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Making of some Memories? (Nasira)

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Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Wed Aug 09, 2023 1:50 pm

Carmina broke the threshold of the nice looking pub, she was surprised by the craftsmanship of the place as she had not expected the place to look as good as it did for a basic pub from what she had known and she took a seat at the first table that she saw that was open. She was here to attempt to eat something she had heard rumors of. The people of the pub seemed lively as they had headed in from a long tournament at the baska rock so they were hungry and had a thirst that felt like they were smoked in the sun and need the boose to revive their souls from the day.

"Now where is it?" The woman was looking all over the menu that was on the table but she didn't see the thing she had come here to order anywhere on the menu. She looked around to see if it was on the specials board or a sign saying that they no longer served that kind of thing but she wasn't sure that he looking around so much would be taken so kindly by them. She swore she had just seen someone that looked familiar to her but she couldn't place her, maybe she was someone that she had seen in her home country but she was very unsure but something about her spoke to her.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Fri Aug 11, 2023 5:50 am

It had been a wonderful week over all for Nasira she had kept track on so many things. In terms of her eating habits and keeping track of how often she went out and exercised enough that everything was doing well for her. So what better way to kind of celebrate the times like these matter. So Nasira would go to the boar hat pub, it was not a common place for her but every once and a while she showed up.

She just for the most part felt still some what out of place here. But she did show up and go to sit down. With how little she went to these place she did not really remember things she would enjoy. But she was just going to sit on a stool, casually relaxing and thinking about what all she would try and the things she knew around her life no longer around her.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Fri Aug 11, 2023 9:32 am

She walked up and tapped her on the shoulder. "Where are you from?" She was a bit blunt in how she asked as something about this woman seemed familiar to her and she wanted to know why and how she knew the woman. She kept looking over the woman and her magic didn't seem to trigger to anything on her and she is trying to rack through her memories but the woman is not popping up in her head.

She took a seat next to the woman and she goes back to looking at the menu and finds out that there was a middle menu page was just stuck from some one spilling a drink on it and she sighed as she sees the thing that she had been looking for and she also realized that this other woman was in very good shape. "Do you fight at the Baska rock? You look like you have a brawlers body." Her voice had hints of excitement in it as she was not sure if she was right or not but she hoped that she was as she was fresh in this country and she had heard of the grand fighters that take part in the fights, there were even rumors a god of lightning some times comes for the fights.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Sun Aug 13, 2023 3:42 pm

Some how she managed to already attract some one over, Not entirely what she expected. She expected no one to really pay her mind or pay attention to her in the slightest. Was it entirely a bad thing? not really she did not mind it all. Figuring she should answer her it was not an over all hard question to be asked. The only problem is Nasira was not a massive talker she only really went into detail when she felt needed.

After she settled for what she would get for drink she would answer."Desierto."She answered. In some manner one could tell her accent was still there. But it seemed pretty clearly spoken in Fiorian she seemed to have been doing well in learning Fiorian.

With her second question she had another simple answer. "I did a few rounds"A lot of hiking seemed to be doing the trick as well. She had done a lot of hiking as well.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Mon Aug 14, 2023 2:28 am

Carmina smiled at the woman when she heard where she was from and she might be right that she had seen this woman somewhere in the home country before as the woman spoke to her. "I as well hail from that country, do I look familiar to you or anything?" Carmina was a bit over determined to try and figure this out and she watched the woman’s movements for any hints to what might be on her mind and what might make this conversation work out. Carmina was still getting use to talking to people in the country as she was used to more high spirited people and places than the area they were in.

"Did you win?" she was very curious to know if these few rounds she won or if she had lost and that is why she didn’t seem to be excited or want to regale her with tales of the fights or how she keeps in such good shape. Carmina thinks that maybe this woman was more than she appeared maybe she was a goddess and so she needed to be a bit more hush hush with what she says or risks getting her self into trouble with the other gods as she has heard rumors of a man in the north that is a thunder god.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Wed Aug 16, 2023 3:42 am

Another person from in which she hailed from was a not a bad thing she just had to wonder how the trip over was different from hers, She had been in fiore for a long time now and was hoping things had changed since then."No, when I did leave Deserito it was a fairly long time a go and not of my choosing."She would not exactly go into detail, Hopefully at least she did not say anything too out loud about it.

