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West to north. (Travel)

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West to north. (Travel)  Empty Mon Jun 12, 2023 9:18 am

Emil headed back north with his children in tow as they wished to return home and Emil had received word that there was new blood in the guild and he should go and teach the new blood who is the boss and why he is the boss and not them. He was confident that if they try to step out of line that he will make sure that they return to being in line or he would spar them and show them what it is like to just not be as good as he is. Indi watched as Emil was thinking about it and tries to think if this is really going to work out or if this is just going to be a flop as again Emil's head was getting big but the twins were happy and cheering as they could see that they were getting closer to the north and they needed to be careful so they didn't bump into anyone as in the north they don't seem to care if you are an adult or a child they will give you a good firm knock to the head if you disrespect them in the least amount of the way.

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