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Making of some Memories? (Nasira)

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Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Thu Sep 07, 2023 5:28 pm

Either Nasira was just over all enjoying herself or she was trying to charm Carmina just to see how far she could go. After all it was far more interesting then watching a bundle of men drink their free time away and gawk people for any reason they chose in the moment.But she supposed if anything it was something to do when you had the money and the free time. Nasira just often tried to avoid that kind of cycle in which they had.After all it would make a person unhealthy.

Plus there was a way to talk off some of the most likely horrible drink that one of them had gotten into their system already. But she also did not know what else to talk about with her at this point. But she seemed to be enjoying the walk personally, it was about to settle into evening and that for the most part seemed to be it. Just how much longer they had was a good question. She did ponder if she had a place to stay around here.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Sun Sep 10, 2023 8:27 am

Carmina patted the other woman on the back as she caught her own composure. She had nearly let herself be charmed but she should know better than to be letting her heart be swayed from the place it belongs. "I like how smooth you are, are you single? I am single but I am sadly not currently looking for love. I need to get stronger and learn new spells and magics so that I can go and help my family and village from the raiders." Her eyes glowed with a dream a twinkle of a want to be useful and not just a tax on the minds of those around her and having to worry because of how weak she is and the troubles that she had seen.

Carmina walked with the woman and she kind of move to a darker part near the water where you can see the reflection on the water of the stars that makes it look more like a painting angle than it did a real life thing. "Do you like things like this or are you more a morning bright and sunny girl?"


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 8:12 am

Most people being so forward would most likely raise an eyebrow at this however Nasira was just a honest and forward person about these things."I am single as well." Nasira said with a bit of a chuckle. After all it seemed fairly simple to charm this woman but she was not going to force much on her if she did not want it."I will not stop you from you goal, I understand completely."Nasira did have a content smile on her face about it she was not going to try and push her off of her goal.Nasira did these things herself after all.

But she would offer."However, i will offer you a place to sleep for the evening to save money if you wish. You do not need to say yes to this and is entirely optional."Nasira did for some reason think Carmina was not overly interested in spending a night with a random woman he just met but she would just offer a hopeful new friend a place to sleep.

As for her question she would answer."I tend to get up early to get a run or some yoga in, The sunrise is a nice feeling for it."hiking, walking, yoga Nasira seemed to take her health seriously.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Fri Sep 15, 2023 8:56 am

Carmina wonders if maybe she was giving off a mixed signal to the woman some how and she cleared her throat and she looked at Nasira. "That was not me saying I want to have a booty call I was saying I need to fulfill my dreams before I go running off into someone's bed. Like you are cute and all but I have a lot to do and I can't let myself get distracted." She was kind in the way that she was saying it as she sat in the grass looking at the water wondering if this was like her just a fake reflection of other great people that she would never be able to do in a real useful compacity. She would always just be some cheap knock off that would never amount to anything that would be worth while. She gently rubbed her hand on her own arm then rested her head on her knees as she was feeling like she was really over whelmed with the mountain of a task she was giving herself.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Sat Sep 16, 2023 2:34 pm

In the end at least Nasira understood, But she seemed to chuckle about it."It is fine, If anything i am more happy to have a new friend with out the other needs anyway."Nasira said since she knew how to handle things so to say. Her plan entirely was not trying to make her a one night stand, if anything if would be more happy with having long term friends. Even explaining her offer in a simple way."At least with that out of the way. The offer to stay at my place is still there. I keep various books on lot of subjects plenty of food and it will save you money when around here."She was more offering so Carmina had a safe place to live in while in the west.

That was the more serious of the offer. Consider it Nasira's support in a way."Consider it help from one Deserito to another to help in some kind of way."Nasira did not seem to try to get some one too distracted. But the walk was nice at least.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Wed Sep 20, 2023 9:01 am

"I am not sure if I should be freeloading off of you anyways." She laughed softly and kept with the woman and she wondered what all she might be able to learn and see if she were to put her mind to it and she tries to relax as she was feeling a bit as if she had been dragging her feet too much and that was a whole different issue. "I will take you up on the offer so that we can get to what ever we need to do done, and maybe relax and feel safe."

She was not sure if that was the right choice but she was going to do what ever she could to make sure that she at least made one friend here as there was stuff she needed to do and keep going as there was a lot that she needed to see and feel and learn as the world was huge and there was no way that she had seen nearly enough of it. "Do you have good maps as well?"


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Thu Sep 21, 2023 5:12 pm

Nasira did not view it as freeloading, If anything she just showed she could care for people as long as they stayed around."I don't take you one to abuse some one's good will when you don't have much yourself."Nasira said, in some manner she knew she would be proven wrong eventually just not in this case."Seems simple enough to me."It just means Nasira might have to shift a few things in the place later but it was simple work to do.

But the evening walk was nice so far Nasira seemed to not even show a single worry or change of mind at all."I carry many maps at home, Since i do a lot of hiking I map out places or buy them just in case i get lost."She did not remember off hand how many maps she had but she had some maps."Most of them are hiking trails or swimming spots."It felt easy to mention this because Nasira was focused on self betterment.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 10:38 am

Carmina was glad that she had heard that the woman also takes maps of areas and such that makes it a hell of a lot easier to find things and not get lost in the areas that might get a bit rougher."Mind if I take a look at them?" The woman heard swimming spots and she wonders somethings. "I think it is the wrong season to be swimming. Does that mean you are also an avid swimmer? What kind of swim suit do you have? I take you for a by the book one piece type of woman." Carmina really needed to start working on her super noisy nature as one day someone is going to probably end up taking it as harassment and Carmina is going to be in a boat load of trouble for starting a problem with them. She followed Nasira to a nice little place and Carmina wondered if this was Nasira's home.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Today at 3:56 am

Looking at maps was a pretty simple thing in the end, Nasira easily would make these maps again merely off memory off of how often she travelled these trails herself."When we get there you can."They where still walking after all they were not too far at this point.

The conversation was a good means to pass the time. As over all it seemed Nasira felt like she had more in common with whom she was speaking with currently then most people around here at this point of time.

But they did arrive not too long after and Nasira seemed to casually unlock and open the door while they were talking about what she wore."I have varying different ones more then just one pieces."Carmina seemed oddly interested what she owned, For some one who interested in working in other things.

But as she open the door she had to wonder with her asking questions."Pondering what I wear, Are you hoping for some kind of preview?"She was joking at Carmina's expense but not being anything too horrible about it. But they where at Nasira's home.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) - Page 2 Empty Today at 6:50 am

The woman went slightly red upon being asked about that, she had clearly started being too nosy again and she feels she needed to explain herself and she really needed to work on the being nosy before someone fully takes it wrong. "Well if you want to you can give me a preview as I will not deny if you want to show off your body. I was just being overly nosy I am sorry it is a bad habit I have." She kept her eyes down and she was a bit ashamed of herself for letting her self get carried away and she was not sure if she should be saying sorry or if there was something else that she should be doing. She followed the woman into the home and she looked around as it looked like the woman kept her home in order that is a big plus.

She looked back to the other woman. "Let me see the maps please." She wondered if the woman was going to show off her swimwear while she looked over the maps or not either way it was a win for her, as she will be learning about the area and seeing a good looking woman in swim wear. She tapped her own cheeks as she needed to focus and not let her mind wander.

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