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ich werde träumen [FPHS Drunken Hiking - Karstaag]

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ich werde träumen [FPHS Drunken Hiking - Karstaag] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 1:00 pm

An unattainable quality Momiji gifted within the grace of god to Karstaag's grubby paws. He would lean and splay and curtain himself over the smaller creature, height not lost to his width and the immovable nature the dwarf demonstrated - while this wouldn't exactly stand in the way of Momiji's incessance. His hands played across the man, trying to all lead, drag and nudge him over at odd increments and immediate succession. This would be a quality Karstaag would have grown used to ... or would need to, because it didn't seem like the boy was running out of energy any time soon and they had a ways to go on their upcoming adventure. Momiji smiled at him whenever they caught eyes, giggling between every motion and going so far as to swing around him and across his front in a half-hearted attempt to trip the dwarf. This also didn't work.

This would leave the young, bright-eyed boy hanging from his special friend like a koala or particularly squirrely type of sloth. He'd just cling to the dwarf's front, back precariously hovering over the earth they paved, and he'd look up into the strange beastie's big old face with a curious expression. He had shifted from mania to particular interest, running a hand up to smooth through his beard and tweak at his horns. He'd jab his hand briefly at the tip of one, testing its sharpness, and snapping his nicked palm back with a cat-like squeak and a greater widen of his eyes. "What to call ᵢₜ ... Staggy, Staggy ... do you ... have you ... has Staggy ever ...," if the dwarf made no motion to remove Momiji from this reverse-cradle as they walked he'd sway in the air, thinking aloud with his tongue playing the roof of his mouth, with a signalling pop of his lips when the lightbulb lit. "Have you ever g o ʳ e d a bad guy?"

He'd take this chance to pull himself up closer, legs locked around the dwarf's sides and his arms over his shoulders, and he'd sigh happily into the Karstaag's cheek. "Momo thinks God built you for victorie." The boy had definitely gotten into the cups for the evening.

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ich werde träumen [FPHS Drunken Hiking - Karstaag] 8auN8uY

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