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Cold Formulas(Open/Social)

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Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 14, 2023 2:31 am

Harrison then said that they just need to find something fitting for them to go to. Sally eagerly nodded with a smile in agreeance. As they walked, it looked like the man spotted something and asked her what is that. She took a look for herself and saw it "Ah I think thats ramen? Popular joyan meal. I never ate it. Im not used to mixing some of that stuff with soup" she didnt know what to make of ramen, it looks nice to watch, but she had no idea what it tasted like. Though it did look apetising and maybe she was getting hungry.
"Do you want to try that?" she asked Harrison. She needed to get some cash if she was to buy a meal. She was kind of short and she didnt want to ask another person to pay for her. So she wondered what to do


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Fri Dec 15, 2023 4:10 am

If anything he seemed interested and would not back down form this matter. He never backed down these things after all he was the one who wanted to do these things why would he back down. But it was all interesting things."Well considering Caelum food is a bit different, This does sound interesting."Harrison said with out even sounding like he was worried about it.

it seemed to have drawn his attention away from his studies and focused on his now interest."if we both never tried this before, Seemed like a thing to try now."Everything would work most likely he just needed to learn about what all he needed to choose option wise.

It did not help that Harrison was not picky about his food he just wanted to try things at times."Is it as simple as asking chicken or something?"Harrison said over all as he was trying to think.


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She shrugged "Should be easy enough to order" it would be nice to have a meal, she didnt know what it was like but it seemed like the best time to try.
It should be as simple as ordering chicken, so Sally looked at him, expecting him to do the order. He didnt have to order for two, but just for himself. She was still debating should she have a meal or save every jewel she had. She was so indecisive, should she save or should she eat.

Either way she can try maybe the basic ramen, but she doubted she'd like it. She just doesnt see a world where she'd mix boiled eggs with soup. She tends to like those things separate, the soup would ruin the eggs. Ok so she might be a bit of a picky eater. Hence why she looked at her companion for some guidance


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It should but Harrison didn't know, She was caelum and already threw himself into two different cultures with out even planning it. Even if handling well Harrison was only being careful to no offend anyone. Rather then letting his native and socially inept way of being just happen."That is fair just being too cautious."Harrison did mention then seemingly got on with it.

Rather then just trying over all just to kind of be sure he was not gonna do anything stupid. He went on to just try it himself and over all. So he just ordered the most basic and simple version he could just to see if he would like it. If anything this was a remarkable act of bravery in his eyes some one should actually proud of him. But over in the end he seemed to be manage it now that he was not thinking too much on it.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 04, 2024 4:58 am

She watched as he ordered the most basic ramen, the og of the bunch and she'd eagerly watch him eat it. All sparkly wide eyed and excited to see his reaction, if she was a demi human, she'd probably be wagging whatever tail she'd have. Sure she didnt make the ramen, but she was his guide sorta. So she wanted to impress the guest and make them happy. She loves being helpful and useful to people and hoped that the two of them could be friends. Though perhaps it'd be asking too much to ask for friendship. Anywho, she wondered after the meal, what else would Harrison like to do. Again, she didnt know much herself
"Are you enjoying the meal?" she would ask quietly as she didnt want to disturb him. She didnt mind if he took his time enjoying the meal. Just gave her more time


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It was an interesting question to ask him. For Caelum food was always in some manner interesting for him because plain was normal in some manner all of this was far different then he assumed. If he was not so stuck on his task of learning so many things he would actually over all be in a pretty interesting in exploring so many things.

when the order came Harrison seemingly took his time to trying pieces of it and consider how much of it he enjoyed or not."It's different, not that it is a bad thing. Over all different."Knowing what Harrison was use too. It was something enjoyably different. But you could tell it was a kind of food Harrison did not know all that well. He was awkward in trying to eat it, Even if he was able to play it off easily but he was having a good time.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 13, 2024 2:25 am

Sally happily nodded as she watched him and listened to him reply. It was different, it looked like different-good, which was good for her. Well she was glad he was enjoying the ramen meal. She wondered what else could they do.
She didnt know what else to explore. Supposed she could ask Harrison what did he want, but mostly when he does finish his meal. So she didnt want to rush him instead letting him enjoy the meal. Thats usually the way she ate. She liked to savour the food that she liked and make the experience last. She wasnt sure if he was that way, but either way she respected the mans pace.

Either way, when he finished the ramen, Sally would ask him "Was there anything else you wanted to do, something else to explore?" so she awaited his answer since he was done with his meal to see what else they can do


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Well she asked a pretty simple question and in some manner Harrison had a over all idea of something else he wanted to do."Well, Side from this place. Since everything here is so different from Caelum."He had ideas just merely basic ideas after all what was Fiore was far different thus he could not comprehend to entirely what all he would see here. If anything getting on a boat to Fiore was also a life exploration situation for him, He wanted to see things while learning an studying things. Thus how he ended up here as well it was all coming together over all.

