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ich werde bewundern [FPHS Drinking Content - Mona]

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ich werde bewundern [FPHS Drinking Content - Mona] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 1:20 pm

"Are you sure, Mona Mona? Super ᵈ ᵘ ᵖ ᵉ ʳ sure? Pawsitive?" Momiji trilled, his feet pulled up in a cris-cross and shoved under himself as he wobbled from side to side in his chair. He shifted so suddenly - so severely - that he looked about ready to launch off his seat every few moments, busying himself instead with simply destabilizing its axis and threatening to topple it over with him. There was rarely a moment with all four wooden feet on the ground, his fingers tapping along the edge of the table with similar disregard. It was an effort to not shake it with him. He was being respectful to the party at its other end, bright with the discordant green of his eyes in how they shown on Desdemona. Headlights. "Momo won't hold back ~ Momo likes winning. Even with frᵢₑₙds!"

"You'll have to work hard too ... Hebi-chan," his voice dipped, his movements slowing to a halt for the subsequent seconds where he'd beam across to her. His right arm pulled up in a curl under his chin, needling his knuckles under the thin darkness of his smile.

Even his eyes fell half-lidded, watching her, before he blinked them wide again along with his grin and let light pour in once more to their meeting. "So do your best, Mona! Momo will too! Yippee! Guten ... luck!!" His arms bent together, collecting in showmanship against his chest and the resumed teetering of his seat, before he threw them wide in a hurrah - this time really almost falling off, having to right back with a cackle and the catch of his drink tossed briefly in the air. He gripped the mug with both hands, above his head, and then brought it down so he could snicker over it. "Momo hasn't had sake in for - ev - er ... maybe Mona-chan will go easy on Momo, hm, hm? Hahahahai, nono. Ganbare ~"

[ 359
roll d100 for first saving throw - 0-80 is fine, 81 or higher and you're tipsy from the first sip. ]

ich werde bewundern [FPHS Drinking Content - Mona] 8auN8uY

you might be the bigger person but i'm l o u d e r ♢

ich werde bewundern [FPHS Drinking Content - Mona] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 1:20 pm

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ich werde bewundern [FPHS Drinking Content - Mona] Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:47 am

"Of course, darling~ Do you believe me to be a lightweight? I'm fairly confident I can hold my liquor a touch better than a baby-faced pretty boy like you~ " She'd tease, thumbing the rim of the cup; the hair of the dog, but the creatures sitting across each other were anything but. Desdemona Lafayette detested losing, let alone to such a cheeky cat, teetering on the edge of his stool with a carefree attitude in the wake of his proposition. A flash of vivid magenta, a spew of baneful venom in the petulant display of her tongue wagging at the boy, before gleaming a mangled smile. He was the closest thing to a true friend she had, but being called by that name made her heart flutter with an itchy warmth that dimmed her eyes. "I wouldn't dream of going easy on Momo-chan either~ I'm going to win fair and square. That's my gift to you, my darling... friend~" Her voice would creak, pierce in the shrillness of forcing that final word out - not in its lack of sincerity, but because she found herself truly meaning it.

She'd lean in, trace her nail along the contours of his skin as his voice hollowed, lingered on the lovely nickname that he bestowed upon her. She'd coo, knead the remaining embers that were smothered in the depths of whatever darkness lurked within the boy. "Be sure to do your best, too, hon~" A hiss slithers from the confines of her throat, rumbling in the undertow of a doting purr.

Mona grips the mug with both hands, swirling the intoxicating brew as she dips her head to inhale the aroma before peeking up at Momo, brimming again with that contagious elation that pulled at her strings; a marionette for the puppet master or perhaps the gravitational pull of something otherworldly, empyreal. She'd cross her legs, spark a wry smile that flaunts her fangs, and giggle through them with a raspy giggle. "I would never dream of going easy on Momo. I adore you far too much. Mm... What's the term in Joyan, hon? Kanpai? Kanpai!" A raising of her glass, cheers in a foreign language tinged in her Minstreli accent as she sips from her sake.


ich werde bewundern [FPHS Drinking Content - Mona] Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:47 am

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