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An Old Fashion Date.(Meg)

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An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Fri Dec 08, 2023 11:20 am

If starting a connection showed anything, Nasira might be willing to put in the effort to make things some what interesting. So thus some how managing to get herself to Bosco and starting to fight her fear travelling on boats, She had assumed she had gotten over it long a go but she had some lingering fears with in her. She almost swore it off entirely.

But she figured maybe her efforts here might be an interesting experience. Nasira had some what gone the extra mile. Fine a place she could talk to some one and set up a restaurant to set up a dinner date. All while just telling Meg merely after the fact to meet her there at a set amount of time. Optional She could dress nicely because Nasira was. But Nasira was not a judging type if she show up in casual clothing it would not be something looked twice at. Nasira would be some what dressed up because she was trying to kind of impress some one it was not a revealing Dress, But it was black covered her entire legs, front,back and had small amount of sleeves to just cover her shoulders. But she waited by a completed set up table for them to see if she had taken it too far or not.


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Mon Dec 18, 2023 12:21 pm

This was her first time in Bosco and she was a little lost, but considering she was called here at the behest of an invite, she made sure to dress nice. She would've wore a dress but considering it was winter time, she also had to dress warm, so she made sure to look as elegant as possible in garments that had longs sleeves and pants. So much for skirts and dresses and shorts. Maybe next time though.

Although now she had arrived at the restaurant, hoping she was not late and she scanned the area for her table, looking for the one that invited her. And thats when she saw the familiar face. Nasira from that Stellan adventure. She walked over to her and smiled softly and a bit shyly as she greeted her "Hello again. Thank you for inviting me here" and thus she would sit at the table. Nasira looked lovely and Megan was in a bit of disbelief that Nasira went through the trouble of calling her here and even dressing as nice. What? How? What was the occassion?


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Wed Dec 20, 2023 4:06 pm

And thus when she arrived Nasira seemed happy. Over all it seemed that Nasira was over all. A bit old fashion setting this up. But why she elected to have all of this going on during winter is something else. She most likely would have to come up with something to make sure Meg didn't get too cold. Then again Nasira was a fire mage so that might help slightly.

But Nasira was not going to be too quiet. Even if she did tend to be short with words."I am glad you came, I do not know if you are use to such things but something I was taught to impress a person is to set up something like this."Nasira said openly admitting she was trying to impress Megan, But that was just Nasira being blunt.

So she would explain more."This is something I have heard some one I was around for a long period of time use to do. A dinner date."Hopefully Megan would take to this well. Walking over to where Megan had arrived she offered her arm to walk to the table, if taken Nasira would follow the steps she practice well. Bringing Megan to her spot to sit then pulling her chair out waiting for her to sit down, Nasira was doing all this assuming Megan knew what to do here.


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Tue Dec 26, 2023 3:22 am

She smiled sweetly hearing Nasira's explanation, she didnt mind the bluntness as that was good, to get to the point. She chuckled softly "Well, colour me impressed"
Nasira would then explain more, which caused Megan to blush, a dinner date? She has never been to one. Ok, now she is definitely impressed and speechless. Nasira over to she was and then Nasira offered her arm to walk to the table, the blonde lady shyly took it. And thus she was brought to her spot to sit. The fact that Nasira even pulled the chair for her was like wow. Anywho, the blushing Megan now sat there and awaited for Nasira to sit at her own place
Ok, this was not what she was expecting. But now she wondered what else could happen. Hmm, maybe she needed a glass of water. Nasira... she really went all out didnt she? Well, she did set out to impress and she already succeeded


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Thu Dec 28, 2023 6:39 am

This was already pretty easy it seemed, but then again she did not assume much of Megan to start with which is why she kind of did not mind trying to get this to work, Nasira wanted to live a simple life and Megan was a simple person to understand if anything it was over all a benefit."To think I could do all of this at home too, It just would not look as nice."Nasira said because well. In some manner this was equally for her as well as for Nasira herself.

But she was delighted, this would work as she thought it would."I might out done myself too, But that is just me."Nasira said as well. But she was happy and they where starting their meal together so there was not much else to complain about. But Nasira would make sure they both had glasses of water.


