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Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes [Hakai]

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Hakai had become accustomed to dealing with shady figures, and once again, he found himself standing in front of Akabo. The seasoned enforcer's skepticism was palpable as he watched Hakai closely, perhaps wondering why he had to rely on someone who appeared less experienced. However, Akabo's request was clear, and Hakai took a seat, listening attentively as the details unfolded. His smile masked the shrewd calculations going on behind his eyes. This was an opportunity, and Hakai knew he could benefit from it.

With a casual nod, Hakai acknowledged the instructions. "Alright, I'll get back to you on this," he replied, rising from his seat and heading for the exit. Drugs and their destructive impact on lives weren't something he condoned. Still, he understood the chaos they created and the power vacuum they could fill. He was involved for his own reasons, primarily profit and the satisfaction of quelling such turbulence.

As he left Akabo's presence, Hakai made his way to Aavis, the man of the hour, the one he needed to put focus on in today's request. Aavis was a distinctive figure, noticeable in the crowd with his beehive-style hair and the only medicine peddler that somehow attracted attention. Hakai approached him, with no interest in a cure but solely to inquire about the latest developments in his business. Aavis, upon noticing Hakai's approach, decided to bring up his hair, saying, "White hair? Are you in need of a solution for that? I can restore its color to black for just 100,000 Jewels! Wait here, and I'll prepare a special elixir for you!"

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Hakai didn't entertain Aavis's attempts to sell his items and instead went straight to the point. He demanded to know how Aavis had made the substance he's trading, and the peddler hesitated, as though guarding his trade secrets. "Just like a magician. It's a trade secret!" Aavis deflected, clearly unwilling to reveal his methods.

Frustrated with Aavis's lack of cooperation, Hakai observed him packing up his goods. It seemed his presence had rattled Aavis, who was now in a hurry to leave his current location. With no other options, Aavis departed quickly, making his way down the street. Hakai, however, was relentless. He leaped onto the rooftops and began to trail Aavis from above, moving silently from one building to another. Though Aavis occasionally glanced behind him, his unease was evident, and he couldn't have known that Hakai was shadowing his every move from the high vantage point.

As the sun began to set and the light of day waned, Aavis finally stopped to meet another figure, a man in a black robe. They exchanged greetings and engaged in a conversation that Hakai strained to hear. However, their words remained out of his grasp. Frustrated and unsatisfied with the outcome, Hakai decided to leave his observation spot. But just as he turned to depart, he noticed the man in the black robe opening the cover of a cart behind him, revealing a collection of supplies and various unfamiliar substances that seemed to match Akabo's description. Intrigued, Hakai's curiosity led him to follow the man, determined to uncover the source and purpose of these mysterious components.

As Hakai trailed the figure, he noticed that their path led them to a small abandoned house. The building was in a state of disrepair, with broken windows and an overall decrepit appearance. Two other men stood in front of the house, guarding its entrance. Peering through the side windows, Hakai could see several shadowy figures gathered around a table, engaged in some sort of activity. However, the distance made it impossible for him to discern the details of their actions.

In an audacious move, Hakai continued past the group as though he was just passing through the area. His casual act drew the attention of the black-robed figure and the two men guarding the house. One of the men confronted Hakai, his voice laced with intimidation, asking about his business in the area. "Young man, what are you looking for? This area is off-limit!"

Hakai replied calmly, stating that he was looking to purchase certain substances rumored to be available in the vicinity. "I'm looking to buy certain medications that could send you high. I heard from rumors, there was a place around this area." The group exchanged glances and hesitated, revealing a hint of their illegal activities. "We do sell things like that but we only sell it to selected customers. Now scram!"

In an attempt to further infiltrate their trust, Hakai mentioned Aavis and claimed that the peddler was no longer available for business, supposedly replaced by a better supplier. "Oh you mean Aavis? He's no longer available to do business. I'm his boss and we want to terminate the partnership with Aavis. We found a better peddler."

This revelation caught the attention of the black-robed figure, who became increasingly alarmed. "Nonsense. He's our best customer and we just recently met. Oh, I remember, he mentioned about a certain white-haired guy. You must be it!"

Realizing they might be exposed, the figure gave the order to attack. "Attack!" However, Hakai was already prepared for such a situation. He unleashed a powerful gust of wind in the form of a roar, catching the group off guard and pushing them forcefully toward the dilapidated house. The impact shattered the front door and parts of the structure, and cries of pain echoed from within. Even after such degree of attack, Hakai didn't hesitate for once, unleashing again magic circles that sent slashing winds through the house, rendering the assailants inside incapacitated. "Better finish this completely!" Hakai muttered as he jumped into the abandoned house.

Inside the abandoned house, Hakai's presence was like a force of nature. His hair billowed in the gusts of air he unleashed, and the interior of the building was already in shambles due to their battle. The supplies and concoctions lay in ruins, a testament to the devastation wrought by their conflict. The black-robed figure, who was now sprawled on the ground with blood oozing from his mouth, mustered a threat, vowing that Hakai would pay for his actions. "You! You will pay for this!"

Unfazed by the challenge, Hakai met the figure's gaze with a stern expression. With a commanding tone, Hakai issued an ultimatum, "Stop selling your supplies and scram from Hosenka! Or else, I will haunt you all down and your families!"

Raising his arms, a massive magic circle formed beneath him, summoning a barrage of tornadoes that swept through the house, obliterating everything in their path. It was Hakai's most potent area-of-effect attack, and it left nothing but scars of the fierce battle that had taken place. Satisfied that he had put an end to their operations, Hakai quickly exited the ruins and made his way back to Akabo.

"All done! My money!" With an air of confidence, he presented the ruined samples he had collected from the site as evidence of the quest's completion and demanded his rewards without hesitation.

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