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A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles]

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 A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles] Empty Wed May 29, 2024 6:10 am

Nestled in the heart of Hosenka, the Hot Springs Resort was renowned for its pristine hot springs, picturesque landscapes, and the serenity it offered to weary travelers. It attracted a mix of families, honeymooners, and adventurers seeking the therapeutic benefits of its mineral-rich waters. Elijah was no stranger to this place as it became one of his favorite spots after a day's end, nothing else beat the soothing heat and mended the soul quite like it. Often he would indulge in a soft drink or two just to add to the relaxation but carefully avoided consuming more alcohol than that. He would order a few treats to go along with his drink each time trying out something different, something new. He was all about new experiences and it wouldn't take much convincing for him to try something out of his comfort zone, provided the company was worth it.

This evening was no different than the others. Elijah did a bit of stretching before entering the spring, this time he chose a place opposite a small garden just so his view could be that much more beautiful and he could pass the time enjoying the blooming flowers. The attendant had just taken his order, his preferred drink and a few treats to go with it. This time however it appeared that things would take an interesting turn as he spotted another individual about to join him. The nephilim was always up for some good, handsome company and was not about to turn down this one. He looked towards the stranger as he greeted him with a smile.

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#2Knuckles Shi 

 A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles] Empty Wed May 29, 2024 5:14 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles had returned to Hosenka for some personal matters, but before he would handle those things Knuckles would decide to take a load off and go to a bar he had not been to in some time. Of course, he was known to have gone there a lot while with the Syndicate so, perhaps it was best to go where he had never gone to avoid them knowing he was coming for them. Thus, the crimson-haired warrior walked down a few blocks thinking of just where he could go to relax. Taking a random turn he saw the sign for a hot springs place, some place he had never been. What better place could there be?

The daemon pushed through the wooden door and walked up to the counter. He waited until a short pink-haired woman came to greet him. "Hello and welcome, how may we serve you today? Our specials for this week are a 2-hour soak and a room with a one-hour massage for only 500 jewels." Knuckles did not know the going rate for any of this as he was not partial to this side of Nobility. His was more like going to a country house and playing around a lake or something.

Shrugging Knuckles paid the amount and went on about his business. Apparently, he had to go into a room, shower off, and then put on a robe and sleepers leave his clothing in an unsecured room. Knuckles looked at the lady and laughed. He left the clothes but kept his earrings, necklace, ring, and brought both hammers with him. Even if they tried to stop him he would just summon them to return to his hands.

When he entered the area for the hot spring there was already someone in the spring, as soon as he entered the bambooed area though he could feel the steam upon his skin. Knuckles found a spot not too close to the man and noticed he had to strip to enter the water which was fine. He was as great of shape as he had ever been and was prideful of his looks. His body had become much more toned than it had been a year ago from all the fighting and swinging his hammers around. Though the only thing he did have going against him was scars that tarnished his beautiful pale skin. He actually took them as a badge from his fights survived, the newest ones on his abdomen area where he had been stabbed several times in his battle with Brone.

Removing is Robe he set it on a hook and found a spot not too close to the white-haired man and took a seat in the water making sure both Mjolnir hammers rested directly behind him. The water was indeed hot, a bit unsettling at first but soon he could feel his muscles swell and relaxation taking root.

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 A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles] Empty Thu May 30, 2024 1:23 am

What a battle hardy man, Elijah thought as he looked at the redhead disrobe and his scars were out for everyone to see, almost chocking on his own due to his surprise after seeing what else was out for everyone to see but tried to play it off as a little cough. Although it would be considered impolite to stare at someone while entering the spring, he didn't care much for dos and donts as long as he had fun and this definitely ticked a few boxes. After the man submerged in the water Elijah realized he had placed two hammers behind him on the wooden planks before entering certainly making for some weird decoration for this setting. What kind of person takes his weapons with him in a hot spring and how do they do that in the first place, is that even allowed, he wondered.

His attention shifted back to the man "What mighty hammer-hammerS you carry with you sir, they seem quite interesting~" he said in a soft tone as he tried to hide his embarrassment for his tongue almost slipping. He didn't mind the starring but that mistake would have been straight up inappropriate of him. He would listen to what the man had to say about them and then find a route to introduce himself "I am Elijah by the way, it's a delight to meet you~" he'd say in a warm voice hoping for the stranger to reciprocate so he could have someone to talk to, relaxation was good and all but a little conversation never hurt. Maybe they could even become friends, it would certainly be great to have a friend with such... talent. He wouldn't get closer to the man yet as he wanted to take his time and warm up to him first, leaving him space to breathe for that initial interaction, he could tell he was somewhat tense about the fact he was in the bath with another stranger completely naked but then again for Eli this was just a person's natural look, there was nothing wrong with it, as an artist he had his fair share of nude models and modeled himself. He understood however how this could be uncomfortable for other more "traditional" males.

