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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words (Mielle/Sally Social/Closed)

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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words (Mielle/Sally Social/Closed) Empty Mon Jan 01, 2024 10:01 pm

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words (Mielle/Sally Social/Closed) Downlo11

Rough pencil lines are drawn over smooth paper as a petite figure draws on a sketch pad that nearly dwarfs her, and the pencil also looks large in her gloved hand. She is sitting on a bench underneath a large evergreen tree that provides her shade off the busiest paths but still has occasional passersby.

That girl is Mielle Auclair, peaceful for once, and not simmering with the excess of emotion she usually feels. She's wearing a light outfit today to reflect the nice weather, a flower-patterned shirt and a flowy short-sleeved shirt with a flower chocker. Her long blond hair is hidden under her bonnet. Usually, she's very covered up to hide her doll features, but today she decided to not worry about it so much. She was taking a break from her back-to-back mage jobs. She wondered if it counted as a break if she was doing what her old job as a seamstress required to to do; design outfits. But she thinks it's okay because said outfits were for her.

Mielle sketches and thinks. Usually, she favours more traditional doll clothes, but after hearing what happened in Talaz Lagaar she wanted to be prepared to not stand out too much and was designing clothes that fit there. But... she makes a face. It was cute enough, but really not her style even before her time as a doll. Signing she rips out the drawing and puts it on the bench next to her. She continues to sketch, not noticing the breeze picking up, and her discarded drawing flying away...


Outfit in the drawing:

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words (Mielle/Sally Social/Closed) Downlo10


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And that breeze would bring the paper to a locals leg. She would notice it and pick up the paper, noticing the drawing "Ooooh" and she got an idea. Sally sat on a bench. Flipped her notebook open and took out her drawing pencils and colouring pencils. So she flipped the paper on the other side of the drawing, the cleaner side and she started to draw some clothes that were more her style. A hoodie that was super comfy. Oh and it had cat ears. It was a black and red hoodie, but the red blobs were like blood. It had a big chibi kitty on the center of the hoodie holding a knife. And it had a pattern that repeated of pink bombs and flaming gems. The socks would have cat paws and fish bones. Oh her drawing will be extreme and cute at the same time. The perfect balance, as all things should be. Again, little did she know that the original clothing artist was kinda close by her.

Outfit in the drawing:
A Picture Paints A Thousand Words (Mielle/Sally Social/Closed) Image


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Not too far away, Mielle was fiercely scratching out a different design in her sketchbook. It had turned out much worse than her initial one, to the point that the doll reached over to pick up the discarded sheet while still frowning at the now messed-up drawing. Only for her hand to touch the wooden bench. She continued to search around with a hand while still frowning at her drawing pad, but the fact the paper wasn't there finally hit her brain, and she looked over with wide eyes. It was gone, of course, and the breeze briefly picking up told her how. Mielle huffed a bit and got up, tucking the pad under her arm. The wind wasn't strong, so the paper might still be in the area. So, she began her search, kind of half-hearted since she still felt relaxed.

Thankfully, it wasn't a long search, since she noticed the paper in the hands of a girl nearby with pink hair and a hoodie. The marionette mage was, of course, rather embarrassed, as any artist would be when a stranger looked at a sketch they weren't happy with. But any embarrassment-induced anger Mielle would normally feel shimmered down as she noticed the girl's expression and how she kept glancing at Mielle's sketch and her drawing pad. This made Mielle quite curious about what the girl was doing instead, so she quietly sneaked forward and around.

She somehow managed not to alert the girl of Mielle's presence even as she climbed the back of the bench to peer over the pink-haired girl's shoulder. Then instantly found herself gushing, "Oooooh, that's so cute!" right beside the poor girl's face. To be fair, it was a really cute design, even if it wasn't Mielle's style. But just because it wasn't something the doll would wear doesn't mean it wasn't fabulous. The various designs mixed well together for a cute punk look, and she loved the added kitty ears on the hood. Not too edgy, but not too cute, a good balance for a person who wanted to perfect being both. "You would look great in that! Did my design inspire you?" Mielle said, gesturing to her paper in the girl's hand.

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"!!!" Sally jumped a bit at the sudden jumpscare of a talking doll. But she did calm down when it complimented her drawing "Your design?" she asked when she finally registered the words and then remembered. Sally flipped the drawing, revealing Mielle's original artwork
"Oh, I guess this must be yours then" she said and offered the girl the paper back which now had both of their drawings.

She then remembered the girl said something else "Yeah, it'd be cool to have that outfit" refering to the cute edge outfit she drew "If only someone can actually make it. I would wear it. It'd be cool if I could design clothes, but I think my style is too niche for that. Cute and punk doesnt tend to mesh well with people." like only a few people she knew accepted that style and only one other person would wear it


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Mielle gave the other girl a sheepish smile after scaring her, then a big grin at her words. The doll person flipped forward over the back of the bench to plop beside the pink-haired girl. She returned her sketch and took a closer look at the other's design. She then gave the other girl a cat-like grin and leaned back, tapping her nails arrogantly on her shirt (despite wearing gloves). "Well, you're in luck! You're looking at someone with over 10 years of professional experience as a seamstress and fashion designer~!" Mielle shamelessly bragged, then stopped. "Well, a retired seamstress, I suppose. Now I'm doing other stuff. But anyway! Let me properly introduce myself! I am Mielle Auclair, a mage of the great guild Blue Pegasus!" The woman bragged again, reaching out a friendly hand for the other to shake, her guild tattoo visible on the palm of her hand under her lace gloves.

