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The Magician Tarot: Tsukishima Higurashi

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#1Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Chapter I

The moon hung low in the sky, casting an ethereal glow over an ancient ruin in Desierto. The crumbling stone walls and scattered remnants of a once-great civilization were now home to nothing but shadows and whispers of the past. Amidst the desolation stood Tsukishima, his skeletal form covered in a flowing cloak that shimmered like liquid in the midnight. His eyes, hollow and burning with an unearthly green flame, scanned the surroundings with a mix of curiosity and determination.

As he sifted through the rubble, attempting to uncover the reason for his arrival in the desolate desert country, his mind began to drift into deep reflection. He was once a proud Athlas elf, born into a lineage that commanded reverence. His heritage, a blend of ancient wisdom and powerful magic, set him apart, making him a target of jealousy and animosity from other elves. Despite this, he had triumphed over the adversity and hatred that plagued his early years, proving his worth and earning the respect and love of his village.

Word Count 172

#2Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
In time, he met the love of his life, Nesiara, a fellow elf who saw beyond his heritage to the soul within. Their bond became a beacon of joy, a love that spanned centuries. Together, they prepared to bring a new life into the world, a child he swore to protect, vowing to shield the child from the hardships he had endured. His life, woven with resilience and love, seemed perfect.

Fate, however, proved unkind. The happiness he had built was shattered, burned away by those who, despite their differences, still did not understand. Now, Tsukishima stood alone, a relic of a bygone era, teetering on the precipice of life and death. He had become an otherworldly entity, bound in an uneasy partnership with the King of Demons himself. He wondered... would she approve of what he had become? Would she even understand? Those were thoughts that plagued his mind constantly.

Word Count: 151

#3Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
As the memories faded and the last bits of rubble removed, his prize was revealed: an entrance to a library, forgotten by time and hidden from the world beneath layers of sand. This ancient repository, once a hub of knowledge and wisdom, now stood before him in silent anticipation.

During his travels across Fiore and beyond, he had discovered an extraordinary ability: the power to manipulate time. Although he could only rewind time by a few seconds, the mere existence of this ability was remarkable. Determined to harness and expand his temporal manipulation powers, he immersed himself in relentless research, seeking knowledge that could unlock the full potential of his gift. His quest for that understanding had led him here, to this grand library with its towering shelves filled with magical tomes and ancient scrolls. Each book and scroll held the promise of untold secrets and perhaps the key to extending his control over time.

Word Count: 155

#4Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Entering the library, Tsukishima felt the familiar thrum of magic in the air, a comforting hum that resonated with his very essence. The atmosphere was thick with the scent of aged parchment and lingering enchantments. The dim light filtering through the cracks in the ceiling cast eerie shadows, dancing across the shelves and adding to the library's aura of mystery and timelessness.

A surge of excitement coursed through him, knowing that within this hidden sanctuary potentially lay the answers he sought. As he began to explore the vastness of the library, his fingers brushed against the spines of books that had not been touched for centuries. Their worn surfaces whispering secrets of the past. He made his way deeper into the library, guided by an almost instinctual pull towards a secluded corner. There, nestled in the shadows, a particularly ancient tome commanded his attention. Its leather cover was cracked and faded, the title barely legible: Chronomancy: The Art of Time Manipulation. The book seemed to hum with an energy all its own, as if aware of its significance and eager to reveal its secrets.

Word Count: 184

#5Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Tsukishima carefully lifted the tome from its resting place, feeling the weight of countless years in his hands. As he opened the cover, a cloud of dust rose into the air. The pages were filled with intricate diagrams, arcane symbols, and detailed descriptions of spells and techniques that explored the possibility of extending his temporal manipulation far beyond its current limits.

He settled into a nearby alcove, the flickering light of a magical lantern illuminating the pages before him. As he read, the complexities of chronomancy began to unfold, each paragraph offering new insights and possibilities. He learned of ancient masters who could manipulate the flow of time with ease, creating pockets of slowed time, accelerating their movements, and even glimpsing into the future. Hours passed as Tsukishima immersed himself in the study of this profound art. He practiced the incantations and gestures described in the tome, feeling his connection to the flow of time deepen and strengthen.

Word Count: 158

#6Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
With each successful attempt, he grew more confident in his ability to push the boundaries of what was once thought impossible. The library, with its wealth of forgotten knowledge, had become a sanctuary of learning and growth. As Tsukishima delved deeper into the mysteries of chronomancy, he knew that he was on the cusp of a great revelation. The power to reshape the very fabric of time was within his grasp, and with it, the potential to change not only his fate but another as well.

