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Terror and Rampage. [TLB – Counterattack]

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Terror and Rampage. [TLB – Counterattack] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2023 6:04 am

The news of vampires fully raging and attacking heading toward Baska was a strange thing to hear and was fully concerning when the report had gotten to Akiza, she turned to Nasira. "We need to go more Vampire attacks are happening going in the way of Baska Square and they need our help." Vex hurried and grabbed up her bow and the daggers that she had sat on the table that they were eating at for lunch and she hopes that they make it in time to save some people at least as they were not far from the square that the reports said was about to be under attack and Vex was running as fast as her wood elf legs could carry her as she didn't want anyone to lose their lives if she could help it, Vex's cape flapped in the wind a little and the heart on the cape was glowing as she wished to find the fastest path to the Square and he following where the cape was leading her, she hoped that she wasn't leaving Nasira too far behind but she knows Nasira is in peak form so she probably wasn't too far behind Vex.

Once Vex arrived to the square she made shields to protect those that were about to get attacked and she hoped that her mana would hold out and that she would be able to take out the vampires as she fired her bow but most of the shots were non-vital to the vampires so she was not able to slow the vampires down much as it was getting dark so they would be getting strong and that means probably more dangers and unpredictable as well but she was going to do her best and not allow the vampires to get their fill here as there were people to keep safe.


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It was now time to return to base or the city because no better reason then to make sure everyone would be more protected. Vex already seemed to be running off with out problems. At least they both are still prepared and ready for the things they needed to do even no longer thinking about. Nasira was only slightly behind because she was over all looking around to see what was around them while on the move.

If anything her guard was up because she needed to be sure . But she would eventually catch up. They seemed to have been heading towards more possible danger and at one point vex had let go of her hand, in which was better to do for the sake of the mission at hand, They where setting up defences to protect the people and Nasira was starting to figure out a means go guide them away from the situation in front of them out of the area until its safe.



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Vex kept going as she flipped and landed on the top of a wall and runs along the wall and she fires her bow at the vampires that she could see and then firing an arrow up into the air and a ton of water arrows rain down on the area that those vampire were and there was screams that filled the air there as a group of vampires were defeated and Vex keeps her eye on Nasira to make sure that she didn't get over run as their seemed to be a ton of Vampires that were starting to pour in from the forest this was a large scale siege on the city and Vex wonders if the remains of sleeping Calamity was still also around to help and fight back the vampires as they use to be part of this city and the guild to protect this city. Vex figured they were never ones to come out and fight so it was pointless to hope they would come and fight as they seemed to have lost their fangs long before she had come to this country. "How are you feeling about this all Nasira?"
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It was a good question but it was not much of Nasira's worry in her mind about being slowed down too much. When it kind of came to it she just needed to hurry a bit more and push on forward. If anything Narisa was still focusing really hard to make sure whatever she was doing would be effective while Vex was fighting vampires from a far.

So Nasira had it in mind to start fighting them as they finally grew closer to make sure they. But she will finally answer her question. How she felt about this matter."I feel: slightly worried."Nasira said over all. Even if short in words it seemed to express a fair amount she was worried."There isn't normally a large group in this matter to deal with this. At this level."Then again Nasira said only because. Her experiences with vampires were over all limited and if anything rare enough that it was hard grasp currently.




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Akiza hearing the answer from the other woman she was okay but had a back feeling about this Vex guess that she knows that this was a higher danger quest or they wouldn't be on it but the pure volume of vampires that the guild was currently fighting was way to much and that seemed to have the number that was growing very quickly and Vex keeps her bow and she is ready to keep fighting and Vex needs to keep her self on the level of the wall and the arrows keep flying out into the forest and hitting vampires and that is something that she can handle. She hoped that the other woman would be okay and that was a lot of vampires and things that were out there and Vex looked at how the other guild members were holding out as this is pointless to hold if the flanks are falling through and the guild members are falling but to her surprise the other members are still holding out and keeping the line so vex can focus.

Akiza makes sure to send healing spells down and onto the other woman so if she gets hurt the void butterflies will keep helping the fire woman stay healthy and the bow shots keep raining out into the crowds and Akiza hopes she is doing enough.
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Nasira might not realize that in some manner due to a behaviour she was use to being might seem worrying. But so Nasira she was use to not explaining or saying much and she some what seemed to be getting better and in which over all was a good thing. But Nasira felt like speaking as she was. Good enough but would have to learn down the path in the future that it might be a bit odd for people to meet some one who speak a bit less then most people.This over all where going at least as best as they could. from here.

