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Wildlife Study: [Solo]

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#1Fei Yu 

Wildlife Study: [Solo] Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 6:36 am

Fei Yu
Whose bright idea was it to invite her to help a marine biologist with her research? Yeah, the same Fae who couldn't swim even if you told her to sink or swim?! AYUP, it was for that reason that as the boat sailed toward the reefs Yu was shaking lightly in fear, while Nyancelot was clad not in his typical knightly attire, but a diver's suit. "Sea... why did it have to be the sea..." The cat muttered softly while Yu whispered softly into his ear. "Maybe you can catch some fresh fish to eat~" the thought excited the Exceed clearly, who jumped right into the water after the marine biologist.

Diving deeper Nyancelot noted various types of sea corals, some types he had never even seen before, but what intrigued him even more was the sight of a large fish swimming nearby! Using his sword as a makeshift harpoon the fish found itself swimming around with its very life at stake! But after an intense struggle of persistence Nyancelot finally won and caught the fish.

"Tuna~ Tuna~" He chimed happily, entirely oblivious to the giant sea monster looking at him from a nearby underwater cave! And things would get worse much sooner...

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#2Fei Yu 

Wildlife Study: [Solo] Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 6:37 am

Fei Yu
Meanwhile Yu was sitting on the deck of the boat, her legs dangling over the edge as she looked out across the ocean. "I wonder if he's alright..." She wondered aloud, only to be startled by a sudden splash of water behind her! Turning around quickly Yu saw a familiar face, but one that was different than usual.

It was Nyancelot, but his eyes were now slitted like a cat's and his ears had become fins! His skin was also covered in scales, and he wore a shark-tooth necklace. "Nyancelot? What happened?" Yu asked curiously, only for the cat to smile widely and reply. "I'm a mermaid!" He said happily, which caused Yu to giggle slightly. "No silly, you're a merman." She corrected him playfully, causing Nyancelot to pout cutely. "Same difference~" He replied childishly, before handing her the tuna he caught.

Yu accepted the fish and began to cook it for them both. As they ate their meal together, Yu couldn't help but notice how much cuter Nyancelot looked when he was a merman. "You know, I think this is the first time I've ever seen you without your armor on." She commented idly, causing Nyancelot to blush slightly. "Yeah, well... it's not like I can wear it underwater." He replied shyly, which made Yu laugh again.
"So, what else can you do besides swim?" She asked curiously, causing Nyancelot to think for a moment before replying. "Well, I can breathe underwater too." He explained proudly, which caused Yu to smile brightly. "Really? That's amazing!" She exclaimed excitedly, causing Nyancelot to blush even more. "Yeah, it is pretty cool." He admitted bashfully, before adding. "But there's one thing that's even cooler than breathing underwater." He stated confidently, causing Yu to tilt her head curiously.

"What's that?" She inquired innocently, causing Nyancelot to grin mischievously. "Being able to kiss underwater." He answered slyly, causing when suddenly Yu snapped out of her childish daydream, the sound of a large splash as the marine biologist hurriedly climbed onto the boat and started making a course toward the surface. "W-Where is Nyancelot?!" Yu inquired worriedly to which the woman pointed to the back of the ship where Nyancelot was swiming after them in a frenzy. "DON'T LEAVE ME! I DON'T WANNA BECOME MONSTER TUNA BAIT!"

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