The attendant came right on time with Elijah's drink and treats much to his delight as he had been expecting them for a while, apparently the whole place was packed with people and they had trouble serving everyone in a timely manner. He thanked the attendant but before he sent them on their way he turned to the guy "Would you like to have a drink with me? It's nothing strong I assure you, wouldn't want to get hammered in a hot spring now, would I?" he chuckled softly and insisted on the attendant bringing him a cup of the drink he was having as well as some of the treats followed by him making his point clear about drinking on an empty stomach, it was a no go. The drink was indeed not strong enough to cause even a headache just a slight alternation in their mood, make it a bit lighter and happier and get them into chatting a bit more. "So, what brings you to this place, you don't seem to be a regular based on your little awkward posture when you entered." he spoke, fully focused on the individual.

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#4Knuckles Shi 

 A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles] Empty Sun Jun 02, 2024 8:45 am

Knuckles Shi

After Knuckle sunk into the water the other person n the spring made a comment about his hammers, he was used to this by now. They seemed to be the topic of everyone's conversation with him even before he knew just what they were. "Thank you, they are even nicer to feel than to look at if you can manage to get a grip on it and really get to swing them. Knuckles nodded hearing the man's name trying to commit it to memory. " It's a pleasure I am sure Sir Elijah, you may call me Knuckles." His tone was gentle and attempted to convey politeness. he called this his noble speak and was often what he used when talking to people for the first time. it was really how he spoke most of the time outside of battle truth be told, but once that battle started he became someone new.

When the attendant came around and delivered the man his drinks Knuckles watched her come and go waving her off when she looked at him. He did not want anything but he also could not refuse such a gracious offer. "Sure, thank you. " Knuckles reached across to take the offered drink before settling back down safely near his hammer. They told me they did not allow weapons in the bathhouse but when I asked them what kind of security they had they only looked at each other. Truth be told between us, I told them they were religious artifacts which they really are. " He said talking about his hammers.

Knuckles took a sip of the drink and found it to be drinkable, it was not what he sought in a beverage but it was not horrible, it was a nice drink, and could see how it paired with the spring waters well. The man asked him about his visit here today and Knuckles looked him over trying to find where this man's loyalties lied and thought it best to give an honest half-truth. "Well, I am in town to surprise some old friends. Since I was fairly known in this town I am trying to keep a low profile but relax a bit before my time with them. Seeing as I have never been to one of these before I figured why not? So, I came in. Was not what I was expecting but it so far is not as bad as it could be. The steam feels good and opens up the pours on the skin, the hot water relaxes my battle-worn muscles and joints. I am not as young as I used to be and still going out there fighting all the time does take a toll on the body, especially when you are fighting mages and lack the magic to fight them on even ground hahaha. You on the other hand seem to frequent this type of place it seems.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

 A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles] Empty Tue Jun 04, 2024 1:43 pm

Elijah was still hung up on that "Sir" before his name. It sounded like something a knight would be called and seemed too proper and posh to come out of someone who he had just met at the hot springs. That isn't to say that he minded the man calling him that, he just found it weird and sort of amusing. The name sounded more like a nickname to him and the redhead appeared to be very much into fighting based on his scars and comments, the nephilim would wonder about it but he wouldn't say anything in case it caused him discomfort talking about it.

His focus would then fall on those two hammers after Knuckles' comments about them being religious artifacts "Oh? Could you maybe tell me the story of those hammers and why they are considered artifacts?" he asked with most interest. As a scholar of theology relics like that is what he'd love to get his hands on maybe even a whole grip and swing them like the man suggested. Chances like that didn't appear often and he was never someone to pass up on one, what with all the travelling and "adventuring" he had barely spent enough time on his research.

With Knuckles' drink having arrived, Elijah took a good look as the man took a sip searching for signs of him liking the nephilim's choice and it seemed like he did as there was no otherworldly grimace or a word that said otherwise. Elijah was content with that and ordered another round but this time just a bit stronger and with good cause if he went based on what the redhead was telling him. He felt like a movie was being described, visiting old friends, keeping a low profile, spending his time relaxing when in fact he was preparing for the right time and a lethal strike, exciting! His brain was now on fire as he thought of every little plot point, every twist and turn; the guns, the women, the fighting, the explosions, oh yes it was magnificent and there he was, Knuckles, on his motorbike with the evening breeze blowing through his hair as he rode in the sunset.

