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Monster Hunter II [RANK - B]

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Zerutod stood before the imposing entrance of the blood-soaked hospital, his silver hair dancing in the wind as he adjusted the grip on his katana. As he took a deep breath, the head of the local law enforcement approached him, his face etched with worry. "You must be Zerutod, the Rune Knight they sent to deal with this monstrous threat," the officer said, his voice laced with apprehension. Zerutod smiled politely and nodded, his pale lavender eyes focused on the task at hand. "Indeed, that would be me. Could you give me a rundown of the situation?" The officer cleared his throat, his gaze shifting uneasily. "Well, we've been losing contact with anyone we send into the hospital. It's like they vanish into thin air. We believe a bloodthirsty monster is behind it, lurking in the shadows." Zerutod's smile widened as he tapped his chin thoughtfully. "How intriguing. A cunning adversary indeed. Well, fear not, my friend. I shall infiltrate the hospital, save anyone I can, and put an end to this nightmare." With those words, Zerutod pushed open the doors and stepped into the dimly lit hospital. The stench of blood hit him like a punch to the face, causing him to momentarily falter.

He glanced around, his senses heightened by his blind state, and noticed the lifeless bodies of doctors, nurses, and patients strewn across the floor. "This monster has been thorough," he muttered to himself. As he delved deeper into the hospital, Zerutod felt a pair of eyes fixed on him from the shadows. He could sense the creature's presence, but it remained elusive, choosing not to attack just yet. His curious nature piqued, Zerutod followed the distant sound of a child crying. Rounding a corner, He found a small girl huddled in a corner, her tear-streaked face filled with terror, her quivering form illuminated by a faint beam of moonlight through a broken window. "Hey there, little one," Zerutod said gently, crouching down in front of her. "Don't worry, I'm here to help." But before he could even reach out to the frightened girl, the monster lunged at him from the darkened hallway. Zerutod, quick on his feet, raised his katana just in time to fend off the creature's sharp legs. Realizing the monster was using the girl as bait, Zerutod made a snap decision. He swiftly scooped her up in his arms and sprinted towards the hospital's entrance, skillfully maneuvering through the chaotic halls, dodging the creature's relentless attacks. But at every turn, the monster cut off their escape routes, forcing Zerutod to think on his feet.

As he rounded another corner, he spotted a broom closet and, without hesitation, ducked inside, narrowly avoiding the monster's strike. With the girl safely in his arms, Zerutod pushed against the closet door to keep it closed, catching his breath as he tried to calm her trembling form. "Hey there, little one," Zerutod whispered, his voice comforting. "We may be trapped for now, but don't worry. I promise I'll get us out of here." They sat in the tense silence of the cramped broom closet, Zerutod's mind racing as he put the pieces together. The monster was smart enough to use the girl as bait, and its sadistic game had just escalated. Determination burned in his eyes as he looked down at the girl. "Stay here, don't move. I'll be back for you." With that, Zerutod stepped out of the closet, his katana at the ready. He knew he couldn't let this monster roam free any longer. The battle that lay ahead would test his skills, but he was prepared to confront the creature and bring an end to its reign of terror.

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