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Medicare (Solo D Rank)

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Dan sighed as he walked over to the notice board of baska city in hopes of finding a new job to take to ease his boredom a bit. Noticing a new quest Dan pulls it free to look it over 'Courier needed to deliver medicine to sick patients if interested meet at the hospital for details.' Dan scratches his chin in thought before nodding and beginning to make his way there. As Dan walked in he noticed a large amount of sick people waiting to be seen as he felt his eyes widen at the number of people in the waiting room. As Dan walked in he watched as a doctor quickly approached him and waves him into a private room. "I'm assuming since you don't look sick you're hear about the quest?" Dan nodded as the doctor began and examination to insure that Dan was ok to do the quest finding him healthy he motioned Dan to follow him.

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After taking Dan back to his office the doctor Gerard brought out two bags of medicine and told him that they needed to be delivered to two people in town but that he didn't have the time with all the people waiting to be seen so he asked if Dan could deliver them for him. Dan agreed and grabbed both bags and walked back out into the city. Dan's first stop was thankfully close by the hospital as Dan smiled and knocked on the door a middle aged woman answered the door "hello?" The woman asked slightly confused as Dan handed her the first bag "Delivery from doctor Gerard." The woman thanked Dan with a smile and walked back inside. Dan's next stop was across town and took a bit to reach but he finaygot there and knocked on the door as a elderly man opened the door and thanked Dan for bringing his medicine to him. After stopping back by the hospital to get his pay Dan headed back to the hotel room.

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