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A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.)

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A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Sun Oct 29, 2023 6:57 pm

She was late to the party, not willing to admit it but she was late. She had slept in a bit longer then she normally would have wanted too thus when she was a late arriving here most of what had happen here most likely had taken place. But she was here with Alistair and in some manner she viewed this was a lovely chance for art, on the back of her furry friend with no umbrella because it was too shady for it but she seemed to be drawing a picture of the sky while Alistair was walking forward towards things.

Mimi and Alistair would head to Santalicia. Only because she figured it would be a good centre point where people gathered, Living dead known or unknown there was much to learn form all of this and Miriko was really happy to be here, not realizing who else would be here too.


A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Mon Oct 30, 2023 6:35 am

Speaking of being late, there was another person who was also late. She hummed playfully as she explored this new land. She didnt see any of her guild mates and so she hoped someone was here. She knew her Guild Master was in Stella, but where exactly? Well she didnt know. Until then she went to explore the place on her own

She noticed someone who was doing art, so she curiously approached them to see what they were drawing. She didnt announce her presence or anything. Just sort of eavesdrop. And as she watched she admired the girls skill. She remembered when she used to draw before. It kind of made her wish she didnt drop art as her hobby. She was sort of discouraged to do so, so she stopped. Now all she could do was wish she could do what others could. Well at least she can dabble in magic a bit


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While they where travelling about and Miriko was drawing away she seemed to be a good matter over all and slowly things would be different for one of them. For once not Miriko who things would be different for, As Alistair would be the one chosen this time. He would stop at some point. Miriko would use this as a chance to look around at the people around her and noticed some one with pink hair. It was a different sight as she did not see so many with pink hair. Even using her splintered focus for a moment to wave at them.

Then Alistair would sniff for a moment. It was the only time he would really act any different."Mimi...there's some one where we need to go now!"he simply said. Miriko confused just simply said. "What?.."since this was not normal Alistair behaviour she was no doubt unsure how to feel.

Then Alistair started jogging towards something like he was on a mission and Miriko was along for the ride. Here Miriko was going to meet a new person and that was now in limbo because this was important to Alistair. But there search started now.


A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2023 7:46 am

She noticed the artist wave at them, so she curiously waved back. And she decided to approach them. Sally loved art and she loved to express herself through art. But she never got to sharpen her art skills. Her drawings are much more amateurish and crude, she was ashamed of her art and envious of others.

She noticed the big cat and the artist had made a run for it. She wodnered if she scared her away. So she felt bad. But also curious as to what was really going on, so she followed the artist and her animal companion. She wondered where they were going. Was something bad happening and could she help. Sally had no idea what would happen or if she would be of any use. Even just be a moral support or just someone to stay on the sideline. She just wanted to see what would happen and what was the closure to this not encounter


A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2023 2:43 pm

As they trailed off Miriko would just mention."Wait Alistair there's a new friend their!" Alistair annoyingly stopped."fine fine, But there is some one important here."Miriko just opted to get off of Alistair. To walk over to the new person who was following seemingly them just to make sure. Alistair on the other hand went off on his own. To Miriko remarking to herself."That isn't normal....I need to figure out what's wrong with him later."Miriko so far assumed it was nothing.

So she would find this new person and seemingly waved again. Miriko was normally a shy person but if anything she had a wonder about this woman's appearance."I mean this in a not rude, Is your hair naturally that colour?"Miriko asked for good reason, because she did style and cut hair when some one let her, It was just her learning more things that where considered an art.

Alistair on the other hand was busy trying to find what all was bothering that was like a lingering voice in his mind that was telling him to go find something it was a smell in the air, he need to find it.


A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2023 2:52 pm

The person apologized, saying her kitten friend wasnt always like this, it was agitated.
"Ah i see" she replied, to which then the girl asked if this was her natural hair. Sally shook her head "No. I dyed it this colour. Its normally like brown, lighter shade than yours."

