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More Fairies? (Judith)

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More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Fri Aug 25, 2023 6:43 am

Ryuuji had left Kaori at the beach while he went into town to get info on the city and see if there were any quests that they could help with to earn some jewels and keep them going up in the world so they would be able to get what ever his wife would want as well as anything left over going to what he needs. He is bumped into without any regard as he was still a nobody so no one felt they needed to respect him or even pay him mind or a sorry for bumping into him. He was not sure if it was because they were tourist or the people here pretty much only saw wealth and power as rumor has it the guild master of that eye sore of a guild Blue Pegasus. Ryuuji has never really cared for people that are needlessly flashy and in your face about sexuality.

He pretty much had gotten pushed off to a side of the town so he sighs defeated as he guessed he was just going to have to wait before he could keep going to look for things so he went to get something to snack on from a near by vendor to where he was standing.

#2Judith Karlinius 

More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Fri Aug 25, 2023 2:40 pm

Judith Karlinius
If there was one thing Judith could pick up on. It was in fact some one who was in a horrible mood and might over all get them selves in trouble. if Judith knew anything about this island is everyone did not over all enjoy having the mood ruined, whatever his problem was. Judith might be the woman to solve it. She just needed to talk to him and go from there. To anyone else they might be scared of it she was not. That just was the power of her.

Well not actual magic power just a means of Judith power so to say. So she just would casually walk next to this grumpy man and then simply say."One normally comes here to be cheery in the sun you know?"She had a feeling he knew that. But that was just Judith trying to break the normal thought cycles of hello.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Sat Aug 26, 2023 3:26 am

Ryuuji looked at the woman that walked up to them and he looked around a little to see what he can do as he doesn't know this woman. "Yeah it is the crowdedness of this place and the being pushed around that is bugging me sorry. I am trying to figure out what I should be doing or what guild I should be joining." He was kind of frustrated with the fact he is probably letting his wife down by letting himself be pushed around by the large crowd of people and he wonders if there was going to be anything that he can do or that he should be able to do here as he was still getting use to strangers but this one seemed to have and aura of kindness but he still thinks he smells a darkness she hides but it might just be in his head and the real issue isn't that. "Do you know any guilds that are looking for members as I come as a package deal."

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More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Mon Aug 28, 2023 12:35 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was a good thing he did not know who he was talking, Judith did enjoyed these moment and what they could bring, for this man he was talking to a guild master but she didn't seemed like one right away."Well, Even if two I know a few guilds."Judith said with a bit of a smile on her face. Not that she meant to make it odd but over all she knew a few guilds but something in her over all wanted to see if they would be interested in her own guild.

Because why not use the chance? if he said no they she would suggest a few others. But first she would try."the first one I could suggest is Fairy Tail, casual bunch friendly good for people to be around for the both of you."Judith would mention her own guild to see what would happen.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 8:16 pm

Ryuuji heard the name Fairy Tail and his eyes lit up as his wife was sorta a fairy so what guild could be better then one that had Fairy in the name and he looked at the woman. "I would love to join and I will make sure to get my plus one to also join no way she would pass up this." Ryuuji seemed excited some would even say too excited. He put his hand out to the lady to shake her hand and thank her for this chance to be part of a guild of Fairies. He was not sure that he would ever see the day that he would be able to do such a thing and to be part of it even though he was not a fairy at all just a normal person. "I look forward to working with you and the other fairies I will do my best not to slow you all down." He was clearly excitable and he was really caught up in the wrong idea about it all thinking that the guild was nothing but fairies with tales to tell.

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More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Wed Aug 30, 2023 6:07 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith did not seem to waste time to shake his hand."Well good tihng you don't need to worry about meeting the guild master."Judith said with a smile on her face. Only because it just meant she had insight of who she would meet when back at the guild and so far she was happy with who she met here.

So she would just introduce herself."Hello good sir, I am Judith Karlinius, I am the Guild master of Fairy Tail."she figured it was better to tell him now and not trick him too much and show herself later. But Judith still had his second half to meet and she was aware of it."I will look forward to eventually meeting your second half."She was curious about her. but won't try or rush meeting her because she knew she was a different kind of person at least in her mind.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Wed Aug 30, 2023 4:06 pm

"You are the guild master? You don't look like a fairy to me..." Ryuuji got what some would refer to as comfortably close to the woman that had just said she was the guild master. He figures maybe she was just different from the other fae and fairies he had met before and he was just being over the top and judgy so he back up away from her and he blinks at her. "My second half? Do you mean my spanky wife?" He was not sure if that was what the woman was speaking off or if she was aiming to cut him in half but he rather not be cut in half or killed for that matter but he has to do something and he needed to do it quickly to protect himself if that was her aim. "Please do not attack me." Ryuuji figured that asking to not be attacked might be the right answer here as he didn't know if there was any other way to go about not being attacked by this woman.

