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Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.)

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Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Fri Oct 20, 2023 2:34 am

It was the nice in which it seemed all the oddity of evens had taken place and Nasira was here as well looking and checking things herself. It was off putting yes but Nasira did not feel like she was in danger at all she felt like even with the fog, the dark and the feeling of spookiness she was not going to have anything happen to her. But she could not help but there was something else at play here.

And she needed to find out what that is. As she was lingering about it was like people who almost seem like they weren't here before given people's vocal mention of it as well as signs of physical presence was lingering about. But what did that mean for her? was this the chance she thought about it being? but that made it all work? as always plenty of thoughts lingers while she roamed.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Mon Oct 23, 2023 3:07 am

When she had a chance to travel to Stella, she happily took it. Meg was always a fan of traveling and exploring. But upon her arrival, it seems this country was in perpetual darkness. How ominous.
As she walked and explored this foreign land, she figured she should gather some information as to why were things oddly supernatural.

She walked and walked, looking for someone who can illuminate her on this countrys condition. So as she explored her eyes laid upon an individual. Who just so happened to be Nasira. And so she would approach the lady and speak to her
"Excuse me. But do you know why things are so dark around here?"
Truth be told, she doubted she could do anything to change the condition of the land. But knowledge was power, perhaps someone else can take care of it if they knew how or why this was happening.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Mon Oct 23, 2023 4:14 pm

Of all people to ask Nasira was one who was most likely helpful to ask because she was seemingly focused on gather what other people where talking about at the time and would sum up what she knew to this new woman, while offering to walk with her. To see what all could happen while they walked."Well from what I gather, they call it the dance with the dead."Nasira answered.

But she would actually be sure to look at the person she was talking too."The darkness and fog is an effect that follows along with it required for the spell to work. Some people we may see here are dead just happening to show up here a chance for people to talk to their love ones again."AT least that was what Nasira gathered about the matter at hand it was over all an interesting situation to see.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Tue Oct 24, 2023 1:12 pm

She softly gasped in shock or awe when she heard the lady say that they call it dance with the dead. Staying silent to let her finish she'd learn that the darkness and the fog is an effect that follows and its required for a spell to work. Some people might be deceased. It was incredible. But she wondered now how come this was happening, who was so powerful to make such magic

"Is that why you are here?"
she asked. Part of her imagined that this was the mage who made this possible. But it just seemed such a huge country scale. She doesnt know what to expect or who to expect doing this level of power and necromancy. But there was something melancholic or even dark about this situation. She didnt know how to express it. So this darkness was a good thing? Like if the dead arent attacking the living but getting peace, who was she to stop this. The dead must be appeased


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Wed Oct 25, 2023 3:58 am

These were all theories made by Nasira anyway she was not entirely correct in her mind but it would not stop her from thinking she was right, unless proven wrong but she always expected it in some manner to eventually be proven wrong. She was here to find an answer she sought if her theory was correct if people already passed on where here then if some one she was looking for was actually dead then she would find them where even if she was unsure if she could find them in a vast sea of other people.

But maybe this new person who was talking with her could help her."You are correct."She said bluntly but she was trying not to come off rude about it."I am looking for a green haired, green eyed elf woman who might be in priestess garb. You are not being asked to help me but keep in an eye if you don't mind walking with me."Nasira had her words extend a little longer when she often did not speak too much.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Wed Oct 25, 2023 6:03 am

She pondered a bit upon that description, but she hasnt seen anyone that description, well she did think she saw someone, but then remembered that they werent green haired so that wasnt the person.

"I see. Well I know you just said Im not being asked to help. I still want to help. You dont need to pay me or anything" a good deed was its own reward. and she gets to help someone get long awaited closure. She could be an extra set of eyes.

