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A Steamy Surprise [Fang - FPHS – Peeping Show]

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A Steamy Surprise [Fang - FPHS – Peeping Show] Empty Tue Mar 12, 2024 12:29 pm


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You know… A part of me will always miss the pink, but they haven't done a bad job~? The pink princess transformed and rather relishing the experience now that she had a chance to scrutinise herself properly in front of a mirror in all of her glory, what had been once a fuchsia mane was now bright and golden like the sun while her once deep and dark doe eyes now glistened with the crisp colour of the ocean and a sparkle of sapphire, and even with Lola Skylark not quite being accustomed to the changes she had undergone she had to confess that she far from loathed them. In fact, there was a pep about her now that only seemed to make her feel all the naughtier, right~?

Especially in some areas~? Perhaps this the reason why she couldn't help but let her gaze drift down from her sunlight tresses once she tied them into a large round bun on her crown and ogle the results of treatments which while expensive now seemed worth every penny, while she had always been deceptively buxom it seemed that something about the concoctions she cares which she had bought had only brought that to bear all the more, and frankly the fair fae was impressed by the results. Very impressed, in fact.

This is going to drive him wild~! Practically beaming as she finished rinsing the soap and dirt off her new and frankly improved frame and then wrapping the sweetness of terry towelling around that perfected structure, if her looks were now so good she couldn’t help but bite her bottom lip a little as she ogled herself, she could only guess what her beloved Fang might have thought of them as well. As such only too merry to intrude upon the little trip in Hosenka to surprise him after her 'illness', the girl could scarcely wait to see his jaw hit the floor, and so marched toward the water and the haze rising from them with giddy abandon…

Life is a lot more fun

When I Get My Way~!
- Lola Skylark

credit to nat of adoxography.

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A Steamy Surprise [Fang - FPHS – Peeping Show] Empty Sat Mar 16, 2024 1:57 pm

Silver Fang
Fang was of course, unaware of any of this. The drastic change in the girl he liked had suddenly taken. It was certainly bound to be an interesting experience for him. Hopefully not an unpleasant one.

But aside from that unknown development, he was here on business. He'd come here alone, seeing as Lola had been away a few days. It was pretty relaxing really. Apparently, the place had a peeping problem, which was no real surprise. Although he thought it was kind of silly how often people got caught. Then again not everyone had magic, but even so magic was so common it was hard to imagine that there would not be common people with magical items that might allow them to spy on whoever they liked. Like in a hot spring hotel, like the one he was guarding.

He was keeping an eye out for any perverts that might be trying to peep on either side. With only a wall and a booth separating the sexes, there were of course those who might like to meddle with the wall to see through it. Or climb it. Or even try to sneak around through the guard booth while he was on one side or the other performing a little patrol.

So far though, things had been quiet. There were only a few men on the boy's side, and nobody on the girl's side at the moment. He supposed it just wasn't a busy time of day, so he was mostly relaxed.

Just coming back from the boy's side to the guard booth, he'd been looking for any signs of tampering more than any signs that any of the men were trying to actively peep. The men that were there were all middle-aged or older, none looking especially spry. And didn't appear especially interested in attempting to perform any kind of peeping. But that might just be because the girl's side was currently empty. If business picked up later, he'd be more attentive then.

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