She also did not know this woman herself, But even then Nasira did not seem like she try to do anything to leave, Seemingly content with the matter of speaking with some one."You do not look familiar to me,I must be some one log forgotten in the past of the nation." Nasira did not seem to mind being forgotten in that matter, But she assumes the ones that knew her at one point did miss her. But she did confirm one thing."I did win."She could have done better but she did win.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Wed Aug 16, 2023 4:25 pm

"Well I also left the nation in a hurry not by my choice either." The woman had to wonder. She puts in an order and she wonders if this woman is okay or not as she seems a bit weird in the moment. "My name is Carmina." She puts her hand out to her so that she can have a hand shake with her. Carmina wonders what she can do from here as she doesn't feel that this woman is very receptive to her like the woman doesn't want to be spoken to but she knows that she can't just give up and move on from this as this is a woman that was clearly from her homeland but she is having trouble connecting to her. "So what caused you to have to move out of the country against your will?"

Carmina has no idea what she is asking about and she wonders what there was to do with what might come out of it and he having to deal with it.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Fri Aug 18, 2023 2:38 pm

Maybe this was a good thing to be talking to her long term. Nasira would try to lighten up. So far these conversation would leading towards things that almost seemed a bit personal to talk about right away but maybe that is exactly what she needed to do, talk to some one about it. So she would order herself a glass of water to start with and slowly start diving into it."Sometimes I wonder, Just how different it is for the years I have been gone."Nasira did ponder. With the recent changes to the nation that happen a fair amount of time a go that she heard of. She had to wonder if returning to it would be fine. Then again she would have to consider getting back on a boat.

Nasira seemed to be some what opening up, She would actually shake her hand."Nasira."It seems that Nasira was now having her mind think more into things in her life and in some manner she would normally hate doing this whole opening up to people thing. At least so soon normally she took time to get to know a person. But life had seemingly had these people leave more often then naught. Valerie and Lothwen where gone most traces of them being gone with them, she only got letter from Valerie every once and a while. Lothwen seemingly had vanished. But that might be for a bit later of a time."An amount of years I am trying to remember that is fairly long but don't remember, I was sold off from there and was intended for sale here."Leaving it there for the moment. Thinking it was good to stop there. Nasira's normal kind nature she would just simply state."I hope your case is better then what mine was."


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Sat Aug 19, 2023 9:38 am

"Oh gods that is bad, though now I would guess you would fetch a fair price. My village was attacked and they went to attack me and my magic awoke and copied their magic throwing it back at them like it was my own spell. I bet in a slavery sale I would have sold very well as a body guard or a plaything..." She nearly gagged at having to say the last part which means this woman had it some much more rough than she did. She needs to make sure the woman didn't think her words were calloused or meant to do harm to her so she got closer to Nasira and whispered to her. "I hope my words didn't harm you or anything just you are very pretty and have a very nice body."

Carmina has no idea what kind of image that might have put into the other woman's head at her whispering to that but she hoped that it might get the woman to stay and sit with her for awhile and not have people stare to much at them. The woman's food and drink come out and Carmina looks at it and actually wonders if she should be eating this kind of stuff if she wants to stay fit and maybe get some muscles like Nasira has, she had to admit she was a bit jealous of the woman she was currently sitting with.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Sun Aug 20, 2023 12:48 pm

In some manner while Nasira might seem like a serious person she did at times get a good laugh from these things. She did chuckle at that slightly. comparing to where she was now it was far better of a life."Yeah....I was attempted to be sold chained and naked for a reason."It was dark but Nasira did not seem offended by the comment over all. But Nasira seemed to for the most part get it was intended as humour."But it did not offended me, I put in a fair amount of effort to keep in shape."She continued the conversation like it was normal.

But hoped it was not too dark at this point."But my life is some what better now so I will not complain."She was just waiting for whatever she ordered, or maybe at this point she had arrived and did not notice yet.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Mon Aug 21, 2023 12:38 pm

"Wow they were degenerates for that move." She gently reached over and petted the buff woman's head and smiles at her as this was a decent amount of detail the other woman had given her. "Yes there almost always has to be a silver lining. So do you do body guard services or are you in a guild?" The woman smiles as she wonders as she was currently looking into guilds so she might if their is a chance follow the woman. Carmina needed a decent guild with some decently strong members in it that she can learn magic from and might mentor her to help her get stronger and once she is stronger better unlock the magics of her guild mates with their consents of course but she doubts anyone wants her to steal spells and their magics secrets.

Carmina looked at the woman again focusing as she needed to make sure that she can get her self across correctly.  "I wish to try and be friends with you as... I am a bit embarrassed but I lack friends here in this country and you are very fourth coming so I think you are trust worthy and wouldn't mind me."


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Tue Aug 22, 2023 3:17 pm

Nasira had to wonder if she was being hired for something at this point, Over all it seemed that she kept asking about her body and work. But there was a sense of empathy there as well. She was a bit odd and different."I so far have been doing odd jobs here and there, I am not a part of a guild currently."Nasira said since she finally got her drink she would casually take a sip of her water and seemed to sigh."Most of my time in fiore was child tending."It was different and unexpected to learn that Nasira even if she looked and stayed in shape as she did, she mostly did child care. But most likely no harm would come to that child.

