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Orchidia Hunting Party Act I

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Orchidia Hunting Party Act I Empty Sun Aug 27, 2023 8:04 am

She soared through the air with the effortlessness and grace of the gods, tirelessly and lazily taking singular steps along the ground before ascending several meters, scaling through the Sieghart mountains for quite some time to make her way around towards Orchidia. It had been quite the journey, she had dealt with many hardships whilst she had travelled through Sieghart and yet Ikanbi had certainly come out stronger for having done so. Her attire was dirty, it had once been white but was now muddied and matted from her long treck through the snow alone. 

Well, not entirely alone. From within the folds of her coat her feline companion decided to grace the world with its presence, hopping out for a stroll now that Ikanbi had found herself in Orchidia. Ikanbi eventually found her way to a place to stay, paying a small fee before feeding her neko and setting back out into the street. Ikanbi had contacts in Orchidia just as she had everywhere, the Hunting network was the finest in the lands after all. It was darker out now Ikanbi noticed as she set out, but she did her best to follow the instructions that had been set out for her.

Winding through the streets, Ikanbi slowly but surely made her way to the Hunter's Hangout, one of the bars known for housing hunters across the lands. There were many places like this throughout Fiore, throughout all the continents, really, and Ikanbi had by now visited a great many of them, but she hadn't yet been to Orchidia's. Ikanbi entered the bar and to her surprise found it to be not quite as lively as she had hoped. There were a few hunters here, sure, but the place was not lively and fully of people the way she had expected, and the job posting board was overran with bounty requests, she couldn't even see the board itself for the amount of paper that covered it. "Oh...oh no..." Ikanbi said as she walked into the bar and saw the state of things. 

Her eyes grew wide and she hypnotically walked towards the job board and began scanning the requests. Vampires, Vampires, Werewolves, Thieves, Vampires, Monsters, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons????, Vampires. As far as Ikanbi could see across the entire notice board, there was nothing but trouble here in Orchidia, and the Hunter's Association wasn't doing anything about it. "What....what happened here?" Ikanbi finally asked the bartender.

"Vampire population got out of control, we've lost...a lot of Hunters..." He said grimly.

Ikanbi nodded solemnly. "Where do we start?"

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He was at the bar, having a good drink. He needed to cool off after his last quest. It was probably the worst quest in his life. But he was glad to be done with Luluhawa Island. All he wanted to do was enjoy the peace of Orchidia. His favourite town here in the north. The place was nothing like Astera or Baska, but it held up well compared to them. The drinks were good. Soon enough someone entered the bar. He did not react at first, expecting another regular. But when his eye glanced over, he saw probably the most beautiful woman alive.
His attention slowly and discreetly shifted to her, he was not going to outright stare at her, but he was interested in this new arrival. He heard an oh no as she looked at the filled board and spoke to the bartender who was like next to him.

She and the bartender had a short exchange. But as she asked where do they start. This was where his cue would come "How about Vampires?" he'd approach her and place his hand on one of the papers, he'd take it off the board and look at it. Breezing it over thru, before handing it to her.
"Im not a fan of so many jobs just collecting dust. But theres only so much one man can do" he spoke to her. Despite drinking, he was not drunk. Not even close to it. He was still very much sober, and was ready to take on work with someone if they needed a partner. After all, he wouldnt want anything to happen to the newcomer. As the bartender said. The numbers are overwhelming. And its good to always have someone to watch your back.

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