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Scared Bun vs the Sea

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Scared Bun vs the Sea Empty Tue Oct 31, 2023 2:21 pm

Scarlett was boarding a boat the was headed for Luluhawa island. She never been there in all of her travels. Oddly enough it felt like a place her Aunt would of dashed for. She loved lushed areas of the sort. The climate, people, and most importantly, the food were enough to bring on over. But she did very much feel like the fact one had to take a boat trip like this took this option out from the usual choices.

Scarlett sat to herself, trying hard to keep to her lonesome. She was deep into a book now about some of the cultural tidbits of the island. Although she mostly only focused on the aspects of their story and myth. It was refreshing to have a lot of stories centered around the sea. It was hardly her norm, nor that of her peoples. So she found the colorful tales of trickster gods and benevolent goddess so enticing.



Scared Bun vs the Sea Empty Tue Oct 31, 2023 2:25 pm

Only halfway through her book did a man aboard shot to the rest that they were soon to dock. For all aboard to stay within their seats bad begin to pack their things. Scarlett was finishing the last of her cookies by now and did not care to pack just yet. But she did begin to pick a spot to leave off of so that she would find peace when it was time to leave.

The waves would churn as they pushed the boat along. The rocking sensation brought the rabbit peace. She hoped to enjoy this even more as she got along with her job. She was tasked to help cur the beast in the waters. It was not a custom of the islanders to do it themselves. They did not like to mess with the balance. This was something Scarlett could respect, but she also did no mind being the one to help assist in the task.



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When she got off, she followed a person that had prompted her to join in the venture in the first place. An adventurer that was no stray to setting foot on the islands. He spoke in the markets of Basra requesting a crew and thought it sounded an odd area to search, he said his motivations was to get those of the newly build guild to join. He figured it was an easy area to search for those hungry for the work. After all they still had much to prove and build for themselves. So what better place, and a challenge for a people with tournaments often, to test their grits with beasts and the sea itself.

Scarlett was indeed one of those people quite eager to prove herself. So she would figure she could take this chance. If at all, because it was an option.

And so after him she followed him as he lead her to a local crew that he was acquainted with.


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