Sally then glanced over to Alistair and asked Mimi "Is your kitty ok? I dont think he's good" if the person didnt leave because of her, then the kitty must have a reason to go, especially if it aint normal behaviour.
"I wanted to see you draw. I like to draw too. But I guess I didnt catch you at a good time. I mean, I'd like to hang out with you. You seem cool, but" yeah, she couldnt just let the kittens plight be unchecked or helped. She was willing to help if she could, so they could all be fine and dandy

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With that answer she did have to ask merely because she was in some manner an eternal student to her own causes."Oh, I might need to know what you use, When i tried for some one who requested me too once, It did not turn out as even in color."Miriko sounded actually a bit excited. like she was going to learn a lot from this matter she was not even seemingly judging her for her choices if any Miriko viewed it as an art form that she yet to master.

Alistair on the other hand seemingly fixed on trying to find what his nose and heart was telling him was not too fair from what was bothering his mind. I was merely just a few feet away. Over all however there was many bodies around him that made it hard for him to focus at that time to what he was seeking."Alistair should be okay...he isn't normally like this. he will return when it is out of his system unless you want to walk the way towards him we last saw him."It seemed that Miriko knew and figured they could walk to wards Alistair if need be.

as for her drawing."if you wish to do so then come on, I have plenty pieces of art to share."

#8Judina † 

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2023 6:41 pm

Judina †
There was some one in which Alistair was looking for in which was merely walking upon the many people by herself when she picked up on. But knowing Alistair was searching for her and Judina merely was taking her time meeting him again. After all there was some one else she needed to greet. Better yet to make sure she was on the right path.

Padding Alistair on the back she would figure out to quietly ask where Miriko was. Then when started walking towards Miriko and Sally. she only really was looking for Miriko. Sally would just merely be a bonus to talk too. After all she needed to bug him. But alas Judina had been finding another person who was looking for and it was just another hopeful thing to mark off the list of people to meet. One done a few other to do it seems to be.

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Alexss10

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Fri Nov 17, 2023 5:38 am

"Sure. I dont mind showing you. I mean what colour did you want?" she would ask as its rare someone would ask her fashion advice. It was odd, but she was having fun, even though they were rushing to another scene following a magic cat creature that was in seemingly distress

As they followed Alistair, Mimi said that her companion isnt always like this. Though Mimi said that they could walk to her kitten friend. Considering Mimi was the owner and knew her pet more, Sally nodded and trusted her to do it her way instead.

Moving back to an art topic, Mimi offered to share and Sally nodded, eager to see the art work that was being done by a real artist. Since they were on the art topic, she shared what she used for her own art stuff

"I like to use pencils and coloured pencils. I never had any fancy paint brush gear, I had to work very minimalist" her home conditions werent always the best and she never got support or back up to boost her confidence and moral in her skills. She liked to draw and express herself. She would sometimes craft things for herself, because she thought crafting was also expressive, whether it being some items or clothes. Granted her work was more patchy and frankensteiny than neat and beautiful, which was again an example of her own inexperience and inner chaos as she had no peace of mind. It was all a mess, in a way which represented her well.
As they would talk art, Sally would notice Alistair with a new person "Oh, is that a friend of yours?" she would ask Mimi


A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Sat Nov 18, 2023 7:31 pm

Miriko would get lost in her topic of conversation. She now would have to explain more of why she wanted to learn it rather then using it on herself. Because she was more interested in just learning it because it was something related to something she learned but had not had a chance to go through how to with another person before since everyone just uses magic."Well you see, I don't intend to do such things to myself. I in fact intend to learn it as a skill so that I may use later in case other people ask in while i am cutting their hair."Yes it is in fact true that Miriko knows how to cut hair, It was something consider a art from her heard from some one, So any thing new was a good thing to learn.

Even mentioning it as such."Everyone's solution now days is merely to use magic to change your hair colour, It is almost making how you do it a dying art."If anything Miriko sounded over all excited about the results of the things she was hearing at this moment.