But she wanted to be friends, Given Nasira over all was a fairly straight forward person, it seemed like she had no reason to doubt this woman."I do not see why I would refuse, I do not really have anyone else around. Most of them leave in some manner." It was a longer worded yes but it was a yes none the less.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Wed Aug 23, 2023 8:46 am

"Wait you are baby sitter? No wayyyy." Carmina giggled a little as that was no where near what she woulda thought she did. She figured the woman was a fighter or a body guard not a baby sitter but Carmina did have to admit that she did, get a kind and caring vibe from the woman in this sea of jerks swearing and howling at the barmaids that were running around serving them. Carmina kind of wants to stand up and knock a few of their heads but that isn't lady like and she needs to keep herself calm or she is going to start a scene and no one wants a scene here and she rather not cause this woman any more trouble than she had already caused for the woman by her having come and sat next to her to talk to her about herself and such. "Do you come to these places very often?"


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Thu Aug 24, 2023 4:58 am

With a casual sip of water. Nasira did have a few thoughts but she waited until she really over all had a moment. Since at this time the casual release of her life and her story felt a bit good. But she did not talk to a lot of people."It was an interesting experience, It is how I learned Fiorian and kept a job for a long period of time."Nasira explained slightly about it. She was horrible at in depth conversation, but she seemed to not be one to overly explain things unless needed too.

But to her next question. It was a fairly simple answer."No, I often tend to be at my house or exercising and trying to stay healthy between working, These places aren't common for me."Even if it was something maybe to be expected in some manner to see her most around these places.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Thu Aug 24, 2023 7:45 pm

Carmina looked at the woman and she smiled. "Well atleast you know what you are good at and what needs improved as well as I can see why you would rather eat at home, some of this food looks greasy." she starts eating her food and sipping her drink, it was as good as she had been told so that was a good start for this but she also knows that she needs to be careful that she doesn’t over eat and then make herself sick. She did have a figure to keep but no one to keep it for any ways so she might be fine to just eat her stuff a bit more thicker then she currently was. She laughed a bit on the inside as she wasn’t really going to do that but she could if she wanted to.

She refocused and she figured that she should ask the woman some other things about herself. "So do you have a partner in your life?" Carmina figured it was a innocent enough thing to ask the woman as she was not going to make a move on her anyways though she was a very nice looking lady in her own right.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Fri Aug 25, 2023 6:38 am

Nasira was a blunt woman and a fairly smart one, at times she had wondered if this woman was looking for friends or she had a deep longing desire for something more and the lands of Fiore where far to different her and she had yet to be sure what all to do about it."I suppose it is more about the drinks here rather then the food."As she assumed with most pubs whenever she some how choose to ever end up here it was most likely about the drinks. Even then it was questionable if the drinks or good or the spot is just good.

But when it came to most of her lover life Nasira almost felt a bit depressed about it. So far to death the one she some what got attached too just disappeared one day and never returned. Thus she would most likely just talk about it with out trying to kill the entire mood."I was for a small amount of time with a wonderful Elven woman...yet she seemingly has been gone for a long enough to where I assume she will never return."She did for a moment sound a bit sad about but Nasira seemed to recovered quickly about it.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Sun Aug 27, 2023 5:37 am

Carmina listened to the woman as she talked, Carmina finished her food while listening and she heard that the woman had at one point been with an elven woman and she wondered why that had ended and why this woman is talking as if the woman had just disappeared never to be seen again and if that is what had happened to her had the elven woman just used her and then just left her like she was some kind of trash? "That is horrible to do to someone that you love, just leave and from how you are speaking that she left you no clues no parting gift no words just up and left on you, that is heartless and cruel." Carmina without thinking hugged the other woman, and rubbed her back even if the woman wasn't really saying or showing it well something like that would leave a deep lasting scar that no healing magic or medicine could cure for them.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 4:54 pm

At least Nasira handled these situations well. But she had to ponder if she was already drinking too much with out eating, some one would feel it later if that was the case. But the hug was nice along with back touching. In some manner however it sign as always it was nice that some one saw a person continue on and work forward in life. But when Nasira got that hug she did return seemingly with out problem. She had learned a fair amount of the balance of many things she could do. She did date women Carmina was a pretty woman but for the moment she did not know much else about her so it was better off she did not try and get too forward even if she knew how too.

But she was happy with what happen."Thank you, even if I am okay and able to handle it."She didn't try to let go right away either, she would not break contact of the kindness of strangers. Plus it had been a long while since Nasira got a hug.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 7:41 pm

The rabble behind them had seemed to be getting pretty uppity and causing issues. Carmina let go of the woman and then moved the tip of her finger in a spinning motion and one of the guys seemed to have caught fire on their shoes. Carmina put a finger to her lips and cracked a smile as if asking the other woman not to tell anyone that she had caused that to happen there.