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More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Fri Sep 01, 2023 6:37 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith of all people was one of the most likely a person to never attack anyone unless warranted in some manner. So she laugh about it for a moment."Yes I meant your wife. I am not here to hurt you."Judith made sure to mention it clearly to him. Judith was not scary if anything she always knew in some manner she was a bit odd but that was about it.

Better yet she even did need to remark."No I am not a fairy, I am an elf. just happens to be the title of the guild."Also another thing to say about it about the reality of guild titles could be confusing, Even then thinking out it now she did not know if Fairy Tail had fairies in it yet. Good thing to think about at this point and in the future she might have to see about getting one.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Sat Sep 02, 2023 1:47 pm

"Good good I think my wife will love you if I am honest, you seemed nice but, you did have me worried there for a minute." He heard the woman speak about that name from being that and it wasn't filled with fairies that seemed weird to name your guild after something that it didn't have but he also knows his name means something that he isn't as well so he guessed that it was fair game as he was not that himself. "So what is it like to be a elf? I am a Demi-human myself not sure what I am a mix of though and I have these weird markings on my body.." This man has no traits of being a demi-human at all he looks like a normal person besides the lightly glowing green marks on his body.

He looked as the crowd seemed to open up a bit and he grabbed a snack and he starts eating it slowly and kind of feeling bad that he had left his wife behind on the beach when he shoulda been by her side or have brought her along into the city to look for quests and such.

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More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Mon Sep 04, 2023 7:03 am

Judith Karlinius
If there was anything you can say about Judith. She could be hard to read, she always had something in depth with in her thoughts, She was always friendly but she would never really end up hurting anyone unless needed."Good good, Still welcome to the guild. When you both are ready to talk to me you can most likely find me in the guild hall in Magnolia or Tenrou Island. You can fine a boat there easily. if you want to find me."It did sound odd for Judith but there was a reason for this after all Judith had things she did for the new guild members.

In which she would mention to him just to be sure his mind was not worried about anything at all."I tend to ask a few members questions while they get the paper work and guild mark."Even making sure it was not anything too serious with in the moment she would also mention."Harmless one, I am one to get to know my members."Judith said to make sure he knew.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Mon Sep 04, 2023 10:16 am

"What kind of things do you need from me?" He blinked as he was wondering if she needed more from him as he had limits to what he will give this woman, his wife and first born child were both very far off the table. Now he is wondering if she was going to start shaking him down for jewels as Ryuuji had never been part of a guild before and he knows back home the villagers treated him poorly cause he had the favor of the village heads daughter which had bothered them to no end. "If it is money you want I lack that so you would need to wait will after I do a few missions to earn it to shake me down for it." He was just being honest even if he thinks this lady is nice she still might like to take jewels from members for stuff and he wanted to be up front about that he was broke.

#12Judith Karlinius 

More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Tue Sep 05, 2023 5:15 pm

Judith Karlinius
At least it was not money . After all Fairy Tail over and all Judith's goal was to make other people start their lives and gain their own money. this man had a wife so knows what all in life he wanted to do with that life. At least in the end she would make that clear."I don't need your money, That isn't what i require."Which was most likely good to make clear. Fairy Tail made enough to get by so it was not important to Judith and what she needed. they would move on to what it was.

What she actually wanted was most likely a really silly answer."What i really want....is to know you and your wife's favourite things to eat and drink."Most likely was something he might not have expected to answer. But it was what she wanted to know.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Thu Sep 07, 2023 7:18 am

"Well I will not speak for my wife... But my favorite drink is a fruit drink the name of the fruit is escaping me... It is like a long yellow thing and the drink is like a bit thicker with I think it is ice in it smashed up. My favorite food is meat." He is not sure one hundred percent how his wife would feel about him just blankly saying meat as his favorite food but he was on the spot and he couldn't think of a type of meat that would be best to pick so he just said meat and this is why his wife was the one that usually talked as she is the smarter one plus her beauty makes her more of an attention grabber than himself who is rough and probably scary looking.