She was okay and merely pondered if there was anyone else they needed to fight while they where here long enough to be saved or look out for."Are we looking for anyone else while we are here?"Which was something she felt she needed to know. Over all Nasira was keeping her eye out for anyone else while she was starting to fight off Vampire if they where any where near her. If not then she could focus on toasting up these vampire a bit more quicker then how she was currently, one less thin to focus on.

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Vex had keep fighting back the Vampires that were coming toward the city and she heard the other woman speak and ask if there was someone else here. Vex wondered if maybe Nasira’s instincts were telling her that someone in the city might have been working with the vampires to cause these issues or to have given a tip this city wasn’t as closely guarded by the guild as one would seem since the guild had just started not long ago it was still a bit light on members so they could just swarm it and attack while the members were away fighting a different foe in a different place then here. "I only know that we are to hold back the vampires trying to force their way into the city, do you sense someone or something in the city?"

Vex knows better than to just blindly trust a feeling but she knows that some feelings can not be ignored and that they would need to follow this feeling if it were some thing that kept to nag at Nasira as Vex rather search for this person Nasira might sense than her to be dumb and this person end up back stabbing them and the Vampires win because of Vex’s inaction in trying to find and deal with them so Vex was going to keep her eyes open and ready to go but she also knows that it could be nothing but a wild goose chase. Akiza kept firing her arrows and slowing down the hoarde that seemed never ending but it might be that the numbers are filled with illusions and copies and not real creatures to weaken them before the stronger vampires force their way in on them.
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That was a fair question to ask and in some manner Nasira wanted to give a good answer but she was not really coming up with much that could over all be good. They just had to keep handling vampires"Something is off, I just can not place my finger on it."Nasira then unsure how else to feel about the matter just went back to fighting the these vampires with a bit more focus and turned away from whatever was bugging her mind at the time.

But she would over all just make sure it was still in mind while they continued on."Unless you pick up the same off feeling we should keep going, I am only going to slow everyone down."Nasira said because she knew how this might effect her. So she would just focus on what she was slowing down. Internally Nasira felt a bit guilty about slowing down over nothing but she was not any less brutal fighting them.




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Vex heard the woman's words and she smiled. "You are not holding anyone back sweet heart, you are just telling me you have a gut feeling." Vex got down and hurried over to help cover Nasira's back as there was a bit of a lull in the action like the vampires were regrouping and planning so this was a very important moment that they needed to make sure that they took seriously and Vex knows well enough that he needs to make it count and be the best person that she can be as well as a mentor to the woman that had chosen to trust her fate to her and have her back here. Vex kept her bow ready as she scanned the trees and she had a bad feeling now as the forest had grown too quiet as if there was really nothing out there in the forest and then she heard screams coming from back with in the city walls and she looked at the ground.

"Was this attack up here only a distraction for them tunneling in?!" Vex hurried to scale the wall when out of the forest an attack came falling out and at Vex who thanks to Carla yelling dodged the attack and the damage it did to the wall was not small Vex would have been dead if that had hit her squarely and she is now more worried for Nasira's safety out here vs monsters like what ever had fired that at her. Vex had landed gracefully on the ground and she looked around then a six or seven foot vampire broke the tree line and on his right arm had a cannon of darkness attached to his arm. Vex can tell in an instance that was what had nearly just killed her but she can see that the cannon is steaming a big meaning that it might have a cooldown between big attacks like that. "We need to strike now Nasira!"
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It was different, Nasira did not know what she was over all expecting. It was true her feeling were not something to ignore but she still did most of the time because she was over all just trying to consider if people where in danger or not. But most likely everyone was out of the area and safe at this point at least in her mind. The major flaw of Nasira was over all she kept a lot of things to herself and often only really acted when it was up to it's final moments. Nasira had a lot of gut feelings and maybe she needed to think on them a bit more."Maybe so."She would merely leave it like that because she was going to still focus on the things they needed to do now.

But maybe Nasira's gut feeling was right. Or Vex find things she did not know think consider yet. But they needed to go nonetheless. Something was slowing them down or distracting them and Nasira was uncomfortable with. But not enough to really shake her mentally but she knew at least she needed to follow with where Vex was going. It seemed she no mater what there was pressing things to do.