"My name is Megan by the way. Or Meg for short" she spoke and introduced herself since she hoped teh two would get to work together. Nasira might as well know who is wanting to help her.
The blonde lass rubbed her arm a bit as it was a bit sore, she hoped she could do good and help and not mess anything up


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Thu Oct 26, 2023 4:07 pm

Over all it Nasira was still considering weather or not she was forcing herself into some one else's problems. That was why she worded thing a bit oddly it was not about forcing a person into her problem when she just wanted to see some one could spot them. After all this was just just a theory."I am only merely running off of a personal theory with not clear path anyway.."It did sound like Nasira was annoyed. Equal parts annoyed with herself and unsure how this all would do with how everything was lining up with her.

Nasira then realize she was being a bit blunt and unintentionally forgetful."Well forgive me for nearly forgetting, I am Nasira."She did smile for a moment as if remember humanity and well meaning intentional did bring her some kind of comfort in her life that she often forgot to be thankful for. A lessons Priscilla taught her early one.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Wed Nov 01, 2023 1:28 am

She smiled sweetly and spoke "Nice to meet you Nasira" she was fine with anyone who was forgetful and such. She was a patient person and always wanted to make people comfortable and welcome. She was safe space. So anyone can be themselves

"I hope you find who you are looking for" while she did have a description from Nasira, she didnt notice anyone with said looks. Although she was more than willing to look, question was how. Split up or be together

She wished she had more story to go off of, but understood if some matters had to keep private, although considering Nasira was here on a whim of a theory, she wondered if she could help with a different point of view to said theory. But again, she didnt press the girl for information and just allowed Nasira to relax and tell her things when she feels are right, whether it be in a matter of minutes, hours or even years later upon some distance encounter


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Thu Nov 02, 2023 3:43 am

So far everything went pretty well in terms of how they where. Nasira seemed to smile slightly about how this was turning up even if it was a personal trial for Nasira going off of just a hunch of something she did not know."I am glad to meet you as well Meg."Maybe this should have been the sign for Nasira to kind of move on from what she was currently dealing with but she in the end chose that she needed the answer in which might have lingering upon these many souls.

Then she simply would continue on walking making sure she did not make it too strange by remaining quiet."I thank you for your well wishes, Let us go explore and see then."Since they would over all both never know unless they tried.

So she would merely ask a few questions while they walked along."Are you here looking for some one, Or is it just me?"Nasira was curious she she figured she might as well.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Fri Nov 10, 2023 2:32 am

She really was happy to meet Nasira. She couldnt quite describe, but she felt like a good and positive and like 'warm' energy from her. Nasira seemed like such a nice person and she was more than happy to help her find any closure in this dark and dreary place.
So the two would start to walk and explore this place together, with Nasira thanking Meg for her kind wishes and she as well invited her to come along. The new werewolf gal was happy for the metaphoric extended hand of friendship and adventure.

As they explored the land of Stella, Nasira would ask her if she too was looking for someone or was it just her.
"I didnt come here to look for anyone. What happened to my loved ones may be sad and tragic. But I am moved on. Im willing to let them rest in peace and if they are here alive, I hope they're having fun. I'm here because I love to travel and explore new places. So when my new guild came here, I accompanied them as well" Meg spoke, revealing that while she may have some dead that have come back. That she wont actively look for them and in a way hopes to not see them, because she doesnt want to undo the closure she had with the deceased. Instead she hopes that they're out there entertaining the masses and make people happy, just like how they did so in life. Meg merely revealed that she lived a nomad lifestyle and loved to travel


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Sat Nov 11, 2023 5:22 pm

So it was just Nasira, it did not seem to bother her all that much. Maybe even if the results of this did not yield anything. Maybe this kind of distraction was nice to consider thinking off rather then just finding some one she thought was lost forever."So it is just me."She would mention it but it did not seem like she was bothered by it so she would just continue on with at least walking even if she was not most likely.

But most likely she would forget these things as she continue on. But she could admire the idea of that being in her mind towards what she was doing here."I should...follow such an idea."Nasira mentioned as she thought about it. Megan was kind of living the life she had in mind to do and some one tried to show her that life.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Thu Nov 16, 2023 5:51 am

She didnt want to overly change someone, instead let them change from their personal growth in their own pace. Death and moving on was a delicate subject. Something that could not be rushed. And Megan didnt want to impose her lifestyle on anyone. She was accepting of all walks of life. She wasnt a converter of anything, so she tried to be as respectful as she could be to Nasira
"Sounds like a good new years resolution" a chance for Nasira to live her life how she pleased and to try and make the change more natural instead of drastic.