As hours bled into days, Tsukishima found himself losing track of time within the confines of the ancient library. The outside world seemed to fade away as he dedicated himself entirely to mastering the art of chronomancy. The library's vast halls, filled with towering shelves and forgotten knowledge, became both his sanctuary and his testing ground. Each morning, he began his day to the soft glow of magical lanterns that never dimmed, their light casting a perpetual twilight across the library.

Word Count: 167

#7Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
He would begin his day with meditation, centering himself and attuning his senses to the subtle currents of time that flowed through the air. This practice allowed him to harmonize with the temporal magic that permeated his surroundings, enhancing his perception and control over them. The magical thrum that had greeted him upon his arrival now felt like a constant companion, a steady pulse that resonated with his very being. Though he no longer experienced fatigue or hunger in the conventional sense, he still felt an insatiable need for a different form of sustenance.

To quell this need, he delved deeper into the mysteries of his own innate Lich powers, uncovering the ability to drain and devour mana. Mana, the lifeblood of magic, radiated from all living beings, presenting an infinite source of energy for him. He discovered that by touching a living creature, he could absorb its mana, revitalizing himself in the process. The rats that scurried through the ancient, shadowy halls of the library became his perfect practice targets and sources of mana. As he honed this newfound ability, he grew more adept at sensing the ebb and flow of mana around him, turning the once mundane task of rat-catching into a critical exercise in his magical training.

Word Count: 210

#8Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Tsukishima's chronomancy training was rigorous and relentless. He started with the basics, practicing the simplest incantations and gestures described in Chronomancy: The Art of Time Manipulation. These exercises, though fundamental, were crucial in building his foundation. He focused on rewinding time for mere seconds, honing his precision and control until the act became second nature.

Despite the challenges, Tsukishima's determination never wavered. He spent countless hours poring over ancient texts and scrolls, seeking insights from the works of past masters. The library held more than just books on chronomancy; it contained tomes on a myriad of magical disciplines, each offering new perspectives and techniques that he could incorporate into his training. Without the distractions of the outside world, he could focus entirely on his studies. However, he often found himself thinking of his deceased wife, Nesiara. In truth, he hoped that with further knowledge and mastery of his chronomancy, he would be able to do what was once thought impossible: bring her back.

Word Count: 163

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Tsukishima Higurashi
One particularly difficult evening, as he wrestled with a complex incantation, Tsukishima felt a breakthrough. His understanding of the intricate weave of time deepened, and he managed to extend his manipulation abilities beyond the few seconds he had initially mastered. He watched in awed silence as a rat that he had drained of life earlier in the day scurried around as if the day’s events had not occurred. Unfortunately, the mana that he drained from the creature had ebbed away as well, the lich realizing that for the time being he could not have one without sacrificing the other.

Regardless, this was a breakthrough, one that the lich desperately needed. Buoyed by this success, Tsukishima pushed himself even harder. As time passed, Tsukishima's command over chronomancy grew formidable. He could now alter the flow of time with a mere thought, however, he knew his journey was far from over. The true extent of his powers, and the impact they would have on his destiny, remained shrouded in mystery.

Word Count: 168

#10Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
As Tsukishima's mastery over chronomancy grew, his thirst for knowledge extended to other magical disciplines. Among these, summoning magic was the obvious option. He had long desired to enhance his abilities in this area, recognizing the potential of what he could bring forth from Bael’s army if his proficiency increased. Thus, he set his sights on delving deeper into the forgotten library.

The deeper sections of the library were shrouded in darkness, their entrances concealed behind walls of illusion and protective wards. These areas were reserved for only the most advanced practitioners, those daring enough to risk the dangers that accompanied such powerful knowledge. Tsukishima, driven by a blend of determination and curiosity, pressed forward, his lich form moving silently through the shadowy corridors. As he ventured further into the library's hidden depths, the air grew colder and more oppressive. The magical hum that permeated the upper levels became a low, resonant thrum, as if the very fabric of reality was denser here.

