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Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 4:10 am

Judith Karlinius
Well not shocking as Judith had mentioned she had not been here, Judith showed up in Laoshi Forest in Sin. Almost like now that she knew she could get into Sin because she was actually paying attention. She already had found a way here. Was it shocking? not really Judith already would find woods and forests she could linger in. While typical behaviour at least Judith always seemed so peaceful and hands off to not cause a problem.

But in some manner maybe that in which how people see the Laoshi Forest was some what fitting for Judith. There was a calm and quiet here was something Judith found some what idea. But being alone with her thoughts. While she would avoid the temples to not risk breaking any rituals or prayers of the people of sin where here. But it was a peaceful walk, At one point Judith felt so relaxed for once.


Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 5:27 am

Ryuuji was seeing the world as he wanted to and he had no idea where he should start, so sin was as good of a place to start as any he also didn't think that he would see anyone here so it was a better place to seem to start to grow alone and do what he can to meet new people as he hadn't gone out of his way to do that for a long time because of his past treatment by the demi-human village he grew up in that treated him like an outsider instead of the demi-human he was that was just like them. Ryuuji thought he had seen someone that he knew the guild master of the guild he was part of but how could that be why would she be in sin maybe she was here on some kind of quest?

Ryuuji walked out and toward the woman. "Master?" He tilted his head a bit to the side as if he was making sure that he was not just seeing some kind of illusion that was meant to trick him though at this point if it was a trick he had already been tricked and would be ambushed for getting too close to the fake but he thought that it was the real one.

#3Judith Karlinius 

Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 10:30 am

Judith Karlinius
With a forest of reflection around her and the idea of finding a fitting flower to bring home, She would stop her thoughts at this time because something else had came up. A guild member she had not seen in a while. Thus Judith only felt really her duty was to followed so she would go talk to him.

As always she was glad people were not shy to talk to her, After all that was the entire point no one should ever be scared to talk to Judith."Master? I suppose that is still what I am."Judith chuckled about it because she did finally come to terms with it long a go but still never truly like she was one, But here she was. Then she would walk over with a some what peaceful look on her face and ask him."How have you been Ryuji?"It seemed like the fair question he had not seen him in a while.


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Ryuuji looked at her and he wonders what she means by that. "What do you mean by that were you replaced well I was away?" Ryuuji was looking at her a bit confused on it all had he missed that much while he was away training and trying to reform himself a little? Ryuuji is looking her over and trying to gauge that she is really his guild master or not or if she was someone else and he had misidentified her.

When she spoke his name he guessed maybe she was the real guild master but he was going to keep an eye on her and watch for differences. "I am good been training to use my gifts." When he said that he grew two more eyes and he looked at her and they were all blinking out of time so it was a bit creepy looking and he gained two more ears as well as he stood there looking at her. "How about you Guild Master Judith?"

#5Judith Karlinius 

Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 3:27 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith did need to remember her casual statements that in which she sometimes felt could be taken oddly. Ryuji was the case of this happening."As much as some could take the position from me if they asked, I doubt anyone wants the work. But I have not been replaced.'In some manner should she really chose to step away some one would settle in quickly but most likely do the of the other casual things she does

As for his question."Perplexed by various thoughts and reflection of my own life."But these were Judith problems, something far more expansive then even felt it could ever explain simply. Even if she could sum it up as she need to let go and move on to facing and dealing other things she had been putting off dealing with."But I am always delighted that while my members aren't always at the guild, they will find me in happen stance and update me, Puts my mind at ease."Some how just having two more eyes did not seem to scare Judith or make her feel off in anyway.

Then almost like she seemingly was coming at peace with her thoughts she merely sighed and went."Maybe my thoughts and worries while having an easy solution...should be left alone for now."It did actually sound like Judith was internally troubled and she was not talking to anyone about it.


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Ryuuji looked at her and he wonders if maybe something was bad or wrong with the guild and she had to run from there for awhile. "Well if there is something I can do to help this let me know. I am not sure I can really help as I am still a small fish in the large ocean of far far bigger fishes." Him saying this had made him hungry now and he wonders if this country has anything that is good to eat and that will help him to fill this now self made void in himself that he needed to fix and he was drooling a little before he snapped back out of it as he was in front of the guild master this was unbecoming of him as there was much that he needed to prove to her and others.

Ryuuji wonders who could even take the spot of guild master if she were to leave it, as he knows that Kaito is always on business and he seemed to not like to be held down by things or held back by them, and is far too much of a free spirit to really be stopped from just leaving so he had no idea who could be the new master if something were to happen but he knows that he shouldn't be thinking that way in the moment as this was not one of those kinds of meetings this was more hopeful or so he hoped. "Is there something on your mind."

#7Judith Karlinius 

Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 3:25 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith would go in depth, But would just mention that she had some things on her mind. Ryuji also some one who just barely seemed to have entered the world that was his guild master, unsure if he dove into it things would scare him away or not."In some manner, I am happy my guild members can seem to find me at times even if in another part of the world."She wanted to laugh slightly about something since it was just how she was, why worry about such things right away when there was moment you could be happy about.

But she would merely state."For how long I have been alive, I am often reflect upon many things:My family, my children, The members in my family who had passed one...Various other things."Judith was reflecting on life. Something she was doing far too much of and letting get to her, But that was not becoming apparent yet. "Everything I have seen, good or bad with them, How it feels like yesterday at times while also seemingly being a long time a go."Maybe something just needed to give Judith a distraction for the moment.


Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 10:43 am

"I wasn't really looking for you I am kinda clearing my head and traveling as Kaori has gone missing I kind of wonder if she forgot about me or if she went off because she didn't want to be a burden to me anymore. She didn't leave a note or anything." He was speaking so she knew that he was also having his own burdens and that he was not sure if his were on par with her burdens but that he also was having some burdens so he was also on to how she might feel. Kaori was his world and now she is gone and it wasn't like her to just take off and not say anything or leave a note, so he can only grasp at the thin straws that he has left to him. Either she was taken, forgot him, or she wished to no longer be a burden to him and found it easier to just leave while he slept.

Ryuuji's heart hurt badly and he wasn't sure that he could really go on or not as she had saved him when he was lost and alone. She took him in and treated him like he belonged but now he lacked the stone that she use to be in his life and he has no idea what to do or where to go as she was his guiding light. "Keep strong and we might still get through this like the strong woman you are. I will probably take time to find my feet to even land." Ryuuji was trying to cheer her up but his voice lacked a good tone for it so it probably sounded bad.

#9Judith Karlinius 

Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 3:38 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith was witness some one else in their own struggles. These are the things she always trusted her guild member to come talk to her about. For the most part Judith seemed to list because she was just there to start being a helpful ear for him."I am unsure where exactly to guide you at this time, For this is news to me as well."But Judith was Judith she always had ways to some what maybe see what she could do to make some one feel better.

While she hoped Ryuji would not find it too strange as he seemed to always find Judith's actions in some view a bit more confusing at times given this is off of how she speak. But she merely walked over to him seemingly in the manner of always calm quiet and motherly and hugged Ryuji. Patting his back while they both seemed to maybe have a moment of quiet to settle their grieving minds even if only for a moment.

Here Judith was, in her mother unhealthy manner possible still holding on to something she shouldn't, After all she had came to terms about it what hurt her souls for years now, But still she struggled with various conflict with in her thoughts.

But her motherly hug for Ryuji she seemed to start showing him support."I admit what i am lingering one is...unhealthy."Judith admitted. But alas she continued on."But striding forwarding is possible..sometimes it is the steps forwards, not the finish line."


Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 11:31 am

Ryu sighed a bit as he wasn't looking for pitty or guidance from the woman he was trying to connect but he guessed he had never really been able to connect to other people. He looked at her and he spoke again. "I think that maybe you need to take some time and rest yourself. I am not sure what struggles you have gone through or are going through but they are probably bigger than mine." He clearly had no idea that losing someone you love is as a big of a deal as it is, he was still hoping that his wife would reappear and be back with him not knowing that she was most likely not going to come back to him if she just vanished like that.

He stepped away from the guild master a bit as he was going to give her room to breath as she had been through something clearly as she is still trying to comfort him as she suffered in her own issues. "Is there a way that I can help you?" Ryu spoke before he had really fully thought out if he was able to even help in anyway as he is kinda like a rock but bull headed.

#11Judith Karlinius 

Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 2:00 pm

Judith Karlinius
In reality Judith was no fool, This all totally relied on her and she needed to move on, This showed she was entirely going insane.But she would get back into control eventually she just never too much time for herself to let it settle for long, only because she never gave herself the time now days."I don't merely do that enough."Judith seemed to over all just barely leave her guild master duties, often merely just hiding behind working and doing things in other ways. So she would make choices over all and settled herself quickly for now."Well first thing is: I will be okay, I will managed with a bit more time alone soon."Judith seemed to be over all trying to get better over all now days and spend more time to herself.

But maybe this would be something for him."But shall we, take a casual stroll together? return to the city hopefully refreshed and clear of thoughts"Judith seemed to not dismiss her problems but suggested they walk together just in case, Maybe just to merely keep each other in check, trying not to make it anything to extreme or out there.


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The man agrees to what she said and he walks beside her as she seemed like a mother to the guild members though he did wonder why if she is struggling this hard that Kaito the guilds ace wasn't stepping up to be a stand in guild master for her, or was he but she was still stressed as he had seen the dimensional man being around the guild and helping more often as of late. Ryu wasn't sure but he was not going to ask the guild master on if Kaito was a slacker with power, or if he was more a silent guardian to the guild as he knows that he is still a bottom of the ladder guild member though he was thinking about leaving the guild and maybe finding something for himself as he just keeps seeing ghosts of his missing wife in the guild hall and in his home.

He might need a change or something to distract him but he wasn't sure that he could get that if he stayed in once place and felt like shit from never finding what factor that he needed to change and to take on if he was to get past this maybe he would find his wife if he broke free of this and looked for a different opening some where else that might help him find the place and things he needed not that Judith wasn't helping him but just he was not sure that he could keep this up and faking that he didn't see what he saw in the dark halls of the guild hall.

#13Judith Karlinius 

Now She's Here Too.(Social/Open.) Empty Yesterday at 8:21 am

Judith Karlinius
For Judith it seemed in the end there was a clam here. Then again Judith was also looking for flowers but that was just her normal hobby to collect flowers from the area and just bring them back to her house. So she would think about that while she was walking with him.

In some manner this was entirely not all about Judith herself there was a few other things in mind she had in her mind. But while she walked and observed the planet life. She seemed to be admire the plants of Sin it was wonderful.

The tree's were pretty, the flower were wonderful, everything here was ideal for any. So she would eventually walk over to a flower she saw that was pretty enough. Take it after making sure she would not get in trouble. Then walk over to Ryuuji and tucked the flower on to one of his ears.

Then giggled about it slightly. Seeing if maybe he could smile just as much as Judith was trying. For now it was not entirely about rankings and guilds. It was about clearing the mind.

Afterwords she would take another one."This will be nice to bring home, The garden needs more in it."Judith seemed to be back to normal at this time like she was starting to clear her mind.

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