Though the werewolf lass wondered, if the dead are walking the earth, what caused it and who they may see. A relative, a stranger, a historical figure? Anything was possible. Everything and nothing. For all she knew, they might meet no one. But those were thoughts for later.
"So, what is your next plan of action?"


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 3:07 am

It might have, Even thinking about it for a moment Nasira smiled about only because one could phrase it as that but if the one person who she knew who spend most of the time around Nasira the most and showed how to be free saw her thinking of it solely as a day they would be annoyed with her."Maybe, Or I am just being a fool to myself in hopes of something I know I should let go of."Nasira was trying to be a horrible buzz kill for the moment but it was something that she needed to figuratively mentally beat her.

But as they looked around Nasira was not really seeing anything that she was looking for. Given her nature when asked what her next plan of action she merely said."Well, can't say I have not really found what I was trying to seek out or any signs of them...Let's maybe see if anything else around."Nasira did seem a bit disappointed but seemed like she had been more prepared for than anything else.

However she would make sure."Unless there was something here you wanted to see?"Nasira did check to make sure.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 3:39 am

"Time will tell. I usually dont worry much about the future. Thinking about what could be is just spelling ruin and failiure. Best to take things simple one step at a time" she spoke to Nasira, trying to make sure that her companion doesnt feel down. Megan was a go with the flow type of person, she didnt let the past haunt her nor the future worry and occupy her mind. She loved to live a simple life and not dwell on the past.

But considering the two couldnt find what Nasira was looking for, it made Meg think if the person was alive and just away. Truly despicable to let someone suffer and make them think you're dead. Thats like a cruel and unusual punishment and the nomad of music couldnt allow that injustice to haunt her new friend
"Lets find someone else to do." she spoke to Nasira
She was fine with anything. Just to focus on creating new memories, but soon they would get interrupted by a newcomer
"Excuse me, but can you help me?" a voice was heard, asking the two guild mags for help


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 9:42 am

It seemed to bring Nasira some kind of comfort in the moment. It helped her some what managed get better mentally to help her continue on like she was trying. These kind of things Nasira picked up on to help get attached to some one. To show in some manner with out saying her figurative way of being grateful, she put one of her arms around Meg's shoulder farthest from her and rested her head on the closest one from Nasira.

It seemed like a good idea to do, after all it might be a good distraction."I am sure there might be some one else."They where in a place where there are various undead around so she expected some would be around, But she did stop her slightly relaxing hug to listen to what was going on with them at the time. For other spirits did linger one.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 10:19 am

She mimicked the gesture with her hand and placed in on Nasira's shoulder. She let Nasira rest her head on hers, because she needed a shoulder and she was happy to be one. Although their moment would get interrupted as they hear a voice. Megan looked and saw a blonde woman dressed like a noble, along with a younger boy which was like 5 to 7 years old maybe. He had more of a black hair, probably took more after their father appearance wise.

"Yes?" Megan spoke up
"I'm looking for my husband. Can you help me find him?" the woman asked the two guild mages
"Oh uhm... sure... we can do that, right?" she looked at Nasira,hoping she was ok with this. Meg then looked at the woman and asked "Can you describe him?"
"Oh well, he has black hair and darker coloured eyes, he looks kind of tough, but charming. He is a dragon slayer so he has an adventurious aura about him. I cant say much about how he dresses. If he's adventuring he does have leather armour with a red cloth mask and uses a sword and a gun as his weapons, along side his magic. But if he is not adventuring he's probably wearing a suit"
The woman tried her best to describe the husband. Though Megan wasnt sure, but she thought that maybe this woman and the boy might have been the... living dead. Which was a bit of a gruesome thought. Usually when you think of the dead you think of adults and the elderly. Not so much the children. Part of her hoped it was the husband that was the deceased, not the two here


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 11:14 am

Nasira seemed for once enjoying her moment of bliss and peace. for a moment the things around her was gone and she seemed to kind of just settle mentally for these matters. But something got their attention. It was a wife and a son. It seemed they wanted their help

Nasira did not mind this, Even if she recalled the many days she spent raising a Werewolf child before, Nasira could be motherly if given the chance. Nasira did have to ask."Where did you see him last?"Nasira asked for a reason and just needed to be sure.

