the touch. “Don't mind if I do, so what are you doing here today?”

#4Bianca Fleur 

Default on Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:12 am

The moment when Roman said, “Hold that thought,” Bianca knew that either of the two following things had happened: one, she had successfully blended into the background and gone unnoticeable or two, he had noticed her. Unfortunately it was the latter and Bianca almost released a sigh before Roman reached her small table and took the seat opposite hers. He began to ask something and say that he knew something was off about her. The pinkette replied with a nervous chuckle, saying, “I know right? I never expected to meet you here of all places, and as guildmates.” It was hard to make eye contact with Roman, since she was naturally super shy, but she tried to meet his eyes once or twice, just so that she didn’t come off as impolite. While the girl at the counter called for Roman to get back in a rather rude manner, Bianca took another sip of her very energizing coffee and cleared her throat, lacing her hands together on her lap and gazing out of the large window to her left. Her new friend didn’t seem to care about the girl who was cursing at him at this point, which her want to laugh, but she covered it with a polite cough.

Bianca didn’t mind him eating her cookies. In fact, she felt a little bit proud that she was sharing her self-made cookies with someone else. She hoped he liked them, she really did. She picked a butter cookie for herself and took a small bite, chewing quietly while staring at the plate, praying that she didn’t appear awkward. True, she had already met this person and even had a tiny conversation with him on the coach, but she was still shy afterwards. Maybe if they met and spoke frequently and the whole idea of a ‘stranger’ attached to Roman disappeared, she would feel more comfortable around him. “I don’t really have plans for today, or any other Sunday actually. I usually stay inside and read,” she told him. “What about Roman?”

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