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Cold Formulas(Open/Social)

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Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 4:56 pm

Why here of all place was always going to be an eventually interesting question that he will most likely not really answer, After all it was not in Harrison nature to not over all answer things unless he really needed too. Harrison was a confusing person and in some manner he both knew he was as well at equal times did not know he was. Confusing as it maybe it was not entirely why he was in the mountains to start with. He was entirely here for a different reason.

Harrison was here with note book in hand, no sign of being cold. To study something. He was always studying something. Just what was over all an interesting question.

Before he started, he wrote a few things down with in his note book. After completing a line. He would casually walk until he found a second of snow that piled up. Then upon looking at it. He would create a small ball of arcane about the size of marble. Left it in the palm of his hand and waited to see if what he theorized would happen before him now. If not he would record the results and see what he else he needed to consider doing to get his result.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Mon Sep 18, 2023 2:08 pm

Sally was out on her first ever solo quest, hence why she was in the mountains. It was a bit scary to be solo. Mountains can be scary, but she was holding herself up well. She had a simple really quest. Deliver a package from point A to point B. She was almost to her destination, she just had to get past here.

Though as she traveled she saw something or someone,making a small arcane ball. She wasnt certain whats going on, but she couldnt help but observe. Sure she was merely a passenger, but she wanted to see what the person was doing, it looked cool. She slowly approached the focused person, hoping not to interrupt whatever he was doing. She just wanted a better look at the magical stuff. Granted she didnt know what to say, which was a bit of a problem. But she'll think of something


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Wed Sep 20, 2023 1:16 pm

It seemed Harrison was not really paying attention. He was stuck in his ever fixed way of repeating the same thing over and over."Attempt one yields negative results."Harrison said then he would just move on to the next spell which was the same thing again, just a small ball of basic arcane magic but he held it there for a longer period of time the last time by that it  seemed he would stand there for two minutes watching snowflakes fall on it and see if something would become of it. What ever it was he did not seem to worry about mentioning it right away.

when the spell seemed to amassed snow on top of it and Harrison would simply mention about it."Attempt two in seeing if spell changes seems to be yielding the same results."Harrison mentioned while he was looking at that ball in his hand almost like he was thinking that in it's basic form it would absorb the element enough to change into it. But it was strange over all what he was doing.


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She sat down as she watched him do the magic and make a ball of arcane energy. She wondered if making shapes of magic was harder then she realized. Making stuff out of magic, or at least shapes was relatively easy for her. Then again she did have maker magic and she didnt really account for that. She mimicked his motions when he made the ball. Only she made one of lightning.

A stable but zappy ball. Crackling with electricity. She wondered if she could use this as an attack spell. That could be cool. She eagerly looked at the person to see if they'll inspire her more. She didnt want to interrupt them. Not now, things were getting good after all. Who knows what they'll make next with arcane energy. Maybe a pyramid or a square cube or maybe a bigger ball or better yet.. two balls
She smiled as she watched


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Tue Sep 26, 2023 5:32 pm

Harrison was an odd fellow he seemed stuck in a formula of repeating actions for a reason but she was yielding the same results. He would continue to that idea for a moment as he seemed. Harrison would shake away the snow built up on the the small ball of what he made, throw it to whatever it would hit that he did not think there would be a person by, Taking out his note book then started to record."Ball of magic did not absorb the snow changing the element to ice or water...." Harrison seemed to be thinking it was possible for this to happen. It was the basis of his study here.

But when Sally had done what she did,Almost seemed to draw Harrison's focus for a moment only because while she was observing over all the area around him in case there was a risk something he had done to cause some kind of environmental risk. But even if he almost wanted to greet them, There was information to be had. He needed to know so she would try again by making a basic ball and leaving it in the air a bit higher this time and watching it.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2023 6:39 am

She tilted her head to the side as she heard the person speak "Oh? You want to learn an element?" she exclaimed before trying to make her own like conclusion "I think if you wanna make an element ball that you gotta do it at the start. I dont think that arcane magic can transform into an element. At least not externally. I feel like that stuff is already done like internally with the mana you control and you channel it to make the element you want. Kind of like me and the zappy lightning"

She went to further then explain her views on elements. "I think that you get an element based on your personality. For example Electricity is active, filled with energy, and often a little loopy. On the one hand, people associated with this element may be vivacious, energetic and not willing to sit idle when there's work to be done. On the other, they may also be annoying and difficult to keep up. Electrity is like sugar hyper" which is something she was, she was bubbly and ripe with energy. Unable to sit still, hence why she couldnt just observe the man but HAD to do something, ie mimic his ball

