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Soul in the Shell [Long/wip]

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Name: Soul in the Shell

Difficulty: Long

Participants: Primula

Story: Ever since her reactivation after she had been severely damaged in an attempt to save a child, Primula has been haunted by a mysterious presence. Despite the fact her programming is incapable of deciphering just who or what this entity is, the robot girl intends to obtain the answers she seeks by returning to the very beginning and uncovering the unusual nature of her origins.


A - A shimmering image of a young girl has been haunting Primula, who due to the ethereal nature of her appearance is unable to identify the person. With neither her programming showing hints of malfunction, or others recognizing the image's presence Primula decides to return to her workshop in the old collective mind's headquarters in search for answers.

A - Accompanied by the ethereal image Primula discovers that there is a part of her memory databank gone, namely the period before her first activation when the Collective Mind set foot in their base. After an investigation, unfortunately, the time spent away from her workshop has caused some malfunctions in its security systems, forcing Primula to find a way to disable them and gain access to the console containing the information she seeks.

A - Unfortunately the console appears to have had its data corrupted, but a glimmer of hope remains when Primula detects a link between the console and another one in the distant island of Talaz Lagaar. Fortunately, as she is a native gaining access to the island is not impossible, but with the rise in hostilities between the three factions, it is clear Primula will have a struggle ahead of her if she is to gain her prize!

A - Discovering that the console is in the abandoned research facility that once belonged to Professor Braun, Primula's curiosity is stirred as the girl delves deeper into secrets long forgotten. However, upon linking with the console a startling revelation is made for the robot girl as she realizes the true reason she is different from the others. Unlike most robots who are born from their programming developing artificial intelligence, her core contains the very essence of a living soul: A living robot, a Replicant.

S - Leaving the abandoned research facility behind Primula notices the Ethereal image is a projection of her soul, after a temporary moment of contemplation Primula finally accepts the truth, but when she reaches for the projection it seems her memory database is finally filled with memories long forgotten.

S - Discovering the true nature of her being several members of the Talaz Lagaar loyalists are attempting to capture Primula as a means of exposing Professor Braun's past experiments. However, neither wanting to trouble Braun or being interested in playing a Damsel in distress Primula intends to force her way to freedom!

S - Finally back in Fiore Primula spends some time to collect her thoughts on the recent events. While it was clear that before becoming a Replicant she was no ordinary being, the true nature of her existence remains a secret yet to be discovered...

Name: -

Rank: D/C/B/A/S

Type: Good/Bad

Participants: Put down the names of the participants in the storyline.

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