"I would be happy to help you make that design if you want. It's adorable, and the challenge would be rewarding. You're really good at design, you know?" Mielle told the other casually. "So, chic!"

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She opened her mouth and had a surprised o expression. The girl had a fancy name and was a member of Blue Pegasus. What was a member of Blue Pegasus doing all the way out here?
"Well, my name is Sally and Im a mage from the Fairy Tail guild" she spoke and showed off her own guild mark by raising her shirt a bit, showing on the left side of her stomach her guild mark. It was pink, of course.
After that she took the dolls hand and did a small handshake. She was still confused by the magic that did this, but she wouldnt question it.

"You think the look is chic? I never got that compliment before! Granted I dont tend to draw clothes much. I mean, I'd love if you made it, but are you sure you'd be ok? Its not a problem? Shouldnt I pay you or something?" she asked the doll girl


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"Fairy Tail?! Our sister guild?" Mielle practically squeals when she sees Sally's mark. "Oh my gosh, it's so nice to meet a member of Fairy Tail! I'm sure we'll get along great!" She says, shaking the other mage's hand very enthusiastically. Then she jumps down from the bench and walks away a bit before turning towards Sally, rocking on her heels, hands behind her back.

"Don't even think about it, darling! No payments towards fellow light guilds~! Well, in this case at least. " Mielle says to her with a grin. "I haven't felt this inspired to work on a design since I became a doll, so that's payment itself. C'mon, follow me! A former colleague of mine opened her own store here in Magnolia, and she owes me a favour or two." Mielle says, gesturing for Sally to follow her. "What kinds of things do you usually draw? Because from what I could see your really skilled!" Mielle compliments, trying to keep the conversation going since this girl seemed a bit shy and nervous. Which was surprising to Mielle since she seemed like the bombastic type.


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"Mhm" she said with a nod when Mielle exclaimed that Fairy Tail is the sister guild. Sally blushed a bit when Mielle squealed from that, she didnt know that was something to fangirl about or maybe she wasnt used to such positive reactions. "Nice to meet a Blue Pegasus member. Your guild master is very nice" she spoke as her hand was shooketh enthustiastically

Then Mielle jumped down from the bench and walked away a bit before turning towards her. Sally tilted her head to the side curiously. Mielle said not to think about it, as in no need to pay. Mielle seemed very very happy. So then Mielle explains that she actually hasnt felt inspired to work for quite some time "Oh wow" so Mielle invited her to follow her. Which she did.

As she followed Mielle, the doll girl asked her what does she usually draw. Which was a good question "Designs. Tattoo designs. Logo designs. Emblems. Marks. Cute stuff. Edgy stuff. People I like or knew like my friends"
She had a rough time explaining at first but eventually got the ball rolling on her answer


A Picture Paints A Thousand Words (Mielle/Sally Social/Closed) Empty Wed Feb 14, 2024 6:30 am

Mielle hummed in interest as she listened to the other girl talk, nodding along to show interest. "So you do fashion, design and people-based art? Thats really neat! I only really know how to draw clothes and designs for clothes like laces and patterns. I've never learned how to draw stuff outside of that." She says conversationally as they walk more into Magnolia proper. "I might not look that way at first, but our senses of style aren't really that different. Well, not all the time at least. Before I became a doll I loved wearing all kinds of different outfits, including grunge looks. Don't tell anyone but I had an emo phase when I was a bit younger than you." Miele says wickedly, giving her a sharp grin, the thoughtful. 

"Now because I'm in a doll body I've mostly stuck to doll-like designs and outfits. It never occurred to me to mix grunge and cute together, and considering I was trying to make more Talaz Lagaar-styled clothes that fit me, but was having a hard time making it look cute, so you coming along with that neat mix was perfect timing!" Mielle gushes at the girl, before remembering she lacked a bit of context. "Oh right, a few months ago I was a normal human seamstress living in Crocus in her 30s until I passed out in an alleyway and woke up in a field in this body, blahblahblah, anyways." The Blue Pegasus mage says casually. "That outfit you designed... Oh, sorry." Mielle says sheepishly, glancing at Sally. "I'm talking a lot, huh? Uh, have any questions, or thoughts? Comments? It, just been a while. I'm not close to any of my guildmates and have been mostly travelling looking for a solution to my problem. You're the first real other mage I've gotten a chance to talk to, other than these other two... Anyway, you're easier to talk to. But just give me a sign to shut up if you need it." Mielle finishes off, still sheepish.


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"Hah, your secret is safe with me" she said in reply to her secret emo phase. Mielle the doll girl then spoke that because she was in a doll body, that she mostly stuck to traditional clothes designs, it never came to mind she can mix looks. She seemingly seemed super hype and happy. It made Sally blush a bit when the doll started to gush

After that the Blue Pegasus mage remembered that she lacked some context, so she explained that a few months ago she was a normal human seamstress living in Crocus in her 30s until she passed out in an alleyway and woke up in a field in this new doll body. After that brief background info she again changed trains of thoughts but then caught herself that she was talking a lot
"I dont mind, its kinda nice to have someone chatty. Usually Im the one thats all excited and talks a lot. Though questions hmmm.... you said you were in Crocus last you remember. Did you wake up here in a doll body or back in Crocus? What inspired you to join Blue Pegasus? Were you a Blue Pegasus seamstress as a human?" Sally asked a few questions of her own to try and piece the story between the then and now

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