"Arcane is neutral, it is a non element. Not strong or weak against anything. Which makes it strong by proxy of not having a weakness. Arcane people can be anything really. I'd say they're the undecisive ones that fit between an element, but not truly to one. Arcane is also like a precursor to an element." she spoke what she remembered when she was learning magic. Though she cant remember if she did say it right or was it her own interpretation


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Sun Oct 08, 2023 5:18 pm

Harrison seemed to listen and over all not mind what he was hearing at the time, Even if it was something he had heard before. Since this woman did not know what Harrison was exactly doing he was not over all bothered by this matter, But she seemed if anything in good spirits. After she was finished he would explain entirely what he was doing."I thank you for explaining that. However I am not looking to learn an element exactly. I understand how Elements flow with in magic."Harrison said taking a moment to take off his glasses and clean them.

He would give her a friendly smile while he continue explaining."I am not looking for casting an element right away you see."He then would put his glasses back on since they where clean."But I am conducting a study, Upon how magic gains the element to start with. How did us as people gain such knowledge? after all yes it is easy to cast a fire ball or an ice ball. But...how did we figure out after just basic magic...that we could do that? That is what i seek to learn."Harrison said like his curious mind always ponder.

But after that he suppose he could take a break from his study for the moment."But don't mind my curious ponder. I just seek to learn a starting point and expand into an unknown."


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Thu Oct 12, 2023 3:57 am

The man thanked her and was rather polite to her. To be honest she didnt expect that. Previous experience with intellectual individuals was like always annoyance towards her and her energy. But he was being super nice. Kind of made her notice how pretty the guy actually is. She softly smiled and rested her head on her hands as she sat and listened to him speak

He seemed to have spoke about his concrete goals. Such as not instantly making an element, but more like how the transition starts. How does magic gain an element. It was more of a philosophical question in her mind. But also a good question cuz even she didnt know. Sally believed in the personality theory, thats how the elements are born. But the person had a more academic look at it

When he finished speaking, she merely spoke a smitten "Mhm~"
But suppose she should snap out of her daze
"Oh um... I enjoyed listening to you" he had a nice voice after all


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Sat Oct 14, 2023 5:14 pm

Most people might have been phased by the matter at hand of this being spoken about in this matter. Harrison oddly enough seemed unphased almost like it was not something on his mind or even anything that he might have a reaction too. He was an odd fellow but he was at least a friendly one over all to be around. Even if he was a bit odd and some what super focused on his task at hand. "Is that so? Here I was worried if i was making sense or not."Harrison said as he over all seemed already back to focus on his work.

But Harrison at least did not assume she have answers to help in this matter."I mean, no offensive manner. But I am over all sure you might have some kind of answer so I am going to try again."Harrison said as he did exactly as he said as he would.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Sat Oct 21, 2023 3:32 am

"I think I got the jist of it" she spoke. Sally was pretty sure she missed a bunch of words. She was simple minded in her own opinion of her own self doubt. But she was sure he understand beyond the many words what the heart of the topic was.

She looked at him curiously and tilted her head "I dont know if I have answers, but best of luck in finding them" she doubted she could assist him in any manner, but it was pretty fun to observe him. Maybe she could learn something from him.

From what she understood it seemed he had the same type of magic as her. Only non elemental. Part of her was now curious as to his question about how did one do all that stuff, get elements, figure out magic. But she knew she was not the one to answer those questions


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Sun Oct 22, 2023 9:53 am

It seemed his cycle repeated a few time and Harrison merely gave up. only mentioning it as something like he was taking a break from it."Bah...my hands are cold."Harrison mentioned then would simply turn around and start walking away. But he was not so cold about it."You should leave too before your hands get too cold."Harrison might not have sounded like it but she was not leaving this woman behind thus in some manner he was just about to offer one simple thing.

"Why not join me on the walk back to whatever close by town or city is?"
Harrison was using this as a meant to learn where to go he had forgotten the way with all of his studying about the many things he was trying to do. But it took it as a means to not travel alone."Unless you prefer to stand there in the cold but i doubt that."It was also that Harrison did think he was clever as well this way.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Mon Oct 30, 2023 2:56 am

At first she thought he was leaving, which made her sad because she was having fun being with this person. But as soon as he invited her to come with, she smiled sweetly and happily joined him
"Hosenka is close by" it was the closest town from these mountains and coincidentally she was going there right now. So the fact she'd have company was a total win.

