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She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social)

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She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Thu May 30, 2024 10:02 am

Last most people might have saw, Miriko and Vex had been some what starting to blossom in some something people would call adorable. Everything had been working well for the most part. Vex seemed to have been able to adjust well to how Miriko worked at a person so far.

Even then Mimi most likely had her worries but she most likely also held on to some problems she never really talked about and just let them set. What she never told Vex was. Miriko was really hard to wake up, harder then most people to wake up. Vex over the periods of time they had stayed next to one another most likely picked up Miriko often stayed up late during the evening to work on painting and passed out later. Even then trying to wake her up the next day was like trying to wake up a child she would toss and turn and merely just stay a sleep. Today was another one of these days.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Sat Jun 01, 2024 8:03 am

Vex walked toward the room that Miriko had taken for the night and she wonders if the woman would be awake already or not. Vex had a cup of tea in her hand as she walked into the semi-dark room where the woman was still asleep she wondered if she should wake the woman or not, but she got close to the bed and she sat the cup on the small table next to the bed and Vex gently shook the woman while speaking. "Hey sleepy head I brought you some tea." Her voice was soft and calming as she was not trying to cause the other woman to have a freight or to have a rude awakening. Vex was not sure how sound of a sleeper Miriko was so she was trying to be careful as to not scare her or find out what strength of a punch the woman can throw in fear of being woken up wrongly.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Sat Jun 01, 2024 12:41 pm

Well Vex tried. Miriko was not awake yet her attempts to wake her up was slowly meet with a different kind of reaction. Miriko moved for a moment like her brain and mind had heard her. But she just was not waking up there was a slight snore for a moment.

Then some kind of noise that was like she was trying, Then she merely turned over and went back to sleep even curling slightly back into a ball getting comfortable again. Suppose some one might wonder what Miriko was dreaming while she had went back to sleep. Seemingly it was a good dream because she did not seem in distress in some manner.

Vex would have to try again, Or she would have to ask Alistair how he did all of this, where ever he was left last most likely close by after all the Cattian did have to do deal with this a lot.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 6:52 am

Vex giggled to hear self as she sees that Miriko is one of those kind of people that have trouble waking up and she rubbed her own chin and she thought about how she could handle this. She knows a few tricks to wake the woman up but she thinks maybe it is just better to let the woman sleep if she needs it. Vex was unsure how late the painter had stayed up after they had been out. Vex knows it must have taken a lot out of Miriko. Vex went to go find Alistair and make sure that she was right as she didn't want to leave Miriko suffering or something being wrong and she not knowing it.

Vex in a normal hushed voices calls to Alistair as she walked around the beach house, Vex kind of wonders if the big guy had maybe gone out side so she looked out a window and around to see. She hadn't seen him yet this morning so he really could have been anywhere.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Tue Jun 04, 2024 4:18 am

At least with the ears of a well trains and seemingly rare Cattian, Alistair was actually not too far away, Sleeping seemingly next to the place. Given most people still view Alistair as more of a background being in Miriko life. Alistair was just slowly being picked up as a helpful tool to other people that isn't just Miriko.

Calling for Alistair, he merely casually walked over and sat in front of the area in which he was called. Every once and a while his tail would wiggle as he was engaged in waiting for what was to come. Since Vex hasn't said anything to him about what the problem is yet

Miriko still however let out a small snore, then sound like she just rolled over again, Such the day was starting and Miriko was still some what sleeping it all away, almost like nothing was going on.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Tue Jun 04, 2024 9:27 am

Vex saw him and she went over and got next to him. "Is Miriko just a heavy sleeper or is there some method to waking her up that I should know? Like a kiss from a handsome prince~" Vex was clearly teasing about the last part as she figured that Alistair will get the joke of it and maybe help her to understand Miriko better as this was her right hand man and her partner. Vex kind of wondered if she had crossed a line with that line but she figured that she will be fine or at least she hoped it would be fine and the big cat will not give her a talking to.

Vex kind of wonders where Carla has wondered off to but she guessed she really didn't have to worry about Carla as she was smart enough to stay out of trouble and not bring trouble to them at least or so vex hoped but she will still keep an eye out for the exceed in case she was in trouble.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 5:25 am

It was a good question to ask Alistair. At least Alistair was not like normal cats who when bonded with people and would headbutt then, That would be horribly dangerous. But he would answer."She is a really heavy sleeper."Alistair plainly mention, most likely because they he could help her figure out something to do. In some manner Vex was one of the few people who had managed to get this far with Miriko, He was unsure how Jikan managed or even anyone else. But in some manner Alistair wasn't here to judge.