She had to hope it was not something vague in return about at our home because a part of her wanted to ask if they knew where they were at currently. Which was also another to be sure about it. But Megan seemed to be able to handle it at this time.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Sun Nov 26, 2023 8:03 am

The woman looked at Nasira who asked her where did she see her husband last. She paused for a moment and looked around first "Well...I am not sure where we are" she spoke
Megan answered "You are in Stella" which sort of tipped off the blonde that these two are not as they seem as the two looked a bit confused about being in Stella, "Well... what last do you remember?"
The woman thought for a moment and remembered what last happened to her, it was a bit jarring to think about it "I remember... we were going to my parents. We were in a carriage and ... we got stopped as we were attacked by someone. The horseman and the guards... Im pretty sure they died."
Ok and that story made Meg believe a 100 percent that the woman and the boy were
"Oh.. oh wait. Are you saying we are?" the woman realized what was going on. The last thing that she remembered, it all happened so fast and then suddenly she was in Stella? She never step foot in there "I-I was traveling from Astera to Crocus" she was still shaken up by this realization and hugged her boy when he realized that they both must be, if they were here.
Meg looked at Nasira as she didnt really know what to do. They might have not found whoever Nasira was looking for, but it looked like someone else found them. But Megan didnt know what to do next and she sort of needed guidance herself


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Wed Nov 29, 2023 1:36 pm

Nasira figured blunt honesty was the best answer for these matters. At least Nasira maybe felt it was the best way. She did seemed to be concerned slightly about the matter at hand."You are far away from home, I am unsure of the status of your husband unless he came here knowing what is taking place here."Nasira did say it bluntly but not rudely. Because these things happen in life. Seeing death and horrors where kind of normal. From the cruelness of being shipped to Fiore against her will. To the various other things she had seen in life. Nasira did have empathy but she was some what jaded.

But Nasira would simply say."It is best to enjoy the moment of life, I am unsure however we can help you."Nasira most likely just bluntly stated what needed to be heard and figured she just horribly stated it.


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 12:19 pm

She listen both to the living dead and to Nasira, she considered what was the best thing to say. But she also thought deeply what was the best move
"Perhaps, he is here" she said at a bit of a revelation. She looked at Nasira "I dont think they would be revived if he wasnt here. I believe whatever power has a hold of this land probably wanted people to get some closure. So chances are the man is here. Which means we gotta look at people nearby"

Little did Meg know that her guildmate was the husband. And the reason the two deceased havent come across him because a lot of time has passed since their passing, so they most likely didnt recognize who they were supposed to seek.
"So we're looking for a refined yet adventurous man. Probably in leather armour and a red mask or bandanna" she didnt put too much emphasis on physical appearance because she didnt know if the man was accurate to the ladys description


Dance with the dead: A Chance to move on. (Closed.) Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 4:20 pm

This all sounded a bit odd but maybe Nasira would just hear them out. assuming one's spirit desired so much. Nasira had no idea who they were looking for and she was trying not to be rude about it. Nasira figured if anything over all there was a fair amount of a men who might look this way."I suppose it worth at least trying to look into this."Nasira said because she was entirely unsure on in what all she could do at this point. For Nasira assumed there would be a lot of man that fit that idea.

At least they had help with these matters, Nasira would give it her honest shot ."Well, Let's go see what we can find. I am sure it will be harmless."She was also going to be in some what good spirits while she did this, because it helped get her mind off of things.


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