"What is your favorite food and drink?" He had no idea how to break the bit of tension he might of made when he was so strange in his answers so he asked the woman to see what hers are and to see how bad he had done but he was also thankful that she wasn't going to be after his money as he needed to make sure he had it to keep his wife happy.

#14Judith Karlinius 

More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Fri Sep 08, 2023 2:41 pm

Judith Karlinius
She was trying, it was almost like talking to person who was use to some one else knowing the answer, This was not a horrible thing in some manner she saw this before. With Regis with then wife she was the one answer a lot of things asked of him when they where together, For her and Anders it also showed that he was always working and doing things that when people could ask him question Judith would answer because she happen to be free at the time and she did not want to ruin his working flow at the time.

But alas she would still try."I am a pretty simple woman, some chicken, with rice and broccoli with some cheese on the the broccoli and i am pretty happy."Judith would give him a bit of an in depth answer to make the conversation last a longer."I am also in some manner always drinking tea or water."


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Sun Sep 10, 2023 6:50 am

Ryuuji looked at the woman when she said what she liked and he wondered if that is something that Kaori would like to make sometime and he was now getting hungry again thinking about it but he would worry about it later. "You seem like a very smart woman, you are trying to get a baseline reading on me right?" He was not sure if she was getting into his head or not but he was going to play a bit harder to get then that as he was born stupid so faking to be it would not come to the surprise of the mass of people he grew up around rather thieve or demi-human villager that had to take him in on the orders of the villages head's daughter who seemed to have a thing about runaways and trouble makers.

"Also I hope that I can help your guild and not hold it back so you can count on me." He posed standing tall to look tough even though he was still weak and would have a long and very bumpy road ahead of him to reach the top of the mountain that he was reaching for.

#16Judith Karlinius 

More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 7:41 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith's intentions where finally picked up on, after all she liked to learn about her guild members for a reason. You needed to connect with people to be able to understand and connect with them, You needed to understand your guild members for when some one gets in trouble from fighting or breaking something. It was fairly common for some Fairy Tail members that happen to have these things happen."I very much am, I see various people come and go a lot. I feel it helps to get to know a person."She wondered if he got and understood that mind set.

Or if she just was insane. Not over all unexpected if some one thought she was a bit nuts for being some one who lead a guild by knowing and connecting with people, power was never a worry. After all sometimes guild had members more powerful then the master, A leader never fully had to be the most powerful after all.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Sun Sep 17, 2023 4:09 am

"Well yeah getting to know people I would think helps to bond people." He was unsure if that was fully true as he had just came from a demi-human village that hated him basically and he in a way stole their princess which is his wife. He kind of wondered more about the guild and what he can do for it. "Is there any special tasks you need to ask of me as a member ?"

He rubbed the back of his head as he figures that usually people when they join something like a guild they have studied the guild inside and out side to see and make sure that it will mesh well for them but in this case Ryuuji pretty much was just jumping into the event head first with out any kind of device to help him float so in his head this might juts be a sink or swim moment that he will have to over come with his wife to make sure they will have the safety later on to start their own family if they so choose to.

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More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Tue Sep 19, 2023 5:21 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed like he was diving into becoming a member before getting the tattoo. But suppose maybe it was best to learn form Judith these things. Even if they were simple expectations and seemingly little worries."now you understand how I lead Fairy Tail....at least a small part of it."Judith said and gave him a wink about it."The rest is experience and understand of having to point out to people what might be needed to be done"

Maybe it made sense, maybe it did not Judith did not know of try to guess "Do our best, help every one you can. But remember to make sure you are around for who you value the most."it was a mix of everything but maybe that experience Judith had in life helped with this matter and she was just merely passing it on for the most part, what he did seemed to be more free for him to choose.

But Judith would add one last thing."Also please obey the laws of anywhere you visit, you would be shocked how many times i have to help a member with such problems."One would think obeying the law was simple.


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He thought of something that he should ask of the woman since she was in front of him as he wanted to keep his wife safe from trouble and those that would wish to hurt her or exploit her and her memories being fragmented. "Are there any members in the guild that we are better off avoiding as to stay out of trouble and off of someone's shit list?" He couldn't think of a better term then shit list to describe what he was trying to get to come across to the guild leader. He hopes that she didn't find it too vulgar though if she did he might need to bow his head and hope that she doesn't look at him as a creep or a scum bag that should be watched closely so he doesn't hurt someone or have her think that he is fooling Kaori into being his wife when really she hated him or something like that but for now he had to risk it.