The man ran out the door and jumped into the houses watering area to put out the fire that he had been caught on then returned inside and the man scanned the room trying to find out who had caused the fire that he had been the victim of and he was mad. He walked back to his group and he kept his eyes out for if anyone was setting off his alarms for danger or if he had any farther clues to find out who had caused it but his friends had also settled down.

"You are welcome." She smirked and gave the other woman a sly wink.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Wed Aug 30, 2023 10:35 am

Nasira was not one to cause problems, situations like that she had a feeling were bound to happen. She was curious about if it could have been handle better. But she assumed most of the drunk would just be a bit of a problem eventually. Looking over all for merely for a moment of the things that just unfolded and Nasira did not seem to pay much mind to it.

Nasira did have a sense of humour about it."Huh were they worried, I was going to take a pretty lady away for a night before they had a chance too?"Nasira knew it most likely not the entire case but she also was not one to just do things they she felt like because she did. She could most likely take at least one of them in a fist fight she assumed she did not need to do that.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Thu Aug 31, 2023 6:20 am

The woman smirked at her and tilted her head a little toward her. "Is that your way of hitting on me~?" She was joking as she knows this woman could do far better than her in her sleep probably but She was going to get stronger and take on what she can do for now as she needed to make sure that she met strong people and then learned from them as she needed to get the upper hand there so that her magic can blossom and grow to the heights that she will be able to take on titans with how she weaves her spells making it impossible for them to know what is coming next or what element or spell will be whipping forward from her.

She feels that maybe she might be starting to get a little power mad and that would not ever help anything only cause more issues and so she would need to slow her roll for now so that she can see and hear more things as well as better see who will have her back when she becomes a spell thief. "After I finish would you like to go for a walk so we get out of this dirty and quite frankly smelly place?"


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Fri Sep 01, 2023 10:08 am

It was not entirely the case, she just in case she would make it clear."No, I am not. I just know a pretty woman when i see one, So I figured you should know." Nasira still did jokingly give her a friendly wink about it. At least leaving this woman a chance to feel nice about herself, Over all she would even mention it as."Maybe consider it a compliment for listening to me for even if a few minutes."It seemed Nasira was just showing she was happy about something.

But her question was a simple one, it was a thing she felt much better to go then sit here. She seemed up for the idea."Well going of a walk sounds better then just sitting around here."She could admit that was she far more going enjoy going for a walk then sitting here and moping about with water or booze.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Sat Sep 02, 2023 12:52 pm

Carmina nearly fell out of her chair as the woman had answered that question so honestly that it had for a moment stunned her but it was nice to think this woman can tell that she is indeed a pretty lady. Carmina nodded and she hurried up finishing her food as she was not going make the woman wait for her to slowly eat and that she would deal with the sour stomach later if she ends up paying for her rushing to eat, she downed her drink and then she paid for her meal. Carmina was unsure where they should go walking as she had only said something that had come to mind and hand not really thought up a plan to how she was going to do this or where to do this only a quick ask to which she honestly thought she would be rejected. Carmina stood up and looked to the woman. "Where shall we go?" She really needed to be a bit less impulsive and just speak without an actual plan but it was already to late to back down so she was going to woman up and handle this.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Mon Sep 04, 2023 8:06 am

As Carmina seemingly almost feel over in her chair, Nasira made sure she would not fall catching gripping Carmina's shoulder gentle and pulled up."I do not recommend that, I get some one would think you drop dead gorgeous, But you do not have to take it literally."She said it was all entirely met for humour. Then waiting for her to finish up what she was doing.

Then they would just leave. Because Nasira was not one to just lingering for longer periods of time for no reason at all. After all it was just kind of over all unneeded."Yes we shall."With that it seemed they were already departing, It was too fair gone now for Carmina unless she was going to try and back out of this situation in her own way. But Nasira was not going to walk away from it. After all she was one to commit to things she said she would do.


Making of some Memories? (Nasira) Empty Mon Sep 04, 2023 11:04 am

Carmina felt the woman catch her and then hit her with a witty line Carmina giggled and turned a bit red as she was a bit embarrassed by her clumsy act there plus the woman flattering her a lot more at that moment. Carmina tried to calm herself down before anything were to happen as she needs to keep it to her self for now and not make any moves as she is still getting her footing in this country. When the other woman got up and left she followed behind her as she wondered where the woman would lead her to.

Carmina remained close to the woman and looked at how the area looked now that the sun had nearly fully set and the breeze from the waters were kicking in she held her arms a little this place was far different than the desert and the tropical places that she had grown up in and she wondered how far this woman was going to take her or if this woman was going to lead her to her home.

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