Word Count: 163

#11Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Chapter II

Tsukishima's path was illuminated by the faint glow of his own aura, casting long, eerie shadows on the walls. He finally arrived at a massive, ornate door, inscribed with runes of protection and warding. This was the entrance to the library's inner chamber, the place where the most powerful tomes and scrolls on summoning magic were kept. His mana increases as he waves his skeletal hand and recites an incantation. “Umbrae noctis, obedi mihi. Tenebrae dominentur.” Tsukishima dispelled the wards and pushed open the door, stepping into a vast, dimly lit hall.

The inner chamber, even larger than the area Tsukishima had already spent so much time in, was a sight to behold. Shelves lined with ancient grimoires and scrolls stretched up to the high ceiling, while the floor was etched with intricate summoning circles and sigils. Meticulously, he scanned the inner chamber, selecting any grimoires or scrolls that even hinted at summoning. He wanted to study all aspects of the practice in order to truly understand it.

Word Count: 168

#12Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
For hours, he practiced incantations to other summoning techniques, carefully drawing the summoning circles and mimicking the gestures required for each summon. Though his own brand of summoning only required the rise of his hand and the exertion of mana, he wanted to familiarize himself with the process should he ever come up against another summoner. As with his learning of chronomancy, he began with exercises each day. He would start by visualizing the summoning process and the mana exertion required to maintain it.

He also studied the nature of the entities he sought to summon, learning about their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. This knowledge was crucial in understanding how to control and bind these powerful beings, ensuring that they would remain loyal and obedient once summoned as most summoned entities were not as blindly loyal as Bael’s servants. Tsukishima knew that different summoning techniques were filled with risks and dangers but he was determined to master every aspect of it.

Word Count: 161

#13Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
As the inner chamber lay strewn with the ancient remnants of long-used magical components, Tsukishima saw an opportunity. He began testing the effects of summoning circles, using the artifacts to refine his techniques, despite knowing that his current abilities limited him to summoning only Bael’s demonic servants. Hours once again turned into days as he pored over ancient texts and scrolls, seeking insights from the works of past practitioners. The summoners of old had achieved extraordinary feats: they could bring forth dragons, frogs, machines, weapons, and even gods and angels themselves. Amidst these diverse disciplines, one in particular struck a chord with Tsukishima—the practice of summoning massive constructions, such as homes or castles.

This particular branch of summoning fascinated him. The thought of conjuring entire fortresses out of thin air was mesmerizing. He delved deeper, studying the intricacies of this particular brand of summoning. Tsukishima imagined the possibilities: a fortress to ward off opponents, granting him a home field advantage. A sanctuary hidden from the world at his beck and call, or even an entire village to support a burgeoning community of those who worship him. A cult.

Word Count: 188

#14Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
During his studies, Tsukishima began to wonder: What if he could expand on the principle of summoning structures? His mind harkened back to a pivotal conversation with Bael shortly after his ascension, when he was presented with his phylactery. Effortlessly, Tsukishima called the item to him, holding it within the palm of his skeletal hand. He recalled from his studies centuries ago when he was but a mere Athlas Elf that a few powerful liches had the ability to bind their souls to objects other than a simple phylactery.

His thoughts raced. With his newfound power to manipulate time and the extensive knowledge he had gleaned from studying various summoning methods, a daring plan began to take shape. “What if I bound my soul to a fortress? No… an island. An island dedicated to worship. The worship of the Demon King. No, the House of Tsukishima.” The idea was audacious, yet tantalizing.

#15Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Binding his soul to an island would offer unprecedented advantages. It would provide a nearly indestructible sanctuary, a realm of sorts entirely under his control. The island would be his stronghold where he could extend his influence. As he pondered the logistics, he realized the potential for creating the haven. Tsukishima's mind buzzed with possibilities. He envisioned summoning not just an island, but a living, breathing ecosystem teeming with life. The island could be equipped with formidable defenses, hidden passages, and enchanted barriers. It would be a self-sustaining world, his soul at its core, providing him with near-limitless power and protection.

He meticulously planned each detail, understanding that such an endeavor required precision and an immense amount of magical energy. He delved into forbidden tomes, seeking the knowledge of ancient mages who had attempted similar feats. As the plan crystallized, Tsukishima felt a sense of purpose and determination he had not experienced since his early days as an Athlas Elf. This grand project would be his magnum opus, the testament to his power.

Word Count: 173

#16Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Ambitious,” Bael’s voice echoed through the chamber. It was the first voice outside of his own that Tsukishima had heard since his days locked away in the library. He had often wondered about Bael’s silence, suspecting it was due to the gestalt project Lucian had mentioned was in progress. “Not ambitious enough,” the lich replied dryly, his tone betraying a hint of defiance.