But then again, that was all in the artist-nerd's head and he didn't utter a single word concerning those thoughts knowing it would make him sound like a lunatic. Instead he considered a more mundane approach "Oh nonsense, you look so youthful and what is age even, just a number, be how old you feel like being~" he said with a smile as the second round of drinks arrived, insisting once again on Knuckles joining him and taking a sip himself -firmly shutting his eyes once he swallowed- before continuing. "And the toll on your body can be mitigated or outright reversed nowadays with the wonders of magitechnology." he said in a kind tone as his words were meant to encourage the person to just live his life however he wanted without problems like that inhibiting him. He would then order more drinks so he could enjoy himself and his company even more "As for not possessing magic yourself, there are countless weapons for one's arsenal, and I'm certain that a man of your caliber has no problem going toe to toe with said mages~" he said softly with a smile and a wink.

"Oh and I'm a regular alright, at least for as long as I'm staying here, business and all." Elijah said as he then went on to explain his profession as an artist and being hired to work on restoring some paintings for the city's museums and galleries "Poor things having no one to look after them for so many years, it really breaks one's heart~" he said in a saddened but almost comical tone. The third round had already arrived "Cheers~".

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#6Knuckles Shi 

 A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles] Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 4:50 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles had finally found someone who knew less about the hammers than he had. He softly chuckled at this notion. Everyone was always so curious about them and their eyes were always drawn to them thus to him gaining far more attention from bypassers than he cared for. Though he could understand why, they were god touched and had the aura of excellence and power. Perhaps he had overly stated their worth by calling them relics, but they were in fact old items, even though he did not know the age. He had only known there were legends and myths about them throughout Icerberg and other parts of the world. "Ah, yes. You see the one without cracks in it is from this realm. It was forged by god-status Dwarfs and made on the orders of a great God Known as Odin, to help channel the power of Thunder. The hammer went to this God known as Thor, who used to channel his magic in battle and defeat his enemies with it for millennia. Long since have the hammers remained here gifting the power of Thor, The God of Thunder to those the hammer deems worthy. ." The Daemon smiled a wicket grin at that last part of his story. Knuckles was a Daemon, a creature of darkness, and had done many cruel acts in his life.

Knuckles took a drink as he let what he just said get digested by Elijah. While that happened Knuckles stretched his neck rolling his head back and forth as the steam started to make sweat wet his hair, and also draw beads on his forehead. Knuckles let out a hearty laugh when the man mentioned how youthful he looked. The truth was he was right, it was the pros to striking a deal with a demon. Memories of that night stormed through his mind as Knuckles looked off in the distance his eyes unfocused for a moment then remembered where he was in a flash. It was only an instance but it was telling. "Yeah, that number means something when you're expected to live for two centuries. You see that's what I find so funny about being chosen about both these hammers, you see that shattered one it comes from another realm altogether. They got this void thing out there and you can give up parts of yourself for something in return. Being that I'm already in the hole on that one signing my soul over to a demon twice now, I figured what the hell? It can't be worse than what I already got dealt. Then BOOM out of the void here comes another version of this hammer, almost perfectly crafted for me. Damn near a twin besides the hilts and runes on them. That one there does Magical damage somehow some way, I couldn't tell you being unschooled on the subject. But what I do know is that the same god from two realms thought that I was worthy of the powers of a god. From that point on I started looking inward and well I found the Norse religion, don't worry I won't push it on you. But it fits how I live my life. So, I thank Odin for the gift, well both Odins. "

Knuckles caught the next round of drinks. Taking him and knocking it back, the flavor was stronger in these but that was more his speed anyway. "God Chosen Daemon is outlandish if you ask me, but hey I'll take that chance of redemption to be who I was meant to be." He suddenly realized he was talking about himself too much. So he shut up and listened to the artist it seemed. Now it was all coming together, the speech the lifestyle the interest in the relics. "Cheers" Knuckles lifted the next shot and downed it, his body getting warmer unsure though if it was from the drinks or the spring. "I once knew a Painter, cure thing, all dressed in black. Had a pet Tiger or something that could talk. Would have made a fine mate, but she lack the aspect of a warrior to be a wife."

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 A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles] Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 7:11 am

Things were taking an interesting turn as the man just blurted out that he was a Daemon. Elijah feared for the voices of the angels causing a ruckus in his brain again and make him almost pass out just for interacting with one of their enemies. He might be a nephelim himself but he didn't care who or what those that he interacted with were, unless they were an enemy of everyone, but then again what was he going to do, as long as things were calm and nice and he could enjoy a good drink and an interesting conversation that's all he cared for. Thankfully no angelic voice rang so loud in his head and ears probably thanks to lack of clarity from the alcohol. With that thought in mind, Elijah ordered multiple rounds of shots to have a drinking contest with Knuckles as a cover to complete block out any potential voices in his head because he was talking to him.

