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Is That Past Worth the Memory?(Social.)

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Is That Past Worth the Memory?(Social.) Empty Sat Mar 23, 2024 8:14 am

It was interesting, At least to Nemo it was that in some manner she could feel like she was having an out of body experience she, If she entirely knew what she was looking for anyway. But that was entirely something she had not picked up on yet. But lingering upon Cabernet Village was Nemo. in some manner she did look like she might fit in as some one being from one of the many Naval boats and was just here to go to one of the local churches and to visit some one, But that might be normal if you look at how everyone who lives the naval life is all merely seem to go these place when can. The world around everyone was always so busy.

Or was Nemo here for entirely some thing different, All and all it was going to most likely be an interesting time to unfold.


Is That Past Worth the Memory?(Social.) Empty Sat Mar 23, 2024 8:33 am

It has been far too long since he came back to his homeland. He was just a lad last he was here. He did not know if there was anything remaining for him here. He doubted he would find anything from his ancestors here. But he came here to experience his culture and people once more. Even if he had no one here, he was still nostalgic for a place that was his home. His roots. Minstrel, if there was a place he wanted to retire and live the rest of his days, it would surely be this country.

Now though, since he was spending time here, he needed to find an inn or something that would enable him a place to spend the night. He was still somewhat new to the area and thus needed to find someone who can point him in the right direction. He looked around, hoping to spot someone who can help him


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When times like these, Most people learn to live again. Be grateful for the things they witness and live through in life. Nemo almost seemed soulless and blank. With how Nemo's life turned out she had to ponder many things. Many things she could not place a finger on at this time even if she most likely remembered various things from long ago. But as the story that was yet untold. Nemo was looking for something she should know, But did not know where to find it. She knew what it was, what was listed on it but where and if it was still around she did not.

So thus seemingly managing to settle in well Nemo continued on. It seemed if anything Nemo had gotten lost, After all she did not know where in which she was going to start with. Since that part was equally forgotten as well.


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As he was looking around, he'd notice someone else who was like him, seemingly lost. He would approach this person slowly. As he did he'd inspect them. Were they a foreigner or a local that wasnt from this village? Either way one of them had to talk and it might as well be him, he guesses
"Are you... lost?" he asked the person.

Granted he doesnt know what to expect, its not like he knew his way around here either, but at least he wouldnt be all lost alone. Its usually better to be in a group if you dont know what to do. Two heads are better than one, that sort of thing. Alexandre would wait for a response from the person. One way or another, he planned to find an inn or a room to stay at. After that? Well he didnt know, perhaps relax and explore


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Some one had finally seemingly stopped and asked her a question and at least for how Nemo looked, She was not shy or Anti-social if anything she is just there and that was it. But a devoted seemly soulless husk was also merely trying to figure out how to be a person with out the person she was brought back to look after. But maybe that was something that was the part Nemo herself was yet to realize, She can be herself whatever that was beyond looking after a daemon child.

But back to the matter at hand. She would actually answer him fairly quickly and seems was not avoiding conversation either."That I am, Just trying to figure out where I am going."After all it seemingly fairly apparently there was no reason to lie about it."I assume you are too?"Nemo could not help seemingly but ask him that question to.

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