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Surf's Up! (Solo)

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#1Fei Yu 

Surf's Up! (Solo) Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 6:07 am

Fei Yu
Another day, another job. This time she was given the job to help one of the locals set up a school for surfing. All in all it was something she was willing to help with when it came to the picking of a location and suitable materials for his school. After Kaenu explained to her his plans and the two spend some time traveling around the beach Yu had found a pretty solid sport. It was close enough to the sea, and yet at the same time near enough to the path most people traveled along when they went to the ferry.

The search for materials wasn't an issue either, especially with Nyancelot helping her out! However, the problem came AFTER that. With everything prepared for his grand debut Yu thought it would be an excellent time to make her escape after he paid her, but unexpectedly the young man offered to give her free lessons! Something Yu sharply declined, saying her goodbyes curtly while Nyancelot sighed in amusement and started explaining how Yu couldn't swim properly, as evident from her time dealing with the sea monsters in the past. Kaenu couldn't help but chuckle at that, promising the Exceed he would teach the girl how to swim someday and then excused the duo. Overall Yu was happy to see he was able to get started with his school, but right now Yu Ming and the big wide sea weren't the best of friends just yet... Maybe in the future?

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