Then he focused on what the man said about Odin, Thor and the hammer "Mjölnir, then? Hopefully I am pronouncing it right, I've only ever seen it written." he said delighted that his knowledge of theology could come in handy from time to time "Yes I've heard stories about it and if it was given to you, Daemon or no you'll have an important role to play, maybe of a savior maybe not." he finished his sentence and took a shot from the freshly arrived batch, signaling Knuckles to do the same before asking him to have a little friendly drinking contest, the man had been polite enough to indulge him so far, why would a few dozen more shots matter he thought with a soft mischievous smile. "Now that void one is news to me and rather interesting." he then continued the discussion on the hammers after putting down another shot glass. "And it came with a cost, that's not unheard of for deities but usually they try to avoid dangerous magic, wanting to toy with mortals not outright kill them you know." he said and followed by downing one more shot. "Maybe it has to do with you being a Daemon so they don't care if it could kill you, it probably wouldn't since you're "dangerous magic" too." he finished and got two shots down in one go clenching his eyes and teeth. Whoo, I'm playing a dangerous game here but at least the whole thing is going by uninterrupted, he thought relieved that still there was no pain in his ears, maybe just a headache from all the drinking, after all he wasn't used to all this drinking. He turned to look at how Knuckles was handling the contest and was shocked to see more than double the amount and him looking flawless, what kind of monster... but that's fun, he thought.

"Well you beat me, I'm hammered already~" he said in a playful and sort of mischievous tone due to the pun. "I feel like I might need some air but it was lovely meeting you and your hammers handsome. I'd like another chance with them some other time!" he said getting ready to get up from the spring, not too gracefully as he stumbled a bit before finding his footing. "Oh and laaady painters don't do it for me!" he said with a wink and giggled as he put his bath robe on and walked away. "Night, night~" he sang that last part without turning his head around and waved with the back of his hand.


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#8Knuckles Shi 

 A spirited challenge [FPHS – Drinking Contest | Knuckles] Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 3:39 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles leaned back in the hot spring, reflecting on the evening's conversation. Elijah's words about the dangers of the magic and power offered to him echoed in his mind. The Nephilim had made a compelling point about the nature of the divine and the perilous bargains they often entailed. He took another sip of his drink, the warmth of the alcohol mingling with the steam rising from the spring. Knuckles had always known the hammers were more than just weapons they were symbols of a deeper power, a connection to forces beyond his understanding. But Elijah's caution about the cost of wielding such power resonated with him. The power of Mjölnir and the void hammer came with a price not just physical, but spiritual as well.

"Maybe it has to do with you being a Daemon so they don't care if it could kill you, it probably wouldn't since you're 'dangerous magic' too," Elijah had said. Knuckles knew that his nature as a daemon placed him in a unique position, one where the lines between good and evil, power and corruption, were often blurred.

He thought back to his first encounter with the void hammer. The void demanded something in return something from him, something from his soul. Knuckles had been willing to make that sacrifice, driven by the desire for strength and redemption. But Elijah's words reminded him such bargains were never simple. The void was a place of chaos and uncertainty, the strength it offered likely to be no less a danger to him than a support.

There was Mjölnir a god's hammer, a tool of pure divine force. The legends of Thor using it rang far and wide to channel the power of thunder. But legends often omitted the darker truths, the hidden costs of such power. That, and more, made the sage words of Elijah that the gods preferred to use their most dangerous magics playing with mortals themselves, so maybe he was nothing more than a glorified pawn in some higher god's amusement stick in the back of his mind. Or was there something deeper to this connecting thread between himself and the hanging void hammer that was Mjölnir?

"Maybe of a savior, maybe not," had been Elijah's words. Knuckles pondered these words. His path was uncertain, his destiny unclear. He had the power to be a savior, but also the potential to become much darker than that. The dual nature of his hammers reflected the duality within himself a being between light and darkness, seeking redemption but at the same time haunted by his very nature.

Knuckles finished his drink before finally feeling like the thoughts weighing on him had started to grow heavy. Elijah's warnings hadn't been for naught they had served to remind him that power, especially of the variety that he wielded, was never without its price. The choices he made, the battles he fought, and the alliances he chose would shape his future.

With a last look at the now-vacant seat where Elijah had been sitting, Knuckles decided he would have to tread very carefully. The path of power was full of snares, but it was a path he had chosen. And if he were to walk it, then it would be with open eyes, knowing the price and wary of the traps lying in wait.

"Night, night, Elijah," he spoke softly into the glass, raised high in a silent toast to his new friend and his wisdom. "Till we meet again. "

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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