Then they got to the friend part and it broke Miriko's focus on the things going on around her almost like she was slightly confused by that remark while Alistair was his way back to Mimi.

#11Judina † 

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Sat Nov 18, 2023 8:36 pm

Judina †
It was all coming together as it seemed Mimi was getting visited by a family member. So she would just not say much else and hug the painter. Even over all simply remarked."Some one go much taller."Judina simply started lifting this person off of the slowly as well. The amount of joy she felt about this was one she could not over all speak in words towards this matter."I almost did not know if it was you as well."Judina seemed to be saying this all, like her thoughts where some what aloud at the time.

But it seemed true they did know one another and it was a good moment over all"I can't have been away for that long?"It did also ponder that too to kind of run this all through her mind, it was connecting to her what was going on currently.

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Alexss10

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Sun Nov 26, 2023 8:36 am

She nodded as she heard out Mimi about the hair stuff "I never did it with magic. Though I understood people say its better and healthier for the hair. I guess I can see why people let it be a dying art. Its still a shame. If you want I can show you. Maybe I can dye my hair blue or let you do it so I can show you" she spoke to Mimi as she bonded with her fellow artist and hair dye enthusiast

Though Sally eventually asked Mimi if the person up ahead, Judina was a friend of hers. She didnt really say much to Judina and just gave her a wave. Unaware that the person before her is deceased and magically brought back. Honestly, the idea of the living dead would frighten her. Instead, she fixed her gaze on the cute kitty companion who she just wanted to pet


A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Sun Nov 26, 2023 2:58 pm

Mimi was no longer going to focus on the conversation and in some manner was too busy screaming internally about how some one she thought was never going to see her again just out of no where picking her up and hugging her. Then the reality of family hugging her after so many years was hitting her as well.

But Mimi was uncomfortable at this time. She then kind of let out an uncomfortable yelp noise that was almost not able to be picked up due to it's high pitch. Alistair would be running back not in a panic or scared but almost like when he was there he sat waiting for this figure he knew to do something in terms of interaction with him again.

"I guess, I found what It was."Alistair said sounding like he was feeling emotional for once, the closest thing Alistair placed his massive sized head on Judina's shoulder. Then waited.

#14Judina † 

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Sun Nov 26, 2023 3:09 pm

Judina †
Judina chuckled for a moment. Simply going on and saying."Little Miriko, You seemed to have changed, Anything lead me to believe i had not been gone that long."Judina said so casually but understood some things where not mentioned to be revealed but she then lowered Miriko enough to be in a hug and hugged her."You are still Little Mimi to me now."Judina said with a bit of a smile on her face.

Then Judina looked at Sally."I am sorry, I might have ruined your moment, would you like to join in on the group hug?"Judina sounded serious she invited Sally into the group hug."Between my mother, Alisa and you I have seen everyone i had not seen in such a long time."Then even reading her head on Alistair's while she enjoyed this moment. Judina merely mentioned for a moment.

While most likely Miriko and Alistair where emotional messes at this point Judina was not even remarking about it."From my mother becoming the guild master of Fairy Tail while i passed...to what i see now. The world is fair different compared to now."She let another moment of quiet pass then she would finally say."I love you still Mimi, Don't let anything let you forget you are not loved between me, Alistair and anyone else in the family."

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Alexss10

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Sun Nov 26, 2023 3:21 pm

She heard some tales of people coming back to life. She believed her guild master went to find someone like that. It seemed she encountered Mimi's long lost relative and the two have seemed to have an emotional moment. Sally mostly hung to the side to let them bond and hug it out.