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Fri Jan 05, 2024 3:35 am

She smiled "Home tends to have a cozy atmosphere" Nasira spoke how she could've done this at home and thus would be less impressive, but Megan thought that a home offered a lovely atmosphere to counteract its non fanciness. Nevertheless, Megan loved both ideas

Anywho, once she was sat down and helped by Nasira, the two would talk. With Narisa claiming that she might have out done herself. Megan would have to agree, because this was incredible work and effort.
"Its not just you. I can definitely see the work and effort you put out. This does definitely feel very special" she replied as she didnt want Nasira to doubt herself that 'its just her' nah nah, she needed proper validation. And she was curious to see how this develops and how the evening progresses. Did she decide a special meal for them too? Oh gosh, she never experienced something like this


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Sat Jan 06, 2024 10:00 am

Nasira if anything did not lose her charm it seems between one other person she was relaxing with before meeting Megan. Nasira had her some what confidence return. Even if it almost seem like she did this not only because she wanted to win over Megan. But to show herself something too. Megan was just an simple part in the end she did not realize.

But Nasira was over all starting to seem happy with how it worked out."Just be sure to mention if anything else while we are eating here."Nasira didn't sound as serious anything if anything more endearing about these things. But the food was presented and Nasira seemed to wait for Megan to start eating before she did.

After all to Nasira, Megan was the star of the show so to say."If this goes well, I will think of future interesting things to do together."


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Fri Jan 12, 2024 10:12 am

She nodded "Alright, if anything comes to mind, I will mention" and thus the food would arrive. She didnt know did Nasira want her to start eat first, so she took a small bite and... she absolutely loved it. As soon as she swallowed what she had, she spoke "Oh I like this! Delicious!" she was very happy with the tasty meal, though she did feel shy because she was being watched so she felt self concious about herself, she couldnt help but blush a bit. No one did something like this for her.

Nasira also added that if this goes well, that she will think of future interesting things to do together. If you ask Meg, she already thought this went well.
"I'd love to do more things together" she said and then continued eating. Though when watched she did try to be all prim and proper because they were in a fancy place


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Tue Jan 16, 2024 6:03 pm

Nasira's charm seemed to have worked. But why else would it naught she just figured out and managed to find some one who was interested in the more rougher charm that she had, Just needing a chance for it to hook. Or there was other things going on here that Nasira did not care about. After all she was not following the norm of sitting across of Megan she was sitting next to Megan only because she felt it was better. After all it was mostly akins from the past.

But that was just Nasira, she knew how to make twists of things she knew of and learned from the world around it."I over all figured it would be a bit of a time to find everything fitting."Nasira mentioned because Megan had started. She would some what take her time.

With that mentioned it seemed Nasira would have another section of work in her life. More things to do with Megan."I am sure we both can get ideas for the next date."Nasira said while she seemed to allow her time to process and enjoy this time.


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Thu Jan 25, 2024 3:59 am

As Nasira mentioned next date, Megan then took the opportunity to ask "Well, what do you like to do?" as in what were Nasira's hobbies and interests. Maybe they have things in common for some future activities to do later. Plus she wanted to get to know Nasira more than the just limited time they had together back in Stella

All in all, Meg enjoyed this date, it was delightful and it was unlike anything she ever experienced. Dare say, this was her first real date, so she didnt quite know what to do and sorta followed Nasira's lead and improvised as things go. She wanted to try and take lead in the conversation asking Nasira what she liked as to not always be passive towards her. But taking lead in a conversation was as far as she can go. In regards to more romantic stuff like kisses or physical contact, it was something she didnt quite have the bravery to incentivise and start first


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 7:20 am

It was a good question to ask her. Nasira would take a bit of time to think about it. She really did not do much side from things that just tried to generally improve herself. It was over all something she never considered about it when trying to actually think about it."I do...a lot of hiking, exercising and yoga."Nasira started eventually while she thought about and ate a bit of her food seemingly pondering what could be done next.

There are a few things she thought of while sitting here, in some manner it was some what tempting to go skiing and see how that goes. But not everyone was ready for that."So maybe find a nice places and I show you some starting yoga stuff?"Nasira was trying, it seemed like a simple idea to do. In which means all and it all it was pretty good to consider.