But the cannon fire seemed to only affirm something was odd and off feeling about the manners going on at the time when the cannon fire went on and Vex hearing they needed to continue on. It seemed Nasira did not waste any time following along, They were not going to waste time because it would just be a horrible situation to have happen if they just left them continue to add to their offensive force on they people like they where trying to deal with at this time. It might have been entirely a distraction to cover for what they were building up for so they did not have some one like Nasira burn it all down with fire.




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Vex did her best to try and hit spots on the giant monster that she would think are weaker spots on the creatures body and she hopes it doesn't fire at her at point blank. She starts using her dagger more to try and keep it off balance as the dagger hits with it's delayed effects and that is what she aimed for as this thing seemed to have very thick skin and she knows that she is not going to get through it so fast but she hoped that the flame mage that was with her would be able to maybe help to burn back some of the layers and keep it open as this creatures healing factor seemed to be working over time as it pretty much just healed back the slashes from the dagger to it's flesh and rending had done nothing but just make her arm sore and she can hear that the cannons cool down was almost over and she moved swift jumping back as the cannon on it's arm started to spin and vex was pushed back by the spinning winds that the cannon was giving off and Vex landed and kept her balance but if they don't hurry and act she is probably going to get shot at again.
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No matter what she thought she needed to be a bit better only because it was a serious matter that needed to be handled. Vex at least was doing a very good job and doing her best, Nasira sure did feel like she was lagging behind even if Vex did not feel like she was. But they where doing other things She would stop beating herself internally about waiting time much like she was currently. If anything now they she was letting her worry for the people be set aside she would focus on being what she was to start with.

But at least Nasira thought one thing, All matter an be solved with fire and a bit of using some fists. Thinking to herself she one of these days needed to get herself a sword or something to aid her in these matters. then again she lack the money for it and did not often think about it until these matters. As much as she wanted to think about buying a sword as much as she wished to have some nice Ful Wa Ta’ameya, something that reminds her of home. But maybe that was better left another time.

After all she had things to hold back like vampires. Which she was getting back to now. Because it was her just starting to keep these things moving along. Thus she would get back into focus upon beating things up because they where in front of her at the time, They where Vampires after all and they were also trying to fight and kill people. There was just something about watching Nasira starting to beat up and lit vampires on fire as a means to slow then down, Then to find some kind piece of wood shortly after to rid them.

She had to help these cannons she was not doing her part after all Vex was starting to have some trouble at least in her mind so now she had to help or else it would good badly. So Nasira would start speeding up and running forwards much like. There was most likely doing something akin to boost yourself like a fire ball that most likely showed was taking this seriously or whatever else a person could have in there mind. Nasira used her magic in basic form and merely seemed to use it to help her beat people.

Rather then casting things like fire balls or the many other long ranges spells she could do. If anything it was more she was using it to make sure she hit people harder. Some one did not really teach her much but she was keeping up with vex and beating things up to help with the cannons. But over all she was unsure how many vampires she could lite on fire before it becamse either more or less effect over all but she was starting to at least disarm the cannons to help, As long as Vex managed too they would clear this up with out problem.


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Vex was glad to see that Nasira was able to pick up the slack and be able to cover her back and she wonders if there was something that she could do to more keep people safe as she can still hear cries from the city where the other Guardia Compagnia members were and she hopes they can handle themselves as she has he hands full out her and she dodges some rapid fired shots from the giant vampires and she wonders if she and Nasira's magic would clash or not but she was making sure to keep her focus and she herself started to cast spells and release her destructive power. She pulled back her arm and a void shot blasted forth from her and it made holes in trees and anything that was in it's way and she looked in awe as she had never used that spell before and she was a bit scared of the power that the spell had and she wondered why she hadn't used it before. "Sorry if that scared you Nasira, I had not used that before and I will probably not use it again if I don't have to."

The giant Vampire in front of Vex had fallen to the ground as there was a giant hole through them and vex moved to go and heal those that were around her as she needed to make sure that at least some of the new members survive this battle as their guild was still new and they can't really afford to lose members but she will also understand when some of them give up this life as this was a high level mission and they were probably mostly high D to high C ranked members that had barely cut their teeth in normal combat and this was a now a game of high risk chess and Vex was going to make sure that this fight doesn't end with all her pawns dead and thrown about the ground as he magic super healed them thanks to her cape.
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