She liked Harrison, he was such a smart guy or a smart looking guy or both. Which come to think of it, they never exchanged names and introductions. She wondered should she now or was it too late. Whatever the case, she would go with the flow and try not to act stupid around him. So she'd mostly focus on getting over to Hosenka to finish what she started in the first place and of course to get warm. She never noticed the cold because she was enchanted by watching his magic


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Tue Oct 31, 2023 1:17 pm

Honsenka whatever that place was he would be going. It seemed that he settled on it pretty quickly."That works perfectly fine with me, Whatever is their surely will be good in the end."Harrison said so casually. That was the smallest hint possible that he had no idea where he was going or what to expect. one could wonder how he managed to get here and how entirely he did not freeze to death but maybe that was for another time to ponder.

But Harrison did have some manners even if he was an odd man. He did offer to shake hands."But Hello not so strange stranger, I am Harrison. It is wonderful to meet you."With that it seemed Harrison was trying even if it was almost odd for him to do or unexpected. But humans being social beings did often try. Even if Harrison himself was not human.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2023 6:14 am

"Where are you from?" she asked considering he didnt seem that familiar with Hosenka. She didnt know if he was from a different part of Fiore or country all together.
As they traveled togather, he would finally introduce himself, which made her realize she hadnt done so either
"Oh! Im sorry, I didnt even notice I havent introduced myself" she exclaims and then corrects herself "Nice to meet you, Harrison. My name is Sally of the Fairy Tail guild"
She figured she'd try a more formal and respectful way to introduce herself, after all Harrison seemd like the academical, smart and formal type of guy. She should mind her manners and not be annoying. Plus she liked the guy, she could try to impress and be good to a fellow Maker Magic user. Who knows what she could learn from him. He probably knew a lot of magic and stuff


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2023 1:16 pm

It seemed for how odd he was Harrison was a pretty open and honest man. This would over all be simple to talk too."I am a Fae from Caelum. Fiore's a new place to me and over all pretty interesting."He started with. It was over all pretty simple to mention and talk about he had no reason to lie about these things it was over all a pretty good time.

But he enjoyed how this was going."Well Sally, Since Caelum is far different from fiore, can you tell me what things Fiorians enjoy to eat in terms of favoured kind of foods?"Harrison talked about it with ease, since he figured these where kind of the things that Fiorians and most people talk about, he just studies the boundaries and understanding of magic so he was doing after different things over all compared to other people.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Wed Nov 08, 2023 1:58 pm

"Ooh? I had a friend from Caelum, but he wasnt a fae. You're the first ever fae I met. I can show you around. Im a lot more well versed with Magnolia. But that town is a bit far away from where we are now. I think I was at Hosenka once. So I will be as new as you there when it comes to finding places" she openly talked to him as she relaxed and enjoyed his presence.

As they traveled away from this Marchen Mountain, Harrison would ask her about Fiorian cuisine. To which she would smile and tell him about it. Whats the typical fiorian food and the food that her guild master makes. She would try to tell him as much as she can without beating around the bush. He looks like a guy who wasnt like gonna dilly dally with useless stuff, so she wanted to bring him up to speed on whats important and popular and such.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Sat Nov 11, 2023 3:26 am

It seemed in some manner Harrison seemed to fair far better then he thought, getting lost meant he ended up finding some one who would make him less lost. Then again he most likely would have found it why back eventually. But she would remark."Might be a better options, If you were not here. I might have just made myself pillar tall enough to see how far i needed to go and walked that way."That was Harrison logical just point himself the right away with out thinking about how to travel the land.

But Harrison was a curious man he was interested in learning things."Hosenka? last I heard that is fairly eastern based right?"He heard somethings Harrison was smart he did look into some thing. But he seemed to also make sure with the people around him if that information is correct but he seemed to be happy to asking questions and learn things.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Fri Nov 17, 2023 2:50 am

"Its close to the mountains and a bed of hot spring areas, and is well regarded as one of the premier hotspots for holidays and other breaks due to its abundance of spa’s, the regular markets and festivals, as well as the thriving night life. I was told it is very joyan in aesthetic because it was founded by joyan settlers. And well I think thats all I know" Sally spoke as she recalled her knowledge of Hosenka, she knew what the town was like and she was told once by locals that its very joyan because of its founders. But anything other than that is a question mark. Either way, the two would close in on the town itself.
Sally looked at him and asked Harrison "What did you plan to do after you arrived to the town?" she was most likely gonna do her quest and have some snacks for food. She wasnt the healthiest eater, but food was food for her, even if it was junk


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Sun Nov 19, 2023 7:13 am

It was a good question for Harrison, but one would quickly learn that he was in fact not the best planner for things outside of the studying he was doing."I guess that is not a horrible spot to go to then."Harrison mentioned merely because he was unsure how to phrase anything else on his mind, he was always in the mind set of studying, anything else was kind of just of after thought."Can't say I know what I will be getting into, But worth a try."Harrison did sound excited about it at least.