I beg to differ,” Bael responded, his voice carrying a mix of admiration and caution. “The scope of your plan exceeds even what I envisioned.” Tsukishima paused, the weight of Bael’s words sinking in. His mind flashed back to the endless hours spent in solitude, studying arcane texts and deciphering ancient runes. The phylactery, now a familiar presence in his skeletal hand, seemed to pulse with latent energy, as if resonating with his newfound resolve. “Binding your soul to an island,” Bael continued, “is not just ambitious, it’s unprecedented. You seek to transcend the boundaries of traditional summoning, to create a realm that is both a fortress and an extension of your very essence.

Word Count: 177

#17Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
I have always believed in pushing the limits of what is possible. This will be just a footnote,” Tsukishima declared, his voice steady and resolute. Bael laughed, a sound that filled the chamber with an eerie joy, a stark contrast to his usual demeanor. It was the first time Tsukishima had heard such mirth from his disembodied benefactor. “It seems I was correct in choosing you to be the recipient of my power. In time, I will provide a gift to aid you in this grand endeavor. But for now, you must finish your studies and venture beyond this place. You won’t achieve your goal by simply sitting in a library.

Tsukishima sneered in annoyance, knowing the Demon King was right. The love of knowledge and learning had taken a firm hold on the lich, a grip he was not keen on relinquishing. Yet, Bael’s words struck a chord within him. The inner chamber, with its arcane texts and magical remnants, had been his sanctuary for so long, but it was also a prison of sorts.

Word Count: 176

#18Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
He looked around, taking in the notes and diagrams that lined the walls, the summoning circles meticulously drawn on the floor. Each symbol and sigil represented countless hours of study and experimentation. These marks were testaments to his relentless pursuit of knowledge and mastery over the practices. But now, it was time to take the next step beyond.

Bael’s laughter still echoed in his mind. “Fine, you’re right,” Tsukishima admitted, his voice tinged with reluctant acceptance. The forgotten library, with its wealth of knowledge, had been his sanctuary and starting point, but it was time to move beyond its confines. With a final glance at the phylactery, still pulsing with latent energy in his skeletal hand, Tsukishima dismissed it back to its resting spot, ready to be called upon again when needed.

He decided to take Bael’s advice to heart. The Demon King’s promised gift intrigued him, and he eagerly anticipated what form it would take. As Tsukishima prepared to leave the chamber, he felt a renewed sense of purpose. The island awaited its creator, and he was ready to embrace his destiny.

Word Count: 183

#19Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Tsukishima stepped out of the ruins, the searing sun of the Desierto desert beating down on him. If he still had lungs, he would have taken a deep breath, but instead, he simply gazed out over the horizon. He had lost count of how many days he had been cooped up underground, away from civilization. He didn’t mind the solitude, but it was still jarring to see something other than rats or tomes.

He began to move away but then stopped himself, glancing back at the library’s entrance. With his recent exit, it was exposed, allowing anyone and everyone access to its secrets. The thought of such knowledge falling into the wrong hands was unacceptable. He wanted such knowledge to belong only to him and the dead who originally possessed it. Determined to protect what he believed to be rightfully his, Tsukishima raised his skeletal hand, channeling his mana as a dense gray portal appeared.

Word Count: 155

#20Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Awaken, Lucian,” Tsukishima commanded as his demonic servant emerged from the portal. Recognizing his master, Lucian bowed deeply. “It is good to see you, my lord. I trust your time within the library was fruitful?” Lucian inquired.

Very much so,” Tsukishima replied, motioning for Lucian to rise. The two stood in contemplative silence, Tsukishima’s gaze fixed on the library's entrance, his mind brimming with the knowledge and secrets it held. After a moment, he turned away from the library, a decision forming in his mind.

This library... destroy it. Ensure that no one ever discovers its secrets,” Tsukishima ordered, his voice cold and final. “By your command,” Lucian responded without hesitation. He moved towards the entrance, dark energy beginning to coalesce around his hands as he prepared to obliterate the structure. Tsukishima watched for a moment, satisfied with Lucian’s obedience. The library had served its purpose, but its secrets were too valuable, too dangerous to risk falling into the wrong hands. As Lucian began his work, the entrance to the library shimmered, then erupted in a controlled, dark blaze, the ancient structure beginning to crumble under the onslaught of demonic power.

Word Count: 191
Tarot Completed

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