But to her surprise the new lady actually called her in on the group hug. She was actually touched she got included in something, even if she was the outsider in this scenario. She joined the group and hugged it out with them. Feeling just as emotional about it as they were. Albeit she was emotional for other reasons. It wasnt a family reunion with a deceased long lost member. But to her, it was validation that she wasnt an outcast anymore

Though she would listen to Judina and blink as she heard her speak From my mother the guild master of Fairy Tail while i passed "Wait" Sally thought as it clicked who this woman was. And in turn realizing that Mimi is related also to her guild master
Once the group hug was over, she looked at them as she was piecing the info "Wait, so if you're the daughter of the Guild Master. And you two are related" she then looked at Mimi "How are you related to the Guild Master?"


A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Mon Nov 27, 2023 6:50 pm

It seemed Mimi would settle into the group hug for a while and not think about much. No longer where her thoughts on anything she normally did, no painting, no drawing, not the fact the person hugging her right now was dead, Not that Alistair now back entirely with the group. Even currently not on her mind was Sally trying to make the family connections, Miriko was kind of just taken in this moment for something she assumed she would never get a chance to again. Her panic was gone just a moment of bliss.

Even Alistair was not thinking about much else until Sally's question hit and Miriko seemed to almost start feeling panic again."G-g-g-guild master?"Miriko answered in a stutter. Miriko and Sally just met one another so she had no idea she was a member of Fairy Tail. She knew what Fairy tail was.

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Judina †
It was nice and peaceful but Judina most likely had to answer questions before her time was up. The hug was over and Judina had figured she had to answer the question."Miriko here is my cousin."Judina answered with out even considering anything else as a mean to worry about it.

Even then she point out something else."I even owned Alistair before she did."She was not bragging about either thing merely stating it because it was most likely factual information that Miriko most likely did not tell people right away.

But she had to ask at least this one question."What do you know of my mother?"Judina had to ask Sally this question because most likely there was a fair amount more to ponder over but little time left for it. So she would just ask that one thing about it, She was not going to get too nosy.

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Alexss10

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Judina answered some of her questions, namely her relation to Mimi as well as a neat fact that she owned kitty first. Which explained why Alistair took off. But now it was her turn to answer questions
"Not much. I joined the guild when she was away. I heard she traveled north when I joined. I mostly had this nice guy called Kaito kinda taking over and looking after the guild in the Fairy Guild Mothers absense. But I heard she was very nice and motherly and I cant wait to meet her. I mostly know of her via reputation and less as a person" she got saddened when she spoke the last sentence because Judith was on a trip and hasnt arrived yet in Magnolia, so she didnt get to see her yet and only lived on hype, stories and reputation from others. Ironically, she was a Fairy Tail member and yet she felt like among this group, she knew Judith the least


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It seemed these things sometimes would not be entirely well hidden forever she was not mad about it for once. Miriko often did not tell these people such things because it was something that she did not want spread around so much. But Sally was most likely not going to do much with it."Kaito won't give you much trouble, He is always been fairly nice."Miriko added in only because she knew exactly what he was like from meeting Kaito before.

But since they where not hiding it anymore."My aunt Judith is pretty friendly...I would warn you she is overly loving at times if you let her."Also was fair answer only off of the many years she had been around Judith in one way or another. Even Alistair remarking."There are things Judith tends to pick up on that other might not be aware if she is left to her own means."These both seemed like fair statements about Judith.

#20Judina † 

A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 6:29 pm

Judina †
It seemed it was all explained fairly well, but figured just in case. While they where both there and in some manner connected with her mother she simply smiled about it and seemed to express it as well."It seems maybe, I do not have too many things to explain about my mother then."After patting Mimi on the shoulder, Patting Alistair on the head and even patting Sally on the back."You seem to get it, tell go ahead and tell her I miss her for me and I am okay would you?"It seemed to be a Sally task given to her.

Then her parting words to Mimi and Alistair."Both of you keep safe out there, Living your life peacefully is important."Sure it all seemed casual but it was only because Judina seemed to understand her time was limited thus she made things pretty short here departing afterwards because she figured she would have a moment alone.


A Wish Forever Held to Memory.(Dance with the dead/Judina/Open.) Alexss10

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