For he could not judge he had no means of continuing the cattians he was the only one as far as he knew."I tend to just left up the bed and move her....but I am also a bit more limited on what i can do."in which Alistair had a point." I can't lay on her...that's dangerous."But maybe Vex just had easier things she could do to wake up Miriko.

But he would suggest a few things."I know shaking her didn't wake her up. Maybe try laying on her...I am unsure how she will respond to the prince charming method...but worth a shot too."So it seemed maybe it was down to trial and error. Alistair however did wanna watch because it would be interesting.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 6:02 am

Vex looked at the big cat as he told her, her answer and she wondered if she can even wake the woman up from how the cat was talking she would be a pain in the neck to awaken. Vex thinks that Miriko is worth it though and so she headed inside and up to the room to attempt to wake up the sleeping artist. She guessed that she should try the sleeping beauty method first since it seemed to be more the joke one before trying the one that the big cat had recommended her to do. Vex got to the side of the bed that had an easy access to do the prince charming thing and tucks her own hair behind her ear and she leans in close and softly kisses the sleeping artist to see if that worked or not. Vex at best probably expects Miriko to roll over from that.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 8:48 am

Alistair got a bit of a chuckle from this. Since she actually seemed to have a plan. Most people just let Mimi sleep. Alistair only had to rush Mimi out a lot of the time because she had plans and things she needed to attend too thus Alistair was some what a time keeper, in this case since Mimi was free she was not needed to be worried about thus he could watch and continue being himself.

However Miriko did not roll right away, Almost like there was some problems still that she was some what asleep. Upon the kiss Mimi made a slight snore noise, wrapped both her arms around Vex and turned herself and Vex to the kissed back and sleepishly said."Ahh..five more minutes.."Miriko was still asleep but she was responding, There was progress here.

Then merely started to cuddle vex while she went back to sleep. Vex was not dealing with Mimi sleeping while her arms where around her. Would Vex try again? Or try something different? But Vex could hear. "Good try at least."From Alistair who was watching.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 3:40 pm

Vex didn't expect the grab, the kiss back and herself being man handled by the painter woman pulling her into the bed and rolling over with her, but she did giggle a little at the fact Miriko had literally been the one to sweep her off her feet like that. Vex just cuddled the woman back as she knew this was good enough and she knew this was one of the better outcomes of her waking up her girlfriend. Hearing Alistair speak she went a little red in the face but she was not gonna complain for now as she thinks without knowing she deep down needed this cuddle so she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the cuddle from the one she was trusting with her heart. She wonders how Miriko will react when she wakes up and realizes that she was just cuddling with Akiza like that. She hoped that she didn't get to over excited or embarrassed.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 4:23 am

Alistair did mention because he knew how loud he could speak."So are you going to try again?"the cattian asked. It seemed he almost expected this for some reason.But at least so far everything showed Miriko was not going to hurt anyone. But it seemed at least Vex would need more of a plan.

Or to try something else. But suppose the wondering eye would ask Vex."Did you have something time sensitive in she needs to be awake for?"In some manner it was a good question because there was many mentioned way of waking up Miriko that were quick and so far they were pretty casual at this time."Because If you get me in the door,I can wake her up and she won't be mad."Vex was really given an out if need be. But part of the big cat assumed Vex was going to try again.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 11:09 am

"I don't have anything time sensitive going on, I was just trying to wake her up and see if there was anything she needs or wants if I were to go into town but for now she is warm and embracing me, so I am not sure if I should try again." She was red in the face as she says this but she knows that she is liking it and was not going to really do anything to ruin it and mess up the flow of the day for Miriko if she wasn't going to wake up.

Carla hearing the big cat saying he wants in and she opened the door for the big cat and she lets him in as she wondered what would happen or how the big cat would be able to wake up the woman or if there was something else that was going on cause they were making something of a big deal of the situation about the woman tryin to get some sleep in her bed instead of just letting her get in a full nights and into the day sleep.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 2:45 am

So there was not a rush at least thus Alistair seemed to be able to slowly figure out a plan if need be."Well good. Mind you...if your content just letting Mimi cuddle up to you, are you sure you want me to do something?"Alistair said because he seemed almost sure that these two weren't gonna move at all. Alistair while only being outside because he did not want to damage the building because he barely fit into most buildings.

But alas here Akiza was Miriko wrapping her arms around Vex in her sleepy state, pulling her into herself more. Alistair would suggestion while he made his way to the door."If anything we could just go to the market and return later, if need be anyway."It was a good idea, but that would require Akiza to get out of the love embrace of Miriko who was still sleeping away.