So he would ask her a fairly interesting opinion possible."I was to experience the most, Fiorian thing possible."It was something he found a fair statement. Thus he was going to ask her."Is it the possible to experience what could be the most Fiorian thing possible?"


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jan 23, 2024 1:48 am

He gave her an answer that made her ponder "The most fiorian thing possible" she repeated as she mused over it and thought about it. One thing was for sure "Well, Hosenka is the wrong place for that. It is the most unfiorian town since it was influenced by Joyans. The most Fiorian places I'd reckon are Magnolia, Crocus and Era. With some people recently adding Baska to the mix, but I dont know about that much myself. Magnolia has the awesome fairy tail, typical fiorian archetecture, events, and everything I can think of. Era and Crocus are more formal and like the center of Fiore. But they're more royal and govermental with Rune Knights being there. And recently people say Baska has a group mantaining the classic and historical aspects of Fiore and its culture"

While Sally couldnt really help him in Hosenka, she gave him clues on where he could go to experience the most fiorian things ever. The 3 or 4 places that highlight its culture. From her own first hand experience she can safely recommend Magnolia


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 24, 2024 12:19 pm

It was a good answer and it seemed that Harrison was actually fairly happy with that answer as well. It just means he has a lot more to explore."It just means i travelled to the wrong parts to start with if i really wanted to know huh?"Harrison seemed to laugh a himself about it. He was a very quick laugh too it seemed that she just lightly chuckled for a moment and then stopped.

But this that he seemed to now know he had a fair amount of options. So she would some what plan aloud. He was enjoying so far some what making friends or what she thought was friends with this woman so far."If anything I desire to see more, because so far you being the main person i have met in fiore has made this a wonderful experience."It was easily to remark because of politeness.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Thu Feb 01, 2024 6:02 am

Sally nodded "Hosenka is a unique place because it is so non fiorian. But it was the closest town from Marchen Mountains" well closest to her without going in the backwards direction she was going. He would have to go back if he wanted to go to Magnolia

She earnestly smiled hearing that and her eyes shone from the happiness. She wanted to hug the man for his politeness and respect, but she didnt because thats not really a normal thing to do. But it was so refreshing to be like treated like a proper human being and not like a useless burden or scum. It was a bit demoralizing and hence why she wanted her Guild Masters guidance. She wanted some positivity, but Harrison unwittingly came along as if he was a first aid kit for her mental health, giving her what she missed
"Oh Im glad to hear it. I wish I can help you more"


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Feb 03, 2024 3:03 pm

With that mention Harrison over all seemed to look Sally over for a moment not that he was doing anything too horrible."You phrase it, Like you can't help me."Harrison mentioned because so far Sally had been pretty helpful. But Harrison over all was not needing a large amount of help just needing a guide towards the right path things would just continue on forward over time.

But Harrison would over all maybe just ask one thing."Or do you not believe you are much help to other people when you are?"Harrison was going odd place but he was actually curious about it. After all Harrison if anything seemed to try to learn more of Sally even if he was a strange man. He seemingly had met a stranger and got help from her."You seem to be doing a decent job so far."Thus Harrison would wait to see what would happen.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 1:50 am

"Quite the contrary, I think I dont help people enough and I fail them" though when he complimented her and said that she did a decent job, she smiled sweetly. She then asked him "What do you plan to do now? I have a quest to take care of here" which she did kind of postpone because she put priority on Harrison, plus she was curious about his magic that she encountered.

She had a quest to do, so in the back of her mind, she had an obligation that she didnt do. If only she could make a run and finish what she started she feels as if she could fully devote her time to help Harrison then after that. But she didnt want to say that as to push the man away.
So she wanted to see what he wants to do now and maybe plan around that if he still wants to hang out with her


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Thu Feb 15, 2024 4:17 am

Over all maybe it was because Harrison didn't know Fiorians enough to know how they worked all and all."Is this normal for people to feel like they don't do enough?"Harrison almost asking this question in a some manner of a person who questions everything."Do you not realize one needs to give credit to their work in front of them sometimes."Harrison said only because it was some what the only why she could figure out to how to tell her to give herself some credit for doing what one could.

Even patting her on the shoulder while they walked Harrison would just say it outright to kind of make his point."We're all mostly human, I am fae. But keep in mind we're mortal and limited in the many things we can do to help one another...Give yourself some credit and move to improve miss."Harrison was unsure if he spoke out of line but it spoke in some manner of support.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Yesterday at 3:15 am

"No, thats just a me thing" she answered as he wondered if all Fiorians feel this way and think they aint good enough. Harrison then told her something "Wha?" she didnt get what he said, maybe the wording or the grammar, but she didnt understand what he meant to say

As they walked, Harrison would pet her on the shoulder and spoke that they're all mostly human, while he is a fae, he too is mortal and limited in many things he can do to help one another. All in all, to give herself more credit "Ooh, I see I see" she understood what he meant. She then nodded and took a breath. Yeah, she needed to relax and stop seeing herself as a lesser to everyone else. She needs to not think what she was taught by her family. She wasnt useless. She was useful.
"Thank you" she figured that would be a polite answer

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