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God Gave Me Eyes to Watch You Squirm [Moderate] [WIP]

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God Gave Me Eyes to Watch You Squirm [Moderate] [WIP] Empty Mon May 13, 2024 5:03 pm

Name: God Gave Me Eyes to Watch You Squirm

Difficulty: Moderate

Participants: Momiji, Various

Story: The attempts to return Tachibana no Momiji to his former home in Joya continue. The previous family head is dying. What is Momo to do? He has to fend off forces trying to return him home before eventually relenting under the supervision and making his way back to Joya. There, he has a choice to make: the fate of the Tachibana clan.

Rewards: Unique Custom

Objective: Succeed or denounce the Tachibana family officially, cutting Momiji's ties with Joya or forcing him to take a more active role there. If possible, navigate a middle option.

Name: -
Rank: B

Type: Bad

Participants: Momiji, Karstaag

Summary: A description of what is going on in this part of the storyline. It should be at least a few sentences long.

Non Player Characters's: Does the quest involve other non-player characters? If so, mention them here.
  • Example NPC: ???

Objectives: Shortly mention what needs to be accomplished in this part of the storyline.

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