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Cold Formulas(Open/Social)

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Cold Formulas(Open/Social) Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 4:56 pm

Why here of all place was always going to be an eventually interesting question that he will most likely not really answer, After all it was not in Harrison nature to not over all answer things unless he really needed too. Harrison was a confusing person and in some manner he both knew he was as well at equal times did not know he was. Confusing as it maybe it was not entirely why he was in the mountains to start with. He was entirely here for a different reason.

Harrison was here with note book in hand, no sign of being cold. To study something. He was always studying something. Just what was over all an interesting question.

Before he started, he wrote a few things down with in his note book. After completing a line. He would casually walk until he found a second of snow that piled up. Then upon looking at it. He would create a small ball of arcane about the size of marble. Left it in the palm of his hand and waited to see if what he theorized would happen before him now. If not he would record the results and see what he else he needed to consider doing to get his result.


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Sally was out on her first ever solo quest, hence why she was in the mountains. It was a bit scary to be solo. Mountains can be scary, but she was holding herself up well. She had a simple really quest. Deliver a package from point A to point B. She was almost to her destination, she just had to get past here.

Though as she traveled she saw something or someone,making a small arcane ball. She wasnt certain whats going on, but she couldnt help but observe. Sure she was merely a passenger, but she wanted to see what the person was doing, it looked cool. She slowly approached the focused person, hoping not to interrupt whatever he was doing. She just wanted a better look at the magical stuff. Granted she didnt know what to say, which was a bit of a problem. But she'll think of something


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It seemed Harrison was not really paying attention. He was stuck in his ever fixed way of repeating the same thing over and over."Attempt one yields negative results."Harrison said then he would just move on to the next spell which was the same thing again, just a small ball of basic arcane magic but he held it there for a longer period of time the last time by that it  seemed he would stand there for two minutes watching snowflakes fall on it and see if something would become of it. What ever it was he did not seem to worry about mentioning it right away.

when the spell seemed to amassed snow on top of it and Harrison would simply mention about it."Attempt two in seeing if spell changes seems to be yielding the same results."Harrison mentioned while he was looking at that ball in his hand almost like he was thinking that in it's basic form it would absorb the element enough to change into it. But it was strange over all what he was doing.

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