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Sat Feb 03, 2024 5:17 am

"I like to travel, walk and play music. I wouldnt mind trying some hiking" even if she might not be in the best shape for that. She would slowly eat her own meal as she threw an offer of trying Nasira's interest. Maybe that could be a decent 2nd date idea. Granted Nasira didnt have to do that, Meg didnt mean to put her on the spot like that, but she was showing interest and thus wanted to do something Nasira liked. Yoga was nice, but she didnt know about Yoga. She assumed you needed flexibility she didnt have

Though Nasira suggested that Yoga might be simpler "Yoga? What is it like?" again, she had her own ideas of what is something like, but she didnt know how accurate she was with her assumptions. Meg does assume though that Nasira knows whats easier. Yoga or hiking. Ultimately she would let Nasira have the final choice in the matter


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 8:07 am

It did seem her ideas work would with out much problems. Because she figured no one was into her normal behaviours of trying to style healthy and keep in shape. Thus hearing that she would continue in on it a bit."Well Keep in mind most of my hobbies are these things, I take staying healthy a bit extreme at times."Nasira mentioned since that connection was there she was now able to have a fairly decent conversation with her.

Even going on to explain yoga to her."Yoga is a practice I do from my home land that helps strength, balance and flexibility of the body and mind from different poses of the body. I do it every morning and sometimes also every evening if i either need to or feel like i haven't done enough."It seemed if anything Nasira was opening up a bit more now.


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Tue Feb 13, 2024 4:28 am

Nasira said that she is the type to take the health life style seriously. Meg wondered "Does that mean you only eat healthy stuff too. Like how much serious are we talking about when it comes to health" she was curious to hear. Meg didnt mind to improve herself and compromise, but she doubted she would be able to reach Nasira's level of healthy life style. Mostly because she likes to go with the flow, and sometimes that doesnt mean the healthy option

When Nasira spoke about Yoga, Megan asked her "Would you mind showing me those poses once?" she couldnt really imagine what was it like, so she would like to see it and experience it. Try it out at least once to see what was it all about. After that, she didnt really know what to say or ask to keep the flow of the conversation, so she focused a bit on the meal


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Fri Feb 16, 2024 7:55 am

It was a fair question but was Megan prepared for such a conversation? Most likely because Nasira was going to no matter what explain it all fairly in depth."I tend to find the most healthiest things i can, I often spend hours at markets to make sure the foods i am buying do not look off, I often am out exercising for at least 2 to 3 hours a day, I track everything too."Nasira mentioned in simple terms what all she does. She could easily go more in depth if needed but Nasira did keep it simple at this time.

With that maybe something else was also planned for the future."Well if that is something you want to do, I have no problem doing that with you. I do not mind at all. I am sure we can find the place some where."Nasira mentioned to start with but just would make sure to mention."Do make sure for such things, you wear clothing that is stretchy and some what relaxed fitting for such a matter."Nasira also mentioned leaving out the part that sometimes people do it naked too but she assume that was not entire the interest at the time.


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Fri Feb 23, 2024 1:54 am

"Hours in markets? How come? Like what takes up the most time when checking for healthy foods?" she figured it must be produce, such as fruit and veggies because anything that was packaged would be like easy to buy if it was a brand you trust and vetted that was good. So she was curious about Nasira's system of doing things

After that she would ask Nasira if she would show her a yoga pose or some yoga poses, as in plural. Nasira answered that if that was something Meg wanted to do, she'd have no problem with it, she was sure they can find a place to do it. But did warn for such things to have relaxing or stretchy clothes. Meg nodded "Of course of course" she understood about what clothing she needed for it
As for location "Where do you usually have yoga?" was it home or some specialized place


An Old Fashion Date.(Meg) Empty Thu Feb 29, 2024 4:33 pm

It was a good question to as and Nasira did not mind explaining. She had no shame about it only because she was honest about it."I have a habit of inspecting things for a long period of time. taking into account how old the product is, how long until i intend to use it and how ripe or ready it is to use...So i tend to take long periods of the time sometimes."Nasira said so casually because it was just how she was about these things."I only will spend my money on exactly what i need because i am use to limited budgets."As she explained it over all in a manner she felt would make sense.

Then well the yoga part."Depends on weather, if it's winter at home, summer or spring i will go for a jog and find a place fitting and safe."That seemed to show she did more then just yoga as well when she planned that, for it was also about calming the mind as well.

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