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More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 5:57 am

Judith Karlinius
It was a fair question, Judith most likely could have some what of a worry too if she ever changed over to a new guild she did not know the inner working of. So suppose everything needed in some manner to be known. So she would also answer him honestly while giving him a pat on the shoulder."No, everyone in Fairy Tail behaves well enough that such a matter isn't common or at risk to happen. no sole figure should be a worry at Fairy Tail."Hopefully it helped him.

Even then Judith was more then willing to solve these problems."Anything else you would like me to answer for you?"Judith would make sure there was no other worries at this point because they where on the subject of worries already. Judith wanted to be sure things where clear after all. If nothing else they could easily go on their way.


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Hearing the woman speak he sighed a sigh of relief as he was glad that the guild wasn't as dangerous or filled with trouble makers as he had heard rumors of when he was wondering the areas. He was told to watch out for a masked mage that belonged to Fairy Tail but he guesses that he was not really at risk of that person, that or he had left Fairy Tail and was still dangerous but he wasn't in this guild anymore. Ryuuji looked back at the woman after she said something about wanting to know if there was anything else that he wanted to ask. "Hmmm how is the child care side of the guild? In case something were to happen mistake or not is there staff for child care and stuff or is that more a on us thing?" He knows he probably sounds quite stupid asking such a thing but he knows the risks guild members take every day to earn jewels and some times children get left behind and parents of them die so he wanted to find out what the steps were for that.

#22Judith Karlinius 

More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Mon Sep 25, 2023 2:07 am

Judith Karlinius
That one was most likely the most simple answer. However that answer was also the person standing in front of them. It was phrased the in the most way possible. After all she had done it before Judith before being hired as a guild member in fairy tail she was a baby sitter to some one in the past. So she would be sure to mention it."Well there is some one for such matters in the event of child being around in the guild. I have not seen it in a while."Judith mentioned because children being around in Fairy Tail not common. Unless your Judith who viewed some of your guild members as children at times. But Fairy Mother was a title for a reason.

She would explain."If any children are left around in Fairy Tail, The one who will be looking after them is a woman by the name of Judith Karlinius."She was trying to fool him casually to see if he was paying close attention to this, because she didn't say the guild master but just her name. The one who would be looking after them would be Judith herself.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Mon Sep 25, 2023 8:42 am

"Why did you just talk about yourself in the third person... Did you forget you introduced yourself to me?" Ryuuji is now very confused to why she just spoke as if she wasn't the woman by the name she said or was this the woman slipping up and showing she isn't Judith. Ryuuji is now on guard a bit as he was unsure if she had tricked him and he was going to have an issue here but he hoped that he had not mislaid his trust in the person that was in front of him and he hoped that she was poking fun at him. "Was that to be a joke and I am over reacting?" He starts readying a barrier spell for himself as he is worried that now he was going to have to fight this person and try not to be killed by her as he hoped it was her trying to use humor and not tip her hand a bit.

#24Judith Karlinius 

More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Wed Sep 27, 2023 5:16 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith needed to tune down the humour, It seemed to be causing problems at least with him in some manner. So she realized that maybe it was better to not just confuse some one and not scare them away, since it was not something she had done before."Yes, I am joking with you."Judith would assure him only because it would be better that way and she would just lead into her patting him on the shoulder

then just mentioning."Mostly because most people might not be expecting their guild master to be willing to baby sit. At least from what i gather about other people and telling them that."Judith said just to be sure to make it clear why she was being silly that way, Over all Judith seemed to be an odd guild master but a honest one and friendly too. At least she was trying to be.


More Fairies? (Judith) Empty Wed Sep 27, 2023 1:59 pm

He was feeling a bit unsure of the woman as she was giving him a lot of mixed signals here and he was unsure if he really would be able to figure it out as he was not like other people and he knows that he needed to make sure that he didn't do anything stupid that would make the woman think less of him. "I see so who watches them when you leave the guild for the day?" He was making sure to be ready for what ever the next thing she would say would be like. He hoped that it wasn't something crazy, really he could probably just hire someone for it and not have to do these mental gymnastics to wonder but he figures guild baby sitting would probably charge less then hiring a real one.

"I need to know what I can really do I guess." Ryuuji was a man in this moment that was unsure to if he was really made out for the guild life but he knows that he needs to start making some jewels before Kaori gets smart and leaves his broke ass.

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