Then Alistair would fit through and sit in front of bundle and merely asked."Do you want to try something else before I attempt?"It seemed like a good question to ask because yet again Alistair was most likely going to do something a bit different compared so he offer for one more try. All and all helpful.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:28 am

"You are right we could have done that but I didn't think about that... and now I am being cuddled." Akiza wonders if Miriko would cuddle her like this if she was awake or if this was a fluke and she was still a long ways off of this kind of attention from the woman in a normal state but for now Vex was just going to let herself enjoy the embrace of the woman that she was with and hope that the poor woman doesn't have a heart attack when she wakes up and sees what she is doing to Akiza.

Carla looked the big cat man. "Is there anything you need while we wait to see what happens?" The exceed girl figured that the big guy might need something like food or water, maybe some cool air to help get him to a comfortable level of heat and cool. She kind of wonders how he is not over heating in such temperatures. She was hot but she also wasn't as massive as the big cat that the painter would ride on.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Tue Jun 11, 2024 5:34 pm

Over all it seemed she was not stuck in a form of loving death grip and she was unable to move at this time. While Alistair did not think of it too much."Well I guess you know for the future."Alistair laughed about it after all it should have been expected. But alas they would go deal with it.

As it was just something to be expected." Well I had planned on waking up Miriko soon because i would not mind something to eat."It seemed he was planning to eventually attempt to wake her up because he was hungry but it seemed they could be spared of the situation happening for now.

Then almost like Miriko did seem to move around every once and a while she seemed slightly just laid on her back having vex move upwards and on top of Mimi, however, her grip was also really loose now. if she really tried she could be free from Mimi's loving and comfortable embrace.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 8:13 am

Vex hearing that the big cat was hungry she smiles and gives Mimi another soft kiss. "Yeah lets get her up so we can all go and get something to eat or figure out what we would like to eat and I can cook it for us~" Her voice was a bit cheery and she slowly moved off of Miriko's warm body so that Alistair could do what he must to wake the painter up from her sleep and maybe this will be a good thing for the future to know how it is done in case she every had to wake the woman up in an emergency to get her to safety. Vex has her eye that could also get them to safety but she still wants to be able to get her up in case the unforeseen could happen.

Carla watched as her mistress got off of the bed and she looked to the big cat to see what he does and how hard it is for even him to wake her up. Carla was not one to question anything as she was here by a miracle in it self after being tossed aside and left to survive on her own but Vex saved her and helped her to this point.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 12:31 pm

Well it seemed it came to Alistair now, Miriko would move slightly as she was kissed again, almost like it some what continued the spark of her trying to wake up. So alas she would wake up and it would be an interesting way for it to happen if rough depending on how it looks.

Alistair let out a sigh."Sorry Mimi but we've been through this enough times."Almost like with this it was a sign for what to come might be a shocking, Then Alistair then over all came over made sure what he would do would not actually hurt Miriko, But he did open his jaw, with with his around Miriko. Then as you counted to three seconds. The heavy amount of shaking happen only because of how rougher it was.

After three shake and the sound of Miriko waking up, She didn't scream and was put down gently but her heart was racing quickly from how it worked for her. Miriko was not away.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 7:02 pm

Vex was not sure what she had expected but that was not what she had thought that the big animal would do to the poor woman and she got close to Miriko after she had been put back down. "Are you okay Miriko? Do you need healing?" She was sure that the big cat hadn't hurt her but she wanted to make sure if the woman was okay or needed a bit of tender loving care from it. Akiza was sorry that, that had happened to her and that she had asked the cat to do that to her in a way. She was going to have to make this up to her once she had her wits about her and see if she was going to really be okay.

Carla was a bit in shock of the big cat having done that as that was very aggressive looking from where she was standing and she got closer. "Have you had to do that a lot to her?" Carla was going to ask this as she was not sure if that was a normal thing as it seemed to have spooked Vex a bit seeing it.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 8:38 am

The more interesting part was Miriko was okay in a few moments of her heart racing stopping. Just how common was this? Well what Miriko said next might show she was use to this."Oh? I guess i needed to get up for some thing, Thank you Alistair."Miriko then stretched out slightly. Like nothing was wrong got up to a sitting position. Then made sure Vex got a hug and patted on the back and merely said. "I am okay he sometimes needs to do this to make sure i wake up."Miriko acted like it was entirely normal.

And she then stood on her feet then looked around."Give me a few minutes to get dressed."Miriko after all was just in satin pink pj's she needed to change into normal clothing and do her hair. It was just not tied up and completely down. Over all it might be a relief.

