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Stage Hands [Solo ;Harpa]

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Stepping into the theater, Harpa looked around as he tried to find the lady who had put in the request he had found. Not being one for social interaction in general, this was a perfect request since all he had to do was hide backstage and make sure stuff went perfect. Spotting the lady, the masked boy made his way towards the woman, before clearing his throat softly to gain her attention.

“Hello… Miss Nightingale?” Bowing his head politely, he continued when the lady turned towards him. “I’m here about your request for a quick replacement for a stagehand…?”

Harpa was definitely not going to mention that he had no idea what a stage hand was or did, but it seemed it didnt matter because as soon as the quest was mentioned, the woman clapped her hands once and smiled widely in a mischievous but excited way.

“Perfect! Thank you for coming on such short notice, I’ll explain everything backstage, Mister…?”


Mister Harpa. Follow me this way.”

Nodding quietly, Bái hissed quietly, noticing the mischievous smile the lady had and not liking it one bit. The snake felt like something was going to happen after they had been told what they needed to do as a stagehand.

“Be careful Harpa… I don't trust this woman.”

“I’m sure it will be fine… I do wish Jiādé-ge was here though…”

“You know how Gege feels about people… It’s best to leave him at the den to sulk.”

Nodding silently to the white snake, Harpa soon turned back to the woman as she stopped and turned back to them, speaking his name once again. Gesturing to the rope beside them, and the lacrima system across the floorboard backstage, Harpa listened as she began to explain their job for the night.

“Now, listen closely because I will only say this once as I have to prepare for tonight's performance as soon as I have explained everything.” A nod came from Harpa, and soon the actress continued to explain. “These ropes control the curtains, make sure they fall and open at the exact hand signals which these gentlemen will give.” Lifting a hand to the man standing at the edge of the curtain as he gave a curt nod towards Harpa and Harpa giving a polite nod back. “The lights must always be on me, you control them from this system, and all you do is swipe your hands over them.” Showing him the way to change colours, dim the light so it would be off and on, as well as moving them around the stage. “Understood.”

“Completely. Ropes control the curtains, gentlemen over there will give the signals, make sure lights are always on Miss Nightingale, again gentlemen will give signals for specific light instructions. Lacrima controls the lights.”

“Good kid. Now I shall see you after the show to give your reward if you do the job correctly that is.”

“Okay. Good luck with the performance Miss Nightingale.”

The lady soon walked off with a snort and snobbish reply that she always had the greatest shows, which Bái just hissed at again, and if they were human, Harpa knew that the snake would be rolling his eyes at the woman.

The night went on, Harpa followed all instructions given to him, made sure the lights were always on Miss Nightingale, and quietly snorted at all the comments made by Bái about Miss Nightingale’s performance in general. She wasn't the greatest in their opinion, but to the rest of the town she was and that is all that mattered he figured.
As soon as the show was over, Harpa instantly went to find the woman to receive his reward and head straight back to their home, before Jiādé became more grouchy than what their older brother already was. Maybe he’ll buy the snake his favourite snack on the way back if they pass by a store.

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