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Exterminator NQ-1 A-Rank

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Exterminator NQ-1 A-Rank Empty Wed Jan 31, 2024 1:09 am

Dan sighed as he stepped out of his car and quickly shut the door. He quickly reaches into his jacket to remove a piece of paper detailing his next quest in Dahlia City to remove a pack of nearby lycans that have been causing a lot of problems for the locals. As Dan looked around the nearby forest on the cities outskirts he noticed signs of large animals moving through the area. "Man this sucks I was having such a nice day now I have to deal with this." Dan lamented to himself as he walked to the passenger side of his care to remove Galantine and secure it to his hip as he watched the sun begin to fall over the horizon. Dan was hoping to get this done quickly so he could rest up a bit before heading back to magnolia in the morning to see his guild mates.

WC: 151


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Dan did not have to wait for long as the smell of wet dog drifted into the air as low growls began to be heard coming from the woods. "Alright mutts let's dance under the pale moonlight shall we?" Dan said as he watched as a trio of large bipedal wolves slowly began to make their way out of the forest their yellow eyes filled with madness showing almost no human intelligence. Dan clicked his tongue against his teeth he has been hoping at least one would have been able to retain some intelligence so he could attempt to reason with them but sadly it seemed that he would have no such luck tonight. Dan watched as the trio finally entered into the moonlight enough to get a good look at them 'Hmm seems like two males and a female.' Dan thought as he took in the two larger beasts who's bodies seemed to be made for strength and the smaller one in the middle who's body seemed to be more streamlined and made for speed.

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Dan watched as all three of the beasts slowly began edging forwards before the large one on the left jumped forwards towards Dan with decent speed Dan quickly begins by rubbing his shoes back and forth along the ground creating a pair of mixed yellow and purple spell circles 0.5-Meters in Diameter to appear below his feet causing his legs to be engulfed in black lightning using this speed boost Dan jumps to the left just as the large beast lands where he stood previously. Dan grips his fist creating a mixed yellow and purple spell circle 0.25-Meter in Diameter to appear on the fist causing the fist to become covered in black lightning. Not wanting to waste a chance Dan quickly jabs the creature in the throat causing it to howl in pain as it's throat constricted from both the force of the blow and the lightning now running through it's body.

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