Alistair then sat where he was and waited."See she's up now."Alistair wanted to see what Akiza thought while Miriko went into another room to get into her typical dress.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 12:30 pm

Vex wondered if the sleepy woman remembered that they had kissed and cuddled but she didn't want to push her luck and have Miriko panic or freak out so she would just leave it alone for now as she was not looking to make trouble for the woman just in a way she wished that the tall painter woman would remember. She went over and petted the cat for walking the woman up but she was still worried that the other woman might have some injuries or something along those lines. She then called out to Miriko to ask her something. "What would you like to eat or go to eat?" She figured the woman could answer without showing off anything as clearly Miriko was still shy about her body even though she had just been holding Akiza tightly against it.

Carla watched and wondered if these two were really a thing or if maybe she was just being overly hopeful for the woman that she sees as her mistress in the wants of love with a special woman.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Sat Jun 15, 2024 3:59 am

Miriko was odd waking up, Sometimes things were remembered sometimes they weren't. It would be seemingly be apparent eventually. But while Miriko was getting dressed. How Miriko seemed to take her life was showing. Since she was waking up and her brain was starting to work slightly.

The door she gone through had not close, Then she walked back to Akiza quickly almost like she thought she forget something. It did almost sound like she hurried over back said nothing as she hugged Akiza from behind and kisses her a few times."I am not picky about what I eat."She said while she yawned and let her go, to actually get changed. It seemed Miriko only got two buttons from the bottom of her shirt open before she had gone over and done this.

Then Alistair would just mention quietly to Akiza to make it easier for her."I could suggest eggs florentine for Mimi."He was helping as well.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Mon Jun 17, 2024 7:34 am

Akiza was a bit shocked that Miriko had done that, maybe she did remember it all but she couldn't be sure unless she asked but she was feeling a bit flushed from it all so she decided that she will just find out later maybe. She was happy as it was so she knows that she shouldn't push her luck and look a gift horse in the mouth. She heard the big cat speak of a food to make Miriko and she nodded and walked to start making it though she was not sure if there was fresh spinach here or if it was even something that was easily gained on the island if they didn't have it. Akiza was going to have to deal with it the best that she could.

Vex headed into the kitchen and she was surprised as there was some that looked like it was still good and she started cooking the breakfast. "Alistair what are you wanting to eat?" She asked him only cause she knows that Carla will want pancakes with blueberries in it and a syrup. She herself was also going to try this eggs Florentine dish and see if she will like it as she hadn't ever had it and it was probably something that she could enjoy if she were to try it and this was her chance though she doesn't want to look to picky in front of Miriko either.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 4:56 am

It was a simple question to ask Alistair because he always knew what he wanted. Waiting for a moment to see if anything would be said by Miriko. But in some manner there was a sense Miriko was peaceful and happy for the moment some casually humming of a random song she heard before was just high enough in volume to be heard, Most likely it was going to be a while because Miriko was always putting on a massive large dress.

Then style her hair, After one starting thinking about it. Miriko put a lot into her appearance even if she never wore make up all that often, It was entirely other things that she kept herself up to date on. keeping her weight under control, keeping good care of her skin and nails. There was other things to it.

But to answer with a bit of a laugh."I assume it is too early in the morning for fish huh?"Alistair did not know if anyone had gone to collect fish. But that was his answer always.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 7:55 am

Akiza heard the big cat ask for fish and she giggled a little then spoke in a kind and caring voice. "Never too late or too early for anything my good sir~" She went and started getting the fish ready. "How would you like the fish my good sir?" Vex wondered how the big cat liked his fish was he looking for the raw fish or something special as it is only fair that everyone get something they like this morning as this is steps to the future of many things she needs to take care of those around her as there were many things that could be taken wrong or misunderstood as something else. She wanted to make sure that she was coming off as kind, caring and understanding and as reliable as she can.

Carla wondered if maybe she should also change her want to fish as well though she did want the blue berry pancakes still and she would probably have to think on it a bit more but she turns to her human form and sits at the table to eat like a normal person would, she was unsure if Alistair knew she could do this or not but it was a bit of a neat trick when no one knows.


She's a Sleepy One.(Vex/Social) Empty Thu Jun 20, 2024 8:41 am

Alistair only joked."I suppose that could be true, As long as we aren't drinking booze." Alistair stated. Because it seemed to be the idea be believe it was not the time to do that. But also mentioned."I suppose it does not matter when you don't drink anyway."Alistair mentioned.

But Miriko would come out eventually, but the time she took to get ready was easily seen as a really long compared to other people so maybe it was just a learning lesson, Miriko took a while to get up and get ready.

As for Alistair liked his fish, It seemed pretty simple. Mimi answered for Alistair because they both have a weird way of working."Slightly seared, a bit of salt and pepper."Miriko answered right away because it just seemed like a habit.

Even following it up with."He doesn't get it often because....I...I can't cook."Miriko answered almost like she felt shame for it. After all she was woman of many talents but she couldn't cook, It was it's own form of silliness.

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