But what in which he entirely wanted to do he was not over all sure, After all he was thinking this was what he was going to be doing at this time."I suppose we can go to any of these, as long as it has some kind of tea."He was trying at least but he did not have many answers or thoughts.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Sun Nov 26, 2023 5:59 am

"is there anything you wanna do?" she would ask Harrison because she didnt know what he had planned. If he wanted to go solo or if he semi wanted someone to be a tour guide or companion. Sally was just as unfamiliar in Hosenka as he was as she knew only a handful of locations. But she thought maybe leading him to an inn wouldnt be bad

But first of all she wanted to hear what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go, would they go their seperate ways or will they still spend time together. Sally didnt know hence why she sort of hovered close by to Harrison. He just seemed like an interesting man and looked like she could learn a lot from him. But she also sadly knew she had a quest to do, so her road was leading her another way, towards work


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Tue Nov 28, 2023 3:29 pm

What did he want to do, At least it was simple in his mind he had some kind of clear yet flawed plan. Mostly a flawed plan because he doesn't actually have a plan he was just going off of what felt the best for that moment. There was always something he wanted to do but it was generally a boring subject for most people to do."Well! first thing is first, I am pretty sure tea was the plan so that seems like is the idea...where ever that is."Harrison seemed to yet again, Know what he wants to do.

But no idea where to go do it. if he had ever thought about it his desire of study and learning made him lack a lot of other foresight. But things still worked out decently at least, So he thought anyway not much else pointed out he needed.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Thu Nov 30, 2023 12:56 pm

"We can look for that together, if you want" she offered her help to Harrison. She wasnt much of a tea drinker as she usually drank more self destructive beverages like alcohol. She was sure if Fairy Mother Judith arrives back to Magnolia that she wouldnt let Sally drink herself to death and get drunk. Probably give her a healthier and more balanced diet like any caring parent would.
But now was not the time to imagine what Judith would do, now was the time to help a citizen if they wished for help. She wasnt sure how much use she'd be, but she also knew she couldnt really just stand by and not offer help when someone needed it right infront of her. That'd be insensitive, right?
Well Sally wasnt sure to be honest, but gosh darn does the girl try, even if she does end up being a nuisance to others


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Tue Dec 05, 2023 2:18 am

It seemed like a good idea at least for him, Harrison was still trying to hide he was a horrible planner and just good at following along when it came to other things he was not planning to do at that time. Who knows what would have happen to him if he was left to his own affairs, most likely he might ended up far more colder and most likely really hungry."Yes that does sound better, Since I am only well versed in Caelum stuff." He would admit, but this was a good thing to mention.

Maybe Joya had something close enough related to caelum related products that might be able to help get him to choose something. At least seemingly Harrison was not too picky over all in this matter."I don't suppose they are simple things to try?"It was a good question to figure out.


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Tue Dec 05, 2023 7:55 am

She giggled happily as Harrison accepted going with Sally. She spoke "I have no clue" as she was not really knowledgable about Joya, but she was happy she would spend time with a new friend and not be alone. So they would go to Hosenka together, where she was eager to explore with Harrison and do stuff. Granted she had no idea what to do after her quest, but she had free time after that. And she was happy to see what she can do. To experience such freedom was a wonderful thing, to be overflown with choice.
It was a shame her friend was not in Hosenka, not anymore. She moved to Oak as Phantom Lord was formed, granted as she was bad, Sally guessed that she couldnt mingle with her. If only the Guild Master was here to advise her on what was right and wrong. Maybe one day she will return


Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Fri Dec 08, 2023 10:48 am

So it was now back to Harrison to figure out. Harrison seemed to finally take these matters in stride. He was a man that had to figure these out and he would with out problem."Very well, We will just have to find something fitting for us to go to." Harrison seemed to not be on the prowl of looking around for things that he could go to next.

But he seemed rather calm, happy and interested in the world around him. Almost like coming to Fiore he walked into a nation entirely when he was not expecting it at all. He would see a stand where people seemed to be eating something. Whatever it was seemed to be a mix of soup, noodles and other additives. Thus Harrison kind of looked at it in wonder and simply pointed at it."What